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I had a blast


I went into this knowing nothing about it, playing a solider.

And well... we partied hard with the Yeti, getting covered in mud, checking our their recreational pass times and drinking heavily. Everyone got into the whole RP side of it.

Then, after recovering from our hangovers and some of us changing into more respectable attire, we went off to talk to another group. Who also totally just wanted to grow their crops. Luckily we were all for growing vegetables, and even more for eating them. So a meal later we had two sets of allies.

Then... the ghostly swamp. Okay, so those mushrooms looked totally edible...

Anyway, avoiding spoilers, we managed to put the ghost to rest, ate our fill, drank far too much, inhaled the smoke of inspiration and got thoroughly covered in mud.

Not a shot was fired, but everyone had a great time (players and characters)

While I wouldn't want every scenario to be like this one, as a change of pace it was fantastic. Just because you are playing a low skill character doesn't mean you can't have a great time role playing in the vault of Duskmire.