Saturday afternoon, 2016


Ouroboros Killer

Saturday afternoon, 1:00–6:00 pm, 2016 • Cascade 5

A Pathfinder game set in the Planescape setting. In this adventure, a Justiciar and their Mercykiller allies hunt a dangerous Sigilian serial killer known as the Ouroboros Killer, in order to bring them to justice. No prior knowledge of Planescape required.

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Event # 78159
When PaizoCon 2016:
Where DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Cascade 5
18740 International Blvd.
Seattle WA 98188

Contact Jessica Redekop
Category Pathfinder RPG Game
Game Master Jessica Redekop
Age Rating 16+
Complexity Normal
Experience Required Some
Character Players will use pre-generated characters provided by Game Master

Hi everyone! Like the description says, this game is for 5 players. There are a total of 10 pre-generated characters available to choose from, two for each role in the party (Cleric/Oracle, Fighter/Paladin, Rogue/Ranger, Inquisitor/Bard, and Wizard/Sorcerer).

If anyone is interested, here's a link to the artwork I've done for each character option!


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The lottery gods were kind to me....I will be one of your players!

I think I need to crack open my Planescape box, and do some prep-reading these next 2 weeks!

Oh, and love the artwork....(we will need to chat if you have any interest in doing some illustrating in Wayfinder).


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I'm also a lucky player who got in. See you both at the con..

Awesome! I'm so excited :D.

Timitius, feel free to read as much or as little as you like about Planescape before we start. The PCs in the game are planar characters who live in Sigil, but there's no pressure to do any kind of research beforehand, as everything you'd *need* to know about the setting and the characters is built into the game's introduction.

We should talk about Wayfinder at the con! I may be interested but I also work real slow, hahaha.

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So jealous! This was my top ranked game in the lottery, but, alas. I miss me some Planescape. I ran a Planescape campaign in GURPS about 10 year ago, and I've run a few one-shots in Planescape using Fudge, but I've never actually played a d20-derived variant in that setting.

Have fun, you guys!

Aw! If we have some free spots that line up, we should see if there's anyone else who wants to play in a quick game, rknop. I have a couple of other short adventures I'm not running at the con, because they're only written for 2 players, and they require setting familiarity. I can run one of those for you and someone else, maybe.

basically, tldr: Planescape <3<3<3<3<3

ETA: During the con, I'm free Friday and Sunday after about 6 PM.

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Cool, yeah, if you're interested in trying to get a Planescape game together, I'd be game. I'm doing Tier 1 GMing for PFS, so I'm busy most mornings and evenings -- including both Friday and Sunday.

Have you done any conversion of setting elements to Pathfinder? For instance, mechanical effects of faction membership, races like Bariaur and Githzerai, etc. (Some of that is probably in the 3.5 monster manual, but if I remember, Githzerai at least had a level adjustment, which isn't really a thing in Pathfinder.)

I've done some, yeah. Primarily creatures. Mostly I ransack existing conversions to 3rd edition from ENWorld (and, previously, from the WoTC boards (RIP)), update to PF, and then change whatever I don't personally like.

I did some NPC conversions from Faces of Sigil a couple years ago, those ones should still be up somewhere on the Paizo boards. I believe I also posted a Duke Darkwood conversion along with those. (found them)

For creatures, I did some Modron conversions (IMO the 3rd edition Modrons were really underpowered compared to other Outsiders) but they're kinda only half done, I got too sick of them to pick spells for the ones that prepared cleric spells >_>. I was going to finish them off and publish them in the fanzine Planewalker was working on, as we'd wanted the 2nd issue to be focused on Mechanus, but we kinda dropped the ball on that project <_<.

For Faction benefits, I actually really like the Factions As Bloodlines alternative rule from a set of 3rd edition conversion PDFs Planewalker did, and I use those (with some tweaks here and there) in my games. They have the "drawback" of making characters more powerful across the board for their faction membership, but, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

For example, here is the version of Justice Blow the PCs in Ourobros Killer have. The general idea is the same as what Factions As Bloodlines had, but the exact mechanics of it have been tweaked to be something that my friends and I consider more balanced/a better fit within the existing D&D/PF rules.

Justice Blow: As a part of an attack or full attack action, you may deliver a Justice Blow to an enemy. This attack must be announced before any roll is made. Add your charisma modifier (if positive) to a single attack roll. If successful, you deal double damage on this attack. If this attack is a critical hit, add 1 to your critical multiplier instead (x2 becomes x3, x3 becomes x4, etc). You take nonlethal damage equal to the extra damage dealt by this ability. Justice Blow is usable once per round. A Justice Blow deals no damage to creatures of Lawful alignment unless you believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the target has broken the law.

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"Faces of Sigil" was probably my favorite Planescape book. I used a number of those characters back when I ran it in GURPS. A'kin was always an ambiguous mission giver that nobody trusted (but that never betrayed anybody, at least as far as I got), and Kylie was a regular. They had some business with Estevan as well. A few others made brief appearances.

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