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This might've been covered already, but I was just curious what other folks' parties used for their team name in The Champion's Belt. We had two different parties:

The Okktuplets (there were 8 of them including animal companions, and the barbarian was named Okk)

The Five Tongues of Mak Thuum Ngatha (one of the clerics worships a Far Realm deity)

My party of PCs called themselves simply "Battery," not only to describe their intentions, but also (I think) to honor Metallica.

My group (a human Paladin with the Two-Weapon Fighting Tree, a gnome barbarian/Cleric, and an elf Rogue) called themselves the Billion Swords of Justice. And that was AFTER I told them to come up with a name of less than ten words.

My group that prides itself on it's stealth ability, called themselves Rogue Squadran. Yeah the Starwas reference is obvious as well.

My guys are leaning toward "Sons of Oliver", after a street urchin that's showing them around Waterdeep.

My players took a long time to decide, eventually setting on "The Law" (at one point they wanted it ambiguios as to whether it was Lore or Law, but when they had to fill in a team roster they decided it was The Law). One of my players then suddenly realised (hoped) that their opposition could then say, "I fought The Law, and The Law won"... (which it did, usually quite easily).

My PCs called themselves the Companions of the Silver Horn after the healer's unicorn, who was their mascot. Unfortunately they were disqualified the night before the final match for breaking into Loris Raknian's palace and murdering Okoral. ;)

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After agonizing for about 10 min, my group came up with the wonderfully original name of "The Red Team". Near as I can tell, there's no connection to anything. It was amusing during the final fight, when half the crowd was chanting "Auric, Auric", and the other half was cheering "Red Team, "Red Team". I guess in the end, it was appropriate since the group's primary means of attack was with fire.

My players became the "Diamond Lake Destroyers", which I don't think is really all that bad.

The group I'm DMing for called themselves 'The Booyah Bards', in an effort to appear as pathetic as possible so they could get better odds in the betting.

They started the first battle with a dance routine (most of the PCs have Perform (Dance) as they plan on becoming Shadowdancers or Duelists). It was very silly.


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My group was named "Hawkwind Knights" in honor of their dead mentor. The campaign started as a murder "who done it?" when they recieved letters from their dead mentor. Each has a mysterious amulet called a "hawkwind brooch" they have been wearing the whole time. They also learned early on that their mentor was a "free city Champion" over 100 years before as part of a group called the "Hawkwind Knights". They also have learned since then that someone named Dragotha killed their mentor. :D His spirit will replace someone elses later in the Wyrmcrawl Fissure.

My elven wizard/loremaster wanted to name our group The Company of the the Hedgehog or Hodgepodge's Gang after her familiar, but someone came up with just simply "We Hate Kyuss" .... intended to basically attract as much attention from any worshippers in the city. It goes without saying that Brokengulf's reaction when the team was announced was absolutely priceless.. it was something out of a movie. And after our first win, our clever DM had the crowd shouting "We hate chaos!" (them not knowing wtf Kyuss is), with which the paladin in the group was very amused. My wizard even put glowing arcane marks on everyone's robes/armor with the Kyuss symbol with a big NO (think Ghostbusters) symbol over it.
This ridiculous team name also had, hopefully, the added benefit of upping our betting payoff by making us look so strange and dumb.

wampuscat43 wrote:
My guys are leaning toward "Sons of Oliver", after a street urchin that's showing them around Waterdeep.

This has sinced been nixed in favor of "Allustan's Caravan".

Mine went with "The wild bears" has the druid, her animal companion and the charmed animal that tags along are Brown bears...

the wild was added to make it longer and to include the half-orc barbarian and cleric of Obad-Hai in the name (wild, nature...anyway)

The rogue and bard look out of place in a team with that name, but at least they found a name. They had a month to find one and on game night they still had nothing...argggh

My PCs chose "Gods of War". That was before they discovered that they could bet on themselves and get better odds by looking like incompetent fools. It's difficult to pretend your team sucks after giving yourselves a name like that. Blustering braggarts? Perhaps.

My group ended up the "Steelfire eight", which was easily ammended to the steelfire seven when a character left the grou

My group has not yet begin the games, but we have pretty much figured out that it's a forgone conclusion that one way or another we will be in it.

We did some digging, and our DM informed us that we will need a team manager that has some kind of gladiator liscence. I am playing a Mage of the Arcane Order, and quickly offered to explore my guild contatcs to see if I can procure a liscence. I of course volunteered to act as a team manager (betting heavily of course, as apparently we can bet on the outcome of each round).

I emailed my group, and offered them the following names (out of game, I have been joking with them that I am signing them up without their in game knowledge).....

1. Righteous Indignation
2. This is for the Lizardmen (after a eventually peaceful resolution with the mistmarsh lizardmen)
3. The Tasty Treats/ The Tator Tots
4. The Bad Bets
5. The Wild Bunch (a really good western, but they all die in the end......)
6. Spawns of a Long Forgotten, but making a strong showing lately, evil diety
7. The High Fatalities
8. The Diamond Lake Militia Dodgers
9. The Organ Donours
10. Nacho Libre
11. The Moral Objection(ers)
12. The Min/Maxers
13. The "I sure hope we get to wrestle chicks in a mudpit, but I doubt it' -er's

We'll see what they pick....

The group I D.M. for came up with the "Sodiers of Heironeous."

Seeing as how they're led by a Cleric and Paladin of Heironeous, it's a fitting name.

My group chose to be called the Keys of Twilight. Granted, it's a rip-off from .hack, but it sounds really cool, and didn't give away anything of their capabilities.

My third AoW party had Balabar Smenk as patron for the games. He only asked to chose the name of the team: "S Squad" (meaning "Smenk Squad": a revelation to be kept for the final victory).
In all three of mine AoW campaigns, the players really hate Smenk until the end of Three Faces of Evil, when he bribes them to nail Dourstone in front of Sheriff Cubbin. So, Smenk becomes more and more powerful and moves to the Free City, ready to patronize the party.
My first and second AoW parties are back in Hall of Harsh Reflections, so I'm really waiting for this incredible adventure.

We are, indeed, the one and only "Black Company". Of course, Silent, Goblin, Croaker, and the "Lady" approve. So far, we've done them proud ... abusing, I mean "bending!", the system as far as possible without sending our DM into apoplectic shock.

After spending at least an hour on figuring out a cool name we stayed with the "Beasts of Waterdeep" as we played in that city on FR.

My PCs brazenly named themselves "The Wormcrushers", even though they were too nervous in exploring the temple because the Spawn of Kyuss terrified them. However, a cool moment did occur when they killed Ugly in the arena (3 PC deaths), and the remaining crowd's cheer of "Wormcrushers!" resounded.

My PC's went with... "The Wind Dukes." Could a DM ask for anything more (foreshadowing wise.) I didn't even have to prompt them. Unfortunately I hate the whole Alastor Land Kings of the Rift "you are the heirs of the wind duke legacy". Its out of left field smelly cheese. Maybe if it had been supported/hinted at in the adventures prior but it wasn't.

Luckily for me the whole KotR adventure doesn't work well in Eberron and I've completely reworked it (I mean the big battle against the Giants and Dragons was 40,000 years ago give or take.)



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"Goons of Diamond Lake"
They already have a name and we haven't even finished HOHR yet.

After deciding not to spend the entire night coming up with a name and the threat of "Happy Fun Time Gang" as a group name from me. My players ended up with "Hand of Justice".

Well, I've been waiting almost a year to add a post to this thread. Was it worth it? Probably not. But anyway, we've finally arrived at the Games and I was dying to know what the team was going to name themselves.

The cleric of Pelor is the team leader, hence:


Shade325 wrote:
My PC's went with... "The Wind Dukes." Could a DM ask for anything more (foreshadowing wise.) I didn't even have to prompt them.

Yeah, add another tally for "Wind Dukes of Aaqa." I think there were quite a few parties that went that route. We at least had a sorcerer with the air elemental bloodline, though...

My group called themselves "The Celestial Knights" as the "Leader" is a Paladin of Helm with a Cohort Cleric of Lathander...nothing special, except their coat of arms: It is a winged Rhino! An hommage to the Druid who nearly single-handedly nailed Zyrxog's Vrock Trap transformed into a Rhino.

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My party of three considered calling themselves "The Ebon Triad" because they all wear black and they thought it might bring attention to their enemies, but they quickly decided against it because it would also bring the attention OF their enemies.

Instead, they called themself the "Feckless Hooligans", which is another way of saying "unthinking and irresponsible violent young troublemakers"--a painfully accurate description!

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"The Red Shirts"...


Arena Team names.

My *bad*.

My guys came up with "The Truth Bringers"

They were really psyched about beating down the Mind Flayer whos names escapes me and revealing the corruption of so many.

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"Diamond Fists", referencing Diamond Lake.

Geoff Watson wrote:

The group I'm DMing for called themselves 'The Booyah Bards', in an effort to appear as pathetic as possible so they could get better odds in the betting.

They started the first battle with a dance routine (most of the PCs have Perform (Dance) as they plan on becoming Shadowdancers or Duelists). It was very silly.


Thats quite funny. I could see this in some strange dark comedy.

All the names thrown out there have been really good.

How about this one (for a group of Rogues):

The Stealers.

get it....steelers....ahem. nevermind.

Second time through, and with my group of Hextor worshipping, evil PCs, they've called themselves "Raknian's Heirs", in a way to draw attention from Raknian while acting under the guise of supplication. So far, they've mopped through everything in the arena and beneath, but I eagerly await the look on their faces when Madtooth appears...

My group named their team (and their party) the Diamond Hawks. Like Russ Taylor's team, they wanted to give a nod to Diamond Lake.

I made two opponent teams from scratch:

Sentinel Guard: Six fighters using shield phalanx and aid another.

Order of the Dragon: Six orientals (three samurai, one monk, one sohei, one wu jen).

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In the Greyhawk arena fight, our team were the Homesteaders.

We also fought in the arena in Alhaster; by this time, only one of the original Homesteaders was left, and two gnomes has been added, so we entered as Gnome Mercy. Fittingly, a human cohort was killed in the arena and reincarnated as a gnome!

It occured to us later that the Gnomesteaders would have been better, but now one of our gnome players has left and the reincarnated cohort was retired, so we're in need of a new name all over again.

"The Bane of Darkness" became the tournament entry after "The Ivory Cudgels" were TPKed by dopplegangers before they got to the games...

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I was hoping for something original, inspiring, and heroic.

They chose, "Hater Nation."


My players went with "Bane of Kyuss" and then continued to use the name throughout the campaign. Made for some memorable moments with Raknian.

We went with the Early Birds.....because no one else would suggest anything, and my character is a bit of a smartass.

Waaaaaay back at the beginning of the AP (I think it was at the Whispering Cairn), our group decided they needed some evidence that they'd killed someone/'s so far back I can't even remember exactly why we did it. All I know is, we took a severed head back to town as 'evidence'. Then we took another, and another, and another... This became a trend, and now all the heads (although now we only take them as trophies) are properly preserved and stored in, of all things, a bag of holding.

Consequentially, it took about 3 seconds to come up with our team name: The Head Collectors.

My players went with "Erratic Menace." Due to their propensity for violence, and random chaotic action. The monk in the party wasn't really amused.

My group, which is composed of a swashbuckler/rogue and a barbarian/wizard and her pet owlbear, entered the games under the name of 'The Diamond Dogs' in homage to Diamond Lake and Bowie, sadly the owlbear got munched by Madtooth, luckily the prize money covered the cost of the raise dead... just!

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My group was dubbed "The Whispering Drifters" way back in Diamond Lake, Whispering Cairn and the fact that they spent so little time actually in town finding the whole place distasteful they were seen as drifters. They then took the name to the arena and now bear it proudly everywhere.

My group is centered around the church of Lathander in FR. It was a pretty big leap to have them join the Champion's Games, but since they did, they've gone all in, calling themselves 'Divine Retribution'.

Spawn of Dazhago. The party diplomat, rogue and de facto leader is a Tiefling and proud of his parentage. The others agreed, despite having first chosen the more appropriate Wormbane. The cleric of Lathander was conned into believing Dazhago was the real name of Diamond Lake in the original Aaqan.

My group spent most of a week arguing dozens of names both serious and comical. In the end, they chose a comical one --

Mass Lesser Violence

They still chuckle about it on their way to Alhaster.

The Diamond Lakers

Liberty's Edge

Gear's Gladiators, named in honor of the halfling spellthief that was killed by the acid beetle swarm back in "The Whispering Carin."

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