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thecursor wrote:
A library world? Yeaaaaahhhh that's a bad idea, if I see a shadow moving on it's own, I make for the ship.

Hey! Who turned out the lights?!

Hey all! I'm quite new to Starfinder, but I like it a lot so far. As I've looked at the comments about the various published Adventure Paths, one thing seems to keep popping up- requests for high-level AP content. Please don't misunderstand me- I think it's a great idea; but I wonder if there might be another solution as well. I personally like the idea of being able to run a single character through multiple AP campaigns, so I wonder if perhaps Paizo should publish some kind of guides on how to convert some content to higher levels- things like suggestions of how to make certain NPCs stronger, rewards adjustment, maybe even ideas on some side content that could be enlarged upon by the DM as they feel fits their campaign. DMs might even be able to use the principles outlined in such a guide for their own homebrew campaigns. Anyways, those are my thoughts on the matter. What do you all think?

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"While the heroes finish the liberation of an alien bubble-city in the sun, efreet launch an assault on the Burning Archipelago from within the star. The heroes have advantages of position, knowledge, and surprise, giving them a unique opportunity." Lol- looks like the enemy general is committing a classic blunder. Never turn your attention away from the enemy at hand. Unless, of course, he's hoping the attack on the Burning Archipelago will distract the heroes, and draw them up from their deep dives into some kind of trap- in which case, he's failed.

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Generic Villain wrote:

"...the heroes strike against a massive Swarm creature that is draining the world's resources dry."

Ah, this world must be rich in Vespene gas and More Minerals.

Lol- nice one. Thinking along those lines, I just gotta saw that it'd be a shame if there isn't at least some kind of Infested Kerrigan parody in this AP- either as a boss, or even just a character mention. Or maybe they could throw in something similar to the corruptions from the Song of Screams AP, that affects the players. EDIT: Oh, wait- maybe THAT'S why they haven't put up something on Part Two yet- that's where they've added the Kerrigan tribute! Lol.

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This looks pretty neat. I've seen a number of posts asking about high-level content- and I may have a suggestion. It seems to me that one possible solution could be to make a post/publish a guide on how DM's and players might be able to convert existing adventure paths to suit higher-level play. Some of them, especially the current one in the Sun, seem like they would fit pretty well thematically for high-level play. Don't get me wrong, though- it'd still be great to have campaigns specifically designed for end-game levels, and I fully support that idea. I just kind of like the idea of being able to take the same character through multiple adventure paths. Also, the DM's could use the guidelines for "leveling up" NPC monsters/adventure situations for their homebrew campaigns as well. What do you guys think?