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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Evidence for my hypothesis begins to accrue at an alarming rate .. just count the concussions...

♫♩ "It's a hard-knock life for us you..." ♫♩

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Lord Fyre wrote:

:: Fires Catapult! ::

Ham & Swiss on Rye
Lord Fyre wrote:

:: Fires Catapult ::

Hot Pastrami & Havarti (coarse ground mustard, pickles, and grilled onions) on Rye!

{thwacks Slaad upside the noggin}

Ooooooh, you're not catapulting pugwampis; you're catapulting sandwiches at the pugwampis.

My pretending to be an incredibly dumb pugwampi isn't as much of an acting stretch as you might think.