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Best Open Content

FAQ System

What's the best you've felt upon killing a monster / npc?

Magical alternatives to prison

DPR Calculator - Armor as DR

101 Common Houserules

What monsters scare you the most (on a personal level)

Mark Moreland was on a Podcast About Catfolk

Do outsiders have to go to the bathroom?

Midgard Setting Lore

Help with 2-handedfeats on homebrew class

Question / Opinion - change to class feature, summoners eidolon

100+ Terrifying Encounters

What happens if a god's herald dies?

Who's your least favorite god?

1001 Descriptions for Traps

Restrictive resurrection requirements?

Looking for a good low level Spider Undead

So... What about Socothbenoth?

Who's the most good god?

Another question about gods

Should an Android be allowed to have a class feature that denotes special heritage, such as a Bloodline?

Why do so many bloodline abilities for the Sorcerer class imply you will be fighting like a Martial instead of a Caster?

How does Rahadoum cope without divine magic?

N+ 1 Things to Sovereign Glue People To

Famous Artists, Performers, and Bards of the Inner Sea

What happens to Rovagug worshippers when they die?

Whats the biggest monster (in terms of size?)

Oracle Class feature question

[Unchained] Summoner Guide

A Combat Master

Why don't daemons have their own language?

What races and monsters would worship the Kaiju?

What happens if you drink an oil of (spell)?

Do you like or dislike anime themes in Pathfinder?

Arcanist, How to Proceed?

New Stat Role Technique?

sessions per level sweet spot

What level do you tell your party your secret identity as a Vigilante?

Somewhere that doesn't produce adventurers?

Intelligent quadruped wielding a weapon in its mouth. Believable or not?

Can skeletal undead drink potions?

What IS cold iron anyway?

"Fighting Blind" Build Ideas for Blind / Blinded Characters

New player with questions

Arcanists Armour Proeficiency

Best / favorite thing about Ultimate Wilderness?

Pathfinder Second Edition: The vision. The big idea.

For a bloodrager between abyssal and draconic which would you say is overall better?

Google fails me, character imagine creation

How would a monk focused on crane style use flurry of blows?

New(ish) Pathfinder Show- 2 Perception on the Paizo channel!

Some other potion questions.

Are there any adventures that are good vs good or good vs neutral?

The most over-CR'ed and under-CR'ed creatures in the bestiaries.

OGL monsters with notable changes from 3.5?

How to enforce spontaneous variation in character building

What would you change about P1e?

glowing magic items?

What are my options for a missing limb spellcaster?

Knockback and Attack of Oppertunitys

Thoughts on APL for 5 person parties

What are my options for a missing limb spellcaster?

What’s your favorite Pathfinder monster and why?

Planar Ally List (first of it's kind)

Index Card sized character sheets?

GMs, have you ever let a new player to an established game, or a player whose character died, play a former NPC as their PC?

Building a successful Polymorpher

Why do oracles have curses?

Faking surrender?

Temple prostitutes?

Spell Incantations

Ruining the Moment

How many of each minor artifact are there?

How Fast Pull a Cart up a Zip line?

What god do werebears follow?

Monk's wisdom armor

Chaotic Neutral: Roleplaying Intelligently?

What would a horrid wilting victim look like?

101 Ways to Derail an Adventure Path.

Mage armor questions.

Evolving monsters and where to find them

remote psychic casting

Why are alchemist bombs (su)?

Dog Race in Pathfinder?

Rebuilding the NPC Classes

What does channel positive / negative energy actually look like when used?

Your favorite archetypes?

What songs make you think of Pathfinder / DND?

Riddle me this: What happens when an (PFRPG) Android / Wizard casts Anti-Technology Field??

Why do almost all evil gods allow neutral clerics?

I’m on the autism spectrum. Can somebody explain to me how true dragons with an actual Caster Level have a 10 or higher in Int without having crafting feats?

Long story short: Android dies naturally (body shuts down and soul passes on), new soul inhabits body, someone casts true resurrection on old soul. What happens?

Jury Rigging The Alchemist

Any chance for a Pathfinder Spell Compendium or similar products?

What a game mechanic from Pathfinder and / or DND you've always disliked?

Info on Star Towers

Ideas for character theme music

Non-Core Races

Who rules Leng?

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