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Haaaaa ok, I understand much better. Thanks.

I didn't realize that was a clarification on Familiar archetypes. Yes I understand that adding a Familiar archetype on an Improved Familiar might be a bit too much.

OK also for Improved Familiars like the Lyrakien Azata with the discovery tumor familiar. It seems logical to me.

Although one can imagine, for example, a Bramble Brewer (alchemist) with a Brownie. Or a Dragonblood Chymist (alchemist) with a Pseudodragon or Faerie Dragon. But I imagine that in this case the alchemist will be able to use the Eldritch Heritage feat (arcane) or the Familiar Bond feat.

thanks again.

Ok thank you very much, that clarifies a bit for me. But it also makes it more confusing.

For example it is strange for the tumor familiar : a rogue or a Blight Druid could have a Clockwork Familiar and not an Alchemist without an archetype? While the Clockwork Familiar would correspond more to an alchemist?

Unless the alchemist goes through the Eldritch Heritage (arcane) feat or the Familiar Bond feat? Strange that the alchemist should use feats when a discovery could fulfill this function. Would an alchemist have to make more sacrifices than a rogue or a Blight Druid to get a Clockwork Familiar?

On the other hand, a priori an alchemist could have a Ioun wyrd or a Petrifern as a tumor familiar?

According to some supplements, the Alchemist might have a homunculus but not a Clockwork Familiar? It's very, very strange. With the Promethean Disciple discovery an alchemist without an archetype could build himself a Shield Guardian Clockwork golem, but would be unable to build a familiar for himself ?

I don't quite understand this sentence.

FAQ wrote:
In other cases, treat Improved Familiar as if it was an archetype to see if it stacks with other familiar options: since the two things it alters from a regular familiar are that it removes the ability to speak with animals of its kind and it prevents changing the creature type for non-animals, you couldn't make a familiar that changes the creature type of non-animals or alters or removes speak with animals of its kind an Improved Familiar.

Does this mean that it is possible to have an Improved Familiar as long as it is not a non-animal type? This means nothing since 99% of Improved Familiars have non-animal type. Similarly 90% of Improved Familiars do not speak with animals. Finally, familiars are not animals, since normally they all get the magical creature type. Some base familiars don't even have the animal type. Like vermin familiars, plant familiars. So I don't understand this sentence at all.

I have a question regarding the Improved Familiars feat for some characters with a familiar. For example to have a Clockwork Familiar for an alchemist concept without an archetype, or Coral Capuchin for a Pirate (rogue).

Is it possible to get it with the Tumor Familiar discovery?
With the Familiar Bond feat?
With the Eldritch Heritage feat (arcane)?
With the rogue talent Familiar?

When I read some supplements I feel like yes. But may be this may only apply to the Homunculus.

Starwars D20 works great with Starfinder. The Solarian makes a good Jedi. His Solar Manifestation can be a Jedi saber.

We can complete with the themes: ESPer, Dream Prophet. And/or the archetypes: Sage Arcane, Divine Champion, Phrenic Adept, Star Knight. Without forgetting the (chains of) Feats: Connection (limited, major...), Eldritch Lore, Stage Magic, Psychic Power, Technomantic Dabbler, Mystic Strike.

An old Jedi would be a Mystic (more mental than physical). A smuggler would be an Agent or an Envoy, or a Mechanic.

Yes I thought about it. That's why I also looked at what was possible to do "For the other levels" (third line of my message). In fact the puzzle is in three parts :

1 / Do at least one of my proposals work ?
2 / Otherwise, how is it possible to have a psychogun (or something that looks like it) ?
3 / What is the lowest level at which one can get there ?

I would like to create a character concept for Starfinder and it's Cobra (Cobra Space Adventure). I'm hesitant to figure out how to simulate his Psychogun with Starfinder rules. At level 1, for example, it seems impossible to me because of the laser weapons with big damages and the augmentations are too expensives.

For the other levels, I thought about Hideaway limb augmentation with Quickdraw. Should I add to that the price of Prosthetic Limb with Storage ? Or does Prosthetic Limb with Storage already include Hideaway limb with Quickdraw ?

At level 1, if I take a Laser rifle azimuth with the Glamered fusion, can I say that the weapon is transformed into Prosthetic Limb ? In this case would the weapon be considered grafted to the character's arm ? If so, no more Hideaway limb with Quickdraw.

Yes I know, the Laser rifle azimuth is handled with two hands, but Cobra always uses his Psychogun with both arms (he uses the other hand to stabilize the weapon).

I find it disturbing that the possibilities to have an arm-gun are very vague in the Starfinder's rules, contrary for example to Shadowrun.

Cobra also has some sort of web-shooters (like Spider-man) at his handles. But to simulate this in Starfinder is very expensive: the grappler alone costs the price of a Basic Enercycle (and you still have to buy a Needler pistol and a cable line of 100 ft.) !!!

But I go astray the subject, the question is especially how to simulate the psychocanon.