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As an outsider on this one, I'm really looking forward to what J.A.M master Justin produces. It's going to be one heap of fun!

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Excellent! Reading the adventure coming to life like this is fantastic - I can't wait for the next instalment. Cheers!

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Hi gang, Stephen here, one of the AaW team that does occasional writing and lots of editing.

@Owen, way back - I have an urban thread underway, set in the giant realms of our land. It'll be an adventure path that spreads out across a city having started as a metaphorical stone dropping in a pond. It'll be coming out over the next few months.

@Bob Loblaw - the start of the above thread can be "Good vs Good", although "Lawful vs Lawful" is potentially more possible. It involves resolving a complicated court case by allowing the accuser to access the property of the defendant for one hour - look for high level encounters throughout, along with golems and summoned defenders! There are more possibilities below of "good vs good".

@GM Elton - there will be dinosaurs - in the land of the giants, dinosaurs are what children ride to prepare for any future wars. As for adult giants; they ride BIG dinosaurs, so the party has to deal with quite enormous creatures. Expect it some time early next year.

As for those of you who want to have an "out of body" adventure, keep an eye out for what can happen when Summoning Conjuration and Transmutaion Reincarnation get mixed up and go horribly wrong.

And for an adventure based in a maze, look out for "From Night to Day" - it's set in a library that has an alarming tendancy to confuse those that aren't thinking intelligently by shifting its shelves and racking.

Two more ideas: what does a good party do when confronted by newly-enlightened creatures that are "gooder" than them but are usually thought of as mindless AND what do they do when some other good guys have cheated on what appears to be the bad guys? This may be for you, @Tony Rabiola

Finally, anyone want to be "the monsters" defending against "the PCs"? Do you have a gaming group big enough to play this, or perhaps think of it as a convention game? Let me know. And truly strange settings? Other than an upside-down giant's home that has a damaged-and-malfunctioning weather machine in it? Again, let me know!