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Hey all! I'm quite new to Starfinder, but I like it a lot so far. As I've looked at the comments about the various published Adventure Paths, one thing seems to keep popping up- requests for high-level AP content. Please don't misunderstand me- I think it's a great idea; but I wonder if there might be another solution as well. I personally like the idea of being able to run a single character through multiple AP campaigns, so I wonder if perhaps Paizo should publish some kind of guides on how to convert some content to higher levels- things like suggestions of how to make certain NPCs stronger, rewards adjustment, maybe even ideas on some side content that could be enlarged upon by the DM as they feel fits their campaign. DMs might even be able to use the principles outlined in such a guide for their own homebrew campaigns. Anyways, those are my thoughts on the matter. What do you all think?

Acnolowgia wrote:
those are my thoughts on the matter. What do you all think?

Scaling the enemies themselves is somewhat simple, just move them up the NPC creation charts.

Scaling the rewards just requires the GM to put in work to make sure the PCs are near wealth by level.

Easier than making your own campaign. Much harder than just running a pre-made adventure path. Which is why people have been asking for 13+ APs.

Acnolowgia wrote:
What do you all think?

If you have to increase an AP level by 1-3, it would be ok. Above that, the AP will start having issues. High level characters don't face the same challenges the same way.

Level 1 characters may have to jump over a pool of acid. Level 15 characters won't, so increasing its size won't work.
A bunch of CR1 scoundrels attacking trespassers is logical. If they are CR10, it becomes far less logical.
Asking level 1 PCs to perform an errand is ok. Level 15 PCs will just disregard it.
Facing a CR1 space gobelin is normal. Facing a CR15 one isn't. Players should not expect every space goblin to be a space goblin overlord.
Asking for a DC15 Diplomacy check to find information about someone who's not actively hiding is not the same as asking a DC30 Diplomacy check about the same person.
And so on...

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