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Advanced Options: Inquisitors' Judgments (PFRPG) PDF

****½ (based on 4 ratings)

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The inquisitor represents a common trope found in fantasy stories, mythology, and to a lesser extent history—the driven warrior fighting for a religious cause. From Samson and the judges of the Old Testament to the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne, the Knights of the Round Table, Saladin, Gochiin no Tajima, and Saito Musashibo Benkei, stories of the religious warrior are commonplace. Modern fantasy stories and roleplaying games pick up on this tradition, which can be seen as the source of the paladin class, and the martial feel of the cleric class.

In many ways the inquisitor is a midstep between the spellcasting cleric and the fighting paladin, with lower attack bonuses and hit point totals than the paladin but fewer spells than the cleric, though augmented with more powers that aid her in combat. Much like the other class that has spontaneous spellcasting up to 6th-level spells, the bard, the inquisitor also can’t be pinned down easily in terms of her role in a group. She can serve as a fine back-up warrior, but she will never outshine barbarians, fighters, paladins, or rangers. She has access to a good range of spells for both healing and damage, but lacks the spell slots to do either for long and doesn’t have enough good buffing spells to be much help aiding other classes in fulfilling their roles.

However, the inquisitor is remarkably self-reliant. She isn’t likely to need other classes to protect or augment her, leaving her free to act on her own in most conflicts. And while she has neither the fighting prowess or spell power to make a major impact with those roles alone, she also has sole access to a fascinating brand new mechanic: the judgment. Judgments are special supernatural bonuses an inquisitor can call upon a limited number of times per day. They provide combat advantages that last for an entire combat, and as an inquisitor gains levels she can call on them more often and more at once. Although judgments don’t allow an inquisitor to surpass her fellow adventurers in their specialties, they do give her the flexibility to react to a wide range of situations in combat. Depending on the foe she faces, an inquisitor can enhance her accuracy, damage, resilience, or healing power with her judgments. They are the unique element of the class, and serve as the main thing that keeps an inquisitor from being a cleric with fewer spells.

It would makes sense, then, if the inquisitor had access to a large list of judgments from which a player could customize and focus the character. Alas, a lack of space makes a long list of judgments impractical in the Advanced Player’s Guide (especially given that the inquisitor already has new spells and teamwork feats that take up considerable room). To broaden the utility of judgments, Advanced Options: Inquisitors’ Judgments present several new judgments, a judgment-heavy alternative inquisitor class, and a few new judgment-focused feats.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 4 ratings)

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Inquisitor Options


What can I say I like the Super Genius products I buy.
I always get my moneys worth when I pick them up. This
is no exception. I get New Judgements, New Feats and a New Base Class: The Justicar.

Some did not like the CMB/CMD based judgements I however thought they were a good addition.

The Base Class was well done a non caster Inquisitor cool options and can bring a lot to the Fantasy Horror monster hunter type.

Nothing over powered, most of it useful, very flavorful, and left me wanting more.

If you like Inquisitors this is well worth the 4 times it price.
My rating 4.5 but I'll bump it up to a 5 mainly because I like the base class a lot.

Awesome new tools for the Inquisitor


This pdf is 8 pages long, 2/3 of a page front cover, 1 page SRD &editorial, leaving 6 1/3 pages of content for the new tools for the Inquisitor, so let’s check them out.

After a short discussion on the nature of the rather interesting Inquisitor base-class, we are introduced to a central question that needs to be answered prior to integrating the new material: Seeing there are not that many judgments in the core rules of the APG, a new mechanic needs to be introduced to clarify how access to more judgments is handled. In a concise discussion, several options along their pros and cons are presented, with the easiest alternative being restricting any Inquisitor to 9 judgments and the most complex being a suggestion to have judgments earned in game by association with different orders in a given campaign setting.

15 new judgments await the perusal of inquisitors, from minor bonuses to reach and movement rates to improved capabilities with regards to certain combat maneuvers and the ability to make weapons feature a quality to bypass certain kinds of DR, a nice and balanced roster of abilities is presented. The true stars of this pdf, though, are the 7 greater judgments: Those of you following my reviews know that I’m always excited about iconic abilities and the greater judgments deliver: The ability to see invisible foes via blazing eyes, the power to banish summoned creatures to sickening and weakening strikes, the offensive judgments rock. The defensive ones are also quite cool, enabling you to play the deadly, unstoppable driven inquisitor via regeneration and SR – all the while balancing these at times powerful abilities within the rules. Great work!

The pdf does not stop there, though, as it delivers the alternate Inquisitor-class of the Justicar, a judgment-focused variant sans spellcasting. The Justicar gets d10, 6+Int skills, full BAB, good fort and will saves. The class feels balanced and interesting, though personally I’d prefer the spellcasting variant. I still think the class offers a cool alternative for many campaigns.

Finally, we get 7 new feats: Executioner lets you sacrifice a judgments use for a single strike with additional damage, the ability to use judgments more often per day, a feat to learn an additional judgment (depending on how you manage the acquisition of new judgments, this is necessary), a focus on a single judgment (+5 levels with regards to that judgment), the ability to make a judgment that last up to 15 minutes. My favorite one, though, would be Jury, which lets an ally benefit from your judgment. One of the feats, though, felt potentially problematic to me: Judgments Surge is rather strong, as it lets you use an additional judgment simultaneously. I’m not entirely sure whether I’d allow this feat, as my instinct yells that this might make for a certain power-boost.


Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn’t notice any glitches. Layout adheres to the 3-column standard and the artwork is stock-art and ok. The pdf has no bookmarks. The new judgments presented herein feel balanced and add a nice plethora of abilities to the Inquisitor’s repertoire, the Justicar is nice. The Greater Judgments and the new feats, though, are what really shone for me and offer the abilities I love to see for the class, as it enhances the unique feel of the class. The Judgments per se and the one feat I didn’t like left a bit of a stale taste in my mouth and would necessitate some playtesting/extensive math for me prior to allowing it in my campaign. Thus, due to a lack of true gripes and only minor problems, my final verdict for this installment of advanced options will be 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5.

Endzeitgeist out.

Almost there

****( )

For the most part, I agree with Dark_Mistress, so I'm going to just expand on that review.

A lot of the new judgments are too CMB/CMD-focused, but there are a few that are awesome enough to warrant getting this book.

Move faster, overcome DR, grant AC bonuses... you got it.

The book suggests that you have an inquisitor select 9 judgments and is limited to those choices. This is a good mechanic, but I don't think most people would pick some of the CMB-centric ones. A better option (which isn't suggested) is that you could allow all judgments, but only allow switching between X number judgments (i.e. once you use a judgment, the first X judgments you switch to out of the whole list are the only ones you can keep swapping between for the duration), or perhaps (more simply) only allow access to 9 judgment types per day, and make you choose at the start of the day.

The Justicar class is pretty cool, and after hearing about it, it was one of the main reasons I got the PDF. I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed, though. It's basically an Inquisitor with a full BAB, no spells, and at level 20, 1 extra Judgment/day. They also have written in that you "learn" new judgments every 3 levels after 4th. If you're not playing with this mechanic, you have an empty level at 4 & 7. I just feel like regular Inquisitor gets more "bang for your buck" as far as the level progression goes. Full BAB is great, but the net gain of +5 to attack at level 20 isn't worth giving up your entire spellcasting ability.

I would have liked to see other class variations; stuff like: full BAB but delayed spellcasting progression (kinda like a Paladin), etc.

The Judgment Feats are pretty cool - I especially like the Executioner feat, which lets you use expend judgment with a single attack to gain bonus to attack/damage.

Advanced Options: Inquisitor's Judgments

****( )

Advanced Options: Inquisitor's Judgments by Super Genius Games

This product is 8 pages long. It starts with a cover, and intro. (2 1/2 pages)
This also gets into how to use more judgments with the inquisitor and keep it balanced.

New Judgments (1 page)
Accuracy – increases range increments of ranged attacks.
Alacrity – Increases movement.
Alliance – bonus to hit and dmg when flanking.
Concealment – bonus to stealth.
Felling – bonus to trip.
Forceful – bonus to bull rush.
Freeing – bonus to escape artist rolls.
Guarding – bonus to adjacent allies AC.
Mysticism – bonus to caster level when casting spells.
Relentless – bonus to CMD.
Sagacity – can make knowledge checks to learn of monsters special abilities or flaws.
Striking – can help overcome DR.
Theurgy – bonus to caster level checks and concentration checks.
Unarming – bonus to disarm.
Warding – bonus to saves to adjacent allies.

Greater Judgments (1 page)
Banishment – protection against summoned creatures and can banish them.
Durability – reduces the effect of ability drain and ability damage.
Inexorability – gain spell resistance.
Regeneration – gains regeneration ability.
Revelation – can see invis and bonus to perception.
Torment – when hit by weapon target must save or be sickened from pain.
Weakening – causes ability score damage from attacks.

The Justicar (2 pages)
Variation of the Inquisitor. D10, 2 good saves, 6 skills, full BaB, all weapons and armor but tower shields. Basically trades spells for more judgments, full BaB and a few other class abilities. A nice spell-less version to the class.

New Feats (1 ½ pages)
There is 7 new feats.

It ends with a 1 page OGL. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. The layout, editing are good as you would expect from SGG. The artwork inside is nice black and white artwork. Most of the new judgments where good to very good, I wasn't a fan of the ones that add bonuses to things like trip though, I found them kinda meh personally. The new feats are well done, the class is a interesting variation of a spell-less version of the inquisitor. Not sure it was needed but for those that wanted such it is a nice addition. Taken as a whole it is a solid SGG product. I am giving it a 4 star review. Gift Certificates
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