It's the Iconic Samurai: Hayato!

Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 12:59 PM Pacific

Seattle Venture Captain Kyle Elliot as the Iconic Samurai Hayato! Kyle wanted to make sure I gave a shout out to the folks that helped construct this amazing cosplay, Attention Span Garb and Paizo's resident cosplayer and customer service rep, Erik Keith.

Kyle won't be participating in our costume contest, but *you* can!
Make sure to stop by the Paizo booth and have a blue shirted Paizo employee take your picture and get your email address! Remember, your costume needs to be from Pathfinder artwork (example: not just a bard, but specifically Lem; not just a fancy dressed lady, but specifically The Spymaster).

And if you aren't at Gen Con but have pictures of cosplay, send them to and we'll put them in our special cosplay photo album on Facebook! Include you name as you want it to appear for credit, the person/monster/thing you are cosplaying and let us know if you we're at a special event or convention when the picture was taken!

Happy costuming!

Sara Marie
Customer Service Dire Carebear Manager

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Wait is there anything Kyle can't make awesome?

Liberty's Edge

I missed the iconics on parade, but my friend texted me that it was awesome. Looking forward to more coverage of the costume contest.

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