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Classes: Cleric, Druid, and Paladin

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Errata and Typos (Cleric, Druid, and Paladin)

Welcome to the Divine Playtest

[Design Focus] Paladin Upgrade

[Design Focus] Animal Companions

Paladin Spells: Wisdom or Charisma

Paladin smite evil. How does it interact with critical hits?

Druid Buffing Houserule

Druid Wildshape , benefits of Huge while staying small / medium

Converting Domains from other settings to PFRPG

Druid - Sample Build and exploration of the new Wild Shape

Knight Class (Replace the Paladin)

Why are druids so weak?

Might of the Gods Power ought to apply to escaping Grapples

How Much Does Channel Energy Affect Overall Healing?

Channel Energy Thoughts: Change Needed and Should It Be A Spell?

Beast Shape IV, am I missing it?

Druids and wild shape

Paladin DR vs. evil only?

Divine Bond Question

My take on Channel Energy

Nature's bond, Or -> And

Druid Wildshape Nerf

Wildshape changes you creature type ?

A Couple Things On Channeling

Cleric / Paladin - Alignment Aura Change?

Cleric - Hand of the Acolyte

Cleric / paladin - Channel Energy and saving throws

[druid] T-Rex vs Megaraptor

[Druid] - DCs for wild shape abilities

[Paladin] Lay-on-hands - Semantics change?

New Druid class feature idea

Cleric of Death and channel energy

Some spells to add to the paladin spell list

Low level Paladins able to use spellcasting based magic items?

High level druids need additional class features

Healing Abilities for Druids and Bards

Domain Issues: Detect Magic? Obscuring Mist?

Quick question on Cleric domain abilities

animal companion and wild shape

Scalykind and Void Domains, Pathfinderized

Beefing up the Stabilize cantrip

Druidy questions

Paladin - My vision....

Clerics' healing surge--too powerful?

How many GP would you pay for a Channel Energy?

Clerics and spells known.

question on the druid companion

Paladin Suggestions

Cleric - Filling out the Levels. . .

So... Who's going to get stuck playing the cleric?

Channeling negative energy

Alternatives to Animal Companions Are Not Up to Par

Two suggestions to make clerics 10x better - at least!

Channel Energy and Turn Resistance

Druids need to lose something, the question is what

Favored Soul

Chanel Energy

[ABILITY] - Aura of Good? Poll Question.

Unearthed Arcana conversions

[Cleric] Question on Artificer's Touch

[Channel Energy] Holding undead at bay

Diminutive Wildshape + Natural Spell need help

Animal Growth Questions

[Proposal] Familiar Advancement Idea

Making room for the Blackguard:

Channel Energy - Tweaking

Cleric God....

[Cleric] Updated OGL Domains

Channel Positive / Negative Energy: More Uses per Day, but Weaker Effect per Use

Primate forms and other goodies

Ocean Making

Clerics - Domains and Spell-Like Abilities

KEJR's Playtest Observations: Paladins just "not advancing"?

Nature Bond Options

Spontaneous Casting and Domain Spells

[Cleric][Paladin] Change the mechanic of this class.

Paladin - From the DM's eyes.

Commanding Undead

[Cleric] Capstone

Complete paladin rewrite. Written from the combined efforts of....


[Spellcasters] Flavor of Magic (Arcane, Divine, Nature)

The Old??? Class of the Ghost Walker

Channeling and evil outsiders.

Comparisons: Cleric, Druid & Paladin

Druid - Casting spells in wild shape = Die, Natural Spell! Die! Die! Die!

Alignment restrictions to paladins

[Domain] and [Reserve] feats, Domains for non-Clerics.

Paladin of Erastil

Cleric - Domain Analysis and Suggestions

Paladin Spellcasting -What to do?

Paladin - Holy Channeling instead of Channel Energy at 4th level

Paladin - Divine Bond for shield?

Paladin - Spontaneous casting from whole list

Domain Powers revisited

Helping Distinguish the Holy Warrior

Paladin - I'm not stepping on your toes! I deserve a place to stand too!

Channel Other Types of Energy

Channeling Negative Energy

Possible to add evil cleric to added damage for smite evil?

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