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Mmmm... Hot wasabi-coated roasted brains...

Mysterious Cultist wrote:
Ah hell. Who freaking knows?

I do! 'Cuz I've been eating Brains! It's what's for breakfast... and lunch... and dinner, elevensies, second lunch, and any other snack I can fit in.

All I want is one bite of your brains! You can keep the rest, really!

Meh, my arteries are clogged with sand and my heart looks like a sun dried tomato, you think some fatty deposits worry me?

But they do taste soooo good!

Not that I really need the blood or the brain...

Maybe it's not enough blood getting to my brain.

Sometimes I confuse myself, but other times people do it for me.

It's not my birthday today!!!

[and I would like to see Axiomatic and Anarchic Healers, as well]

crosswiredmind wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:

I think they might be referring to an avatar/alias "bait and switch" sort of deal going on further back in this thread. More than that, I will not say.

Wow. I missed that. That is awesome.


Or maybe I will if enticed with morsels of tasty brains were laid before me...