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The quantum troll's 'Spooky Action' ability reads:

A quantum troll exists in several possible quantum states at once. It threatens squares within 30 feet of it.

Is this intended to imply that the quantum troll can make an attack of opportunity anywhere within that threatened zone, despite its 10' reach? It doesn't say so explicitly, but otherwise I have a hard time understanding the benefit of threatening squares outside your reach if you don't have a ranged attack,

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Yes, typically when something threatens a square, that's a square it can make an AoO into.

That was the authorial intent.

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Think of it in quantum physics terms: the troll's exact location can only be approximated until you "observe" it. When it's the troll's action, it is "observed" and momentarily locks into a specific location (wherever it is on the grid), and thus uses its normal 10 foot reach. But when it isn't the troll's turn and it has a reaction in its pocket, you have to treat the troll as if it could be within reach of anywhere, simultaneously, within that 30-foot span.

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