New on YouTube: The First Episode of Oblivion Oath and More!

Saturday April 6, 2019

Oblivion Oath Episode 1:

The Boat Party

Catch up on Paizo's live-play of Pathfinder Second Edition kicked off with episode 1! The PCs found themselves on a barge, floating around Lake Encarthan. Overall, things were going great... except for a few undead.

Oblivion Oath is:
GM - Jason Bulmahn (@JasonBulmahn)
Mikah - Katina Davis (@KatinaLee13)
Zel - Gabe Waluconis
Carina - Sara Marie (@charmedneedle)
Qundle - Owen K.C. Stephens (@Owen_Stephens)

Character art by @PxelSlayer.

Witchwood Harp by Benjamin Loomes; Syrinscape Music.
Used With Permission.

You can continue to catch up with the replay of episode 2 on our Twitch channel today at 3 p.m. Pacific, where some of the players should be in the chat. Then you are set to join us live on this Thursday at noon Pacific to watch what happens next!

Pathfinder Friday:

Treerazer and the History of Elves vs Demons! (Pathfinder #40)

We broke down the history of elves vs demons on Golarion with Pathfinder Creative Director James Jacobs. We also talked about a dangerous demon with a penchant for destroying trees, named Treerazer. We even had a little preview of the artwork that will be in the Pathfinder Second Edition Bestiary!

Intro/Outro Music From The Pathfinder Legends Audio Dramas from Big Finish.

Pathfinder Friday streams live every Friday at 4pm Pacific on our Twitch channel,

Starfinder Wednesday:

What Didn't Make it into the Beginner Box? (Starfinder #31)

When creating the Starfinder Beginner Box, the team knew that some tough decisions needed to be made: What wouldn't make the cut from the Starfinder Core Rulebook? On this Starfinder Wednesday, we talked to Creative Director Robert G. McCreary and Developer Joe Pasini to get their thoughts on the Beginner Box and why they cut certain things before the finished product.

Crystal Frasier, Author of Soldiers of Brass (Starfinder #32)

The one and only Crystal Frasier was in the studio to talk about writing the second volume of the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path! We also got into some hot tips to help with writing, ways to get into writing RPGs, and SO MUCH MORE! It's an awesome show full of super-fun!

Intro/Outro Music From The Pathfinder Legends Audio Dramas from Big Finish.

We stream Starfinder Wednesday every Wednesday on at 4pm Pacific.

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I think I'm developing a Twitch problem. My calendar now has the regular shows blocked off.

Thanks for the music credits. Very useful.

Paizo Employee Director of Game Design

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And the replay of Episode 2 is happening right now on Twitch, with some of the cast watching along!

You can watch it here!

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Excellent roundup, thank you!

Re: OO
My calendar is also blocked out. I cannot watch in real time because of work, but been watching it Thursday evening. Kudos to Jason & Co!

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