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That sounds reasonable, thanks! (I wouldn't expect a discount on the print edition, fixed costs on print vs. electronic books being what they are).

Would there be any way to offer discounts for the PDF to those who already own some of the products compiled in this product? I don't wish to sound greedy, but I can't justify paying twice for the same material :(.

Minor thread-necromancy, as I just found this via SmiloDan's class thread. Here's a spell-less Bard variant I put together several months ago and shared at ENWorld. It's a Sendspace link and is a little heavy on the sketchy ads, so sorry about that. Just click the "click here to start download from Sendspace" link, not the duplicitous "Download!" button ads. Anyway, let me know what you all think.

Also on topic, the Warrior of Holy Light and Skirmisher are APG archetypes that are great spell-less paladins and rangers, respectively. Here are some good 3rd party sources for other spell-less variants:

The Expanded Spell-less Ranger (Open Design: Expansion of the class featured in Kobold Quarterly 11)
Alchemists' Discoveries (Super Genius Games: can swap extracts for one of two nifty alternate abilities)
Inquisitor's Judgements (SGG: features the Justicar variant class as a spell-less Inquisitor)

A momentary bout of illiteracy on my part. Here's the link to my vote:

The Genius Guide to Martial Archetypes

I'm irrationally exuberant about new base classes and class options, and SGG delivers on both fronts, especially for martial and non-Vancian supernatural classes. So a compilation of new classes, Advanced Options books, and archetype books might actually get my money, though I'm sure it'd be a huge undertaking. Given a limited vote, I'll single out the Martial Archetypes book as my favorite, especially if more archetypes are forthcoming. The otherwise unsung Armiger book is a close second. Not sure if I'll use either book as is, but there are many great ideas in both.