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PC that Loves Pain wrote:
theblackcoffeegamer wrote:

I for one am absolutely peeved that you, Captain Yesderday, have robbed me of my rightful credit.

Way back on August 11, I suggested a thread called " >>Ask *Captain Yesterday* to make aliases based on ALL your questions here!<<"
You said you didn't like the idea, since you only make aliases spontaneously, so I didn't make the thread.

Then, a whole four days later, thegreenteagamer made just the thread I had previously suggested, in spite of your rejection of my idea.

In the OP of THIS thread, though, you say

Captain Yesterday, Credit Denier wrote:
First of all Thegreenlanterngamer came up with a similar idea awhile ago but, truth be told, he had the format wrong and i get uncomfortable when people do things for me,

You gredit TGTG with the idea, even though it wasn't his idea! He stole it from me!

Moreover, I had the courtesy not to make the thread you said you didn't want, while TGTG had no such courtesy. Therefore, I deserve way, way more credit than TGTG!
You have felt pain. You can never go back to the time before you felt the pure, spectacular awesomeness of pain!

But lo! I shall heal thine pain, for I am an Actual Healer!

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PC that Loves Pain wrote:
Keep it up, this is incredibly painful to read!

I shall alleviate thy pain!

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Vic Wertz wrote:
Fake Healer wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
... because he's a fictional character?

Boooo!!!! Party foul! You suck, Wertz, way to break the mood!

I'll take your criticism seriously when you become an actual healer. Until then, you clearly have a vested interest in supporting fictional characters.

Did thou callest me?