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Our group so far is:

Urd, Half-orc paladin of Iomelae...did I spell that right? He'd been wanting to play this half-orc pally of Heironeus, and Iomelae seemed closest.

??? Elf Wizard

??? Halfling Rogue

??? Gnome Barbarian

Agnes, Dwarf Druid

The group has only just looked down into the glassworks so far....

We went with the Early Birds.....because no one else would suggest anything, and my character is a bit of a smartass.

We have a Human cleric of Strength and Healing (Int of 6, so when our characters ask him which deity he worships, he just grins stupidly, and says, "I"m a cleric!" It works.) We houseruled in Augment Healing instead of +1 caster level as a domain power for Healing a long time ago in a previous campaign. It seems much more balanced with the other domain powers than just, every healing spell you cast healing *1* more hit point.

An Elven Transmuter specialist, who has denied himself conjuration and evocation. Right now, he's a bit useless in most battles, but he's our talker (only person with positive mods in all three mental stats), and our searcher, so we have reason to keep him alive.

An Elven archer (heading into Arcane Archer of course), who is the transmuter's little brother, and a big believer in 'shoot first, ask questions later,'

My Human fighter/spiked chain specialist. I specialize in annoying enemies. Disarm potions, scrolls, holy symbols, weapons, wands......Sure, I'm a fighter with a terrible damage output, but I keep the bad guys from doing anything useful while my buddies take them out.

And of course, once the transmuter gets spells to animate unattended weapons.....I disarm someone on every attack, he animates the weapons to fight for us before the original wielder can pick them up......