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FAQ System

What would be the net worth of an eidolon evolution point?

Can an intelligent animal “speak with animals”?

Scratch paper?

How does color spray actually work?

Whats the longest fight you ever had?

Deific obediences

Are there any adventures that are good vs good or good vs neutral?

"Boy Scout" type character idea.

Dog Race in Pathfinder?

Housing in Pathfinder

Improvised Weapons + Catch-off-guard

Who's the most evil god?

A Paladin and Antipaladin meet each other on the street: what happens?

Actual survival rules for the Plane of Fire

What is alchemist's fire anyway?

Faking surrender?

How do you ask someone in game what class they are?

+2 screaming bolt

How do you determine the properties of an artifact

GM question: Making a trading post interesting

Monastic Legacy - Design flaw or intent?

How can you tell if an item is cursed?

Another death spell question

Can wish or miracle do this?

Arcane sight: what do magic auras look like?

What class / build makes the best Lich?

Is there a pre-written adventure that is non-combat?

Why is finger of death called that?

Question about power word kill / stun etc

Ideas for character theme music

Magic Tattoos

Does fast healing stop bleed damage?

Alignment Question

Why is arcane spell failure a thing?

what do potions taste like?

Spell Incantations

How do I calculate damage per turn?

Funny and effective builds

Can a creature tell if something poisons it?

Whats the average AC by CR for monsters?

Building Dr. Jones' Notebook as a Quest (Need help)

What god do medusas follow?

Rules variants and minimum range for ranged attacks

Tribal / Orc / Goblin Cities in Pathfinder

Emerald Spire Level 7: the Shrine of the Awakener

What turned Zon-Kuthon evil in the first place?

Words of Power

Taniniver backstory?

Who's your least favorite god?

Why is there no disease domain?

Archives of Nethys 2.0

What's the happiest you ever felt killing a monster / badguy?

How to play a cleric of Asmodeous?

Where is Vermin Shape III ?

Character idea: good necromancer

Overpowered for the end.

Where do animals go when they die?

[Closed] Has it gotten more quiet here since PF2?

Kind of a silly question but

Rule you never see used though it is RAW

Awaken animal / construct question

Fear not! I will "Remove" your invisibility with a knife... -__-

Ever feel bad for a monster?

When Death Doesn't Mean Death Anymore

designing encounters with mobs

Would appreciate some help

Musings on the Abyssium Reactor of Falheart

Pathfinder kingmaker. What's your party like?

Druids and undead

Jiskan Artificer With Constructed Pugilist Dip

My horses keep dying. What do?

What happens if you cast charm on yourself?

How do one gender races reproduce?

d20pfsrd vs Archives of Nethys?

Bagiennik Nasal Spray Range?

How would would you RP a duergar?

any items that let you see through fog / mist / smoke?

Swashbuckler archetype that gives Magus class abilities?

Pathfinder Reference Document conversion to LaTeX (then to PDF)

Book of the Damned versus the 3 paperbacks

Turning Minor Rules into Major Character Traits

Wealth by level accuracy?

Kaiju fights, human comets and other weirdness...

How to redeem Arazni?

Let's talk alchemist sand bomb

Warrior Poet looks like a fun and interesting Samurai archetype

Monster Advancer

Character falls below starting age for his race?

Something I've always wanted to ask but keep forgetting.

How many times can you use a metamagic rod?

What god do werebears follow?

Pathfinder sales?

[Closed] Are bards better in Pathfinder?

Do you show players monster pictures?

Soulbound Puppet - the best ability ever?

When the switch to 2E happens, what will happen to ?

Dominate Monster and Bards?

demon steed

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