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Name: Tickrit
Race: Lizardfolk
Classes/levels: Barbarian/Brawler 6
Adventure: Rivers Run Red
Location: Trivium
Catalyst: Moonwatching
Diety: Mazludah

Tickrit was a survivor, He was stubborn, unintelligent and very prone to charging first and never asking questions. He was loyal to a fault, curious and never shirked his oaths.

He was out for a bit of moon watching when I sprung an event that was not normally a 'Random' event. Tickrit was off the beaten path when he heard the screams of the young maid being confronted by the Werewolf Kundal. Her cries drew him to run to her, his powerful strides and quick reflexes far more superior to the werewolf.

When he emerged, the young maid found herself between two seven foot tall beasts of battle. Tickrit roared in challenge, intent on fulfilling his oath to the Chieftainess Queen and protecting his new tribe. Upon being challenged the Werewolf ignored the smaller prey and charged into Tikrit. The wolves claws and teeth tore into his scales, sending Tikrit into a rage and he retaliated with tooth claw and tail.

Both opponents battered each other and neither backed down, intent on killing the other. Their struggle wasn't with mishap and each suffered rough swings that were either avoided or countered by their opponent. The fight last long enough that the rest of Tikrits companions came rushing from the Inn. Only to watch in horror as Tikrit made his final stand, the werewolf having reduced his scales to tatters. But before he could deliver the final blow the Werewolf was battered back by te Party Cavalier, wielding his trusty Towershield and bullrushing the werewolf back away from his dying companion.

The Queen, being a healer rushed to lend Tikrit assistance, only to confronted by the horror that he was beyond saving. His once mighty frame shuddered and his knees buckled, bringing him to kneel into the bloody mud that was stirred up in the fight.