The Ultimate Faeries Kickstarter From Legendary Games Ends Today!

Wedneday, November 30, 2022

The Ultimate Faeries Kickstarter from Legendary Games is heading into its final hours, featuring Faerie Campaigns and the Faerie Bestiary for Pathfinder Second Edition and DnD 5E!

Ultimate Fairies Kickstarter: Fairie Bestiary cover and interior mock up

The Faerie Bestiary is a massive tome of over 200 faerie creatures to challenge characters of every level. You'll find true fey like fauns and dryads, gremlins and hags, alongside similar creatures from living topiary and moss trolls to wildwood dragons, angelic azatas, cruel daemons and devils of love and despair, and sinister spirits like unseelie banshee queens and animate dreams.

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Ultimate Fairies Kickstarter: Fairie Campaigns cover and interior mock up

Faerie Campaigns is a terrific toolkit to incorporate fey into your campaign, transforming it into a wild world of magic, mystery, and more

  • Fey bargains, relationships, and weirdling influences on the mortal world!
  • Three complete adventures: the whimsical Into the Feyweald, the savage barbarian epic Cold Mountain, and a deadly chase in Horns of the Hunted!
  • Fey and wilderness spells and treasures, from bloodspear and call woodland beings to the scout's spyglass and staff of the fey queen!
  • Dozens of character options, including archetypes, feats, class features, and more, including feral companions, faerie friends, and fey hunters!
  • Ready-to-use NPCs with detailed histories and personalities, perfect as allies, rivals, or playable PCs.
  • And much, much more!

Ultimate Fairies Kickstarter: Fairie Bestiary, Faire Campaigns, and Forest Kingdom cover mock ups with different characters surrounding them

Pathfinder RPG fans can get the Faerie Bestiary Companion, bringing PF2 fey creatures to PF1 along with other rare and unusual fey. Plus, grab the fabulous Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium, complete with adventures, class options, magic items, spells, and player and GM tools for faerie bargains, fey relationships, and incorporating the weirdness of the fey and how their presence warps the weft of the world; and so much more!

These books are perfect companions for the Kingmaker Adventure Path, and we have awesome additions to kingdom-building and mass combat! The amazing Ultimate Kingdoms for PF1 and 5E contains over 300 pages of expanded kingdom rules, warfare, strongholds, intrigue, and so much more, with a companion card deck. PF2 fans can get the brand-new Ultimate Rulership PF2, all created by the same authors that wrote the official PF1 kingdom rules in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign and the new PF2 rules in Kingmaker!

Regardless of your favorite system, we also are creating STL minis and plastic pawns to use at the table, and VTT support is already in the works for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Foundry!

Best of all, these books are not just done being written; they're already nearly ready! The Faerie Bestiary (PF2 and 5E), Ultimate Kingdoms (PF1 and 5E), and Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium (PF1) are done and ready to send PDFs and go to print, while the other books are in editing and layout! Whether you’re a Kingmaker fan or just want to enhance your own PF1, PF2, or 5E campaign into the fey realms and forest deeps, we hope you will join us for Ultimate Faeries!

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