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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

One of the things I love seeing while browsing through the internet, is seeing folks creating Pathfinder and Starfinder content. And from all of my years assisting and even creating live-play shows and content for thousands of eyes to see, I know the amount of work that goes into making these shows. Especially for Tabletop RPG live-play shows such as Pungeon Crawl. So to see amazing people spend that much time making content for our games is truly heartwarming for us at Paizo. And when we get time we like to spotlight people in our community who do a great job supporting and showing off how great our games and community can be.

BBWolfe has been absolutely stellar at providing her audience and ours with Starfinder content, and we would like to encourage fans of Starfinder to support BBWolfe as she takes her live-play show to new heights during this Year of the Crit!

You can find her streaming Starfinder every week 5:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. Pacific time zone on her twitch channel. We will be hosting her on Paizo’s Official Twitch Channel for those wishing to keep all of your Tabletop RPG content in one place.

Further on is a description of the show in her words for those interested.

— Payton Smith, Social Media Producer

Pungeon Crawl’s newest season, “Legally Distinct,” asks the question “What if the Starfinder Universe had a beloved set of Saturday morning action stars, and everything was real*?” The Deep Space Defenders certainly have a power that you’ve never seen before--a team of real* heroes who work together to even the score against any foe. Backed up by the beloved* Junior Deep Space Defenders (The Crawlers), a team newly minted to follow in their footsteps, surely no one can ever take them down.

Every week is a new live-play adventure following the Junior DSDs as they make their way through their steps as understudies to become real* super starheroes. They’ve just taken up their first real outing with the Deep Space Defenders: a mission to escort a diplomatic team for negotiations with a newly discovered civilization. But when a mysterious distress signal is detected, the Deep Space Defenders set aside even this important mission, for what kind of real* super starhero could say no to a call for help?

Where will the Junior Deep Space Defenders stand when those heroes disappear suddenly into the drift? The worlds of Gamemaster Kapperson’s design will call to the crew of the StarJumper soon. With the brave* leadership* of the Human Envoy “Captain Duke Raylan” (Fish), the consistent* encouragement* of the Espraksa Envoy “Livven” (Bailey), the legally* accredited* medical nurturing of the Spathinae Mystic “Durasa Commonality” (Nate), and the proportionally* appropriate skills of the SRO Operative “GR-3Y” (Wing), surely the power must lie on their side.

It won’t be the only thing lying.

Tune in to twitch.tv/bbwolfe every week on Wednesdays at 8 Eastern/5 Pacific for the continuation of the Pungeon Crawl to follow along with the crew’s misadventures.

*Deep Space Defenders and its parent company ABADAR CORPORATION are not responsible for non-actualization of attempted heroics. Any action sequences may or may not involve compensated parties. Leadership, Encouragement, and Proportionality are proprietary measures endorsed only by ABADAR CORPORATION. The legality of the medical advice given by “D-Com” is not the responsibility of Deep Space Defenders or its parent company ABADAR CORPORATION. Acknowledgement of status as a hero does not imply actualization of heroic deeds. Chad from legal says, “Hello.”

@BBWolfeVox on Twitter

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Hey that's us!

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Watched a bit of the intro tonite (sadly, I couldn't stay for more).

These folks seemed to be having fun & I absolutely love bbwolfe's voice.

I'll likely be back for more.

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still waiting for "Sarenrae After Dark"...

Sovereign Court

Where's the puns?

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

Very cool sounding - gonna have to check this out!

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