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"'ware the Red Brotherhood, my friend for the bounty is high." He shakes your hand.

"That is a fine banner. I'm a simple merchant, looking only to provide for my family. I'm always walking a 6 inch line between adversaries, but here I am sitting here at the Kraken Gullet."

"I fly the golden key, I'm a simple merchant." He show your the palms of his hands. 'So is our meeting something you do not want known or should I yell it form the top of MT Kolomosis when I get home."

Golden Key:


"You've a bit of your father in you after all...his mind is still addled with pollution." He nods in agreement, "A fleet at least."

"What brings you to this cesspool? Spice, Ambergis (substance from intestine of sperm whales used for perfume), Green tea, and Kava root for us. I've three ships with me and we are being plundered for our desires by the locals."

"Aaaaah, it's the missing prince." His retinue number 8, several are armed, and you know there is spellcaster in the group. "You may not remember me but I had business with both your esteemed father and gracious uncle in the past. My name is Al 'Nicu Leusi from the of Luesi." He motions for you to sit down and join him.