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Drops notes and packages mark Happy New Year. Oh, here's some more bills.

Gary Teter wrote:
7,172 unread posts, and here I am, testing something stupid!

flies far away.

Wasn't me...

Special delivery!

*Drops live hand grenade*

*Drops Robin's face mask next to the package plus a bill for $16.95.*

31041 - Ideal, Ga

Here's a map.

Still Trapped in the Peach State

30013 - Conyers, GA 30013

30014 - Covington, GA 30014

30015 - Covington, GA 30015

30016 - Covington, GA 30016

Drops Christmas ads aroud the thread

The next poster wants to buy something but is unsure of the discount.

30003 - Norcross, GA

30001 - Murcia, Spain