The Price of Freedom

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Illustration by Grafit Studio

The next installment of the Pathfinder Modules line, Broken Chains, is set to release this month, and a lot of you have been asking on the messageboards about how well this module fits into a Legacy of Fire game, particularly while pairing it with Pathfinder Adventure Path #21: The Jackal's Price. As it turns out, Broken Chains is a perfect fit for PCs playing through the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, and can easily be incorporated into the campaign as an expansion to The Jackal's Price, building upon the urban intrigue set forth in the adventure and being highly compatible with that volume's article on the markets of Katapesh.

While GMs will hardly find it difficult to combine the perils of Broken Chains with the events of The Jackal's Price, here are a couple suggestions for readers hoping to run both adventures in concert.

  • Adjusting CRs: Broken Chains is designed for 6th-level PCs, whereas PCs playing through the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path should be 7th level by the time they start The Jackal's Price. Increasing the quantity of enemies per encounter throughout Broken Chains can easily increase the difficulty of combat. If the PCs are still 6th level by the time they start playing through The Jackal's Price, all the better, since running this module before delving into that volume's content is a snap. Alternatively, since 6th-level PCs likely gain a level near the end of the module, many of the foes fought throughout the latter half of Broken Chains are perfectly suited for 7th-level characters—making it easy to simply skip the first half of the adventure and go into the harder stuff.
  • Incorporating the Nightstalls: The first part of Broken Chains takes place in a slave auctioning house known as the Garden of Chains, located on the outskirts of the Twilight Gate district in Katapesh. While the auction house's nefarious wares are solicited primarily during the day, it wouldn't be hard to incorporate the gritty nature of the Nightstalls (described in detail starting on page 58 of The Jackal's Price) into this establishment, further lending it an air of cruelty and unjustness. If Broken Chains would likely be too easy for your group of expert players, plunging the events of the auction house into darkness can certainly make for a more challenging visit!
  • Incorporating NPCs: The Jackal's Price and Broken Chains are both rife with new and interesting NPCs that can easily be dropped into either adventure. From brooding slave hunters and crazed pesh addicts to undercover Andoran agents and monstrous slavers, the personages encountered throughout Broken Chains make perfect accompaniments to those in a Legacy of Fire campaign and vice-versa.

Broken Chains is sure to win the hearts of anyone who appreciates an adventure rife with vigilante justice, dungeon delving, and Katapeshi lore. For even more information on the trade capital of eastern Garund, be sure to check out Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Dark Markets, A Guide to Katapesh and the entire Legacy of Fire Adventure Path while getting ready for this highly anticipated Tim Hitchcock adventure!

Patrick Renie

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Grand Lodge

Bueno! Thank you!

Sadly, one of my LoF players signed up to play this as a PFS module at an upcoming convention... So that pretty much dashes my plans of incorporating the two together.

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 4

This is cool. This is just where our Legacy of Fire campaign is at.

(I am a player for once).

I'll have to bring it to the GM's attention.

"The price of freedom is steep..."

I HAVE to pick this up, as I'm running LoF now! We're about to finish HotCK, so I'll have plenty of time to read this thoroughly and make tokens =) How easy would it be to convert it to 3.5, though, as that's what we're playing in?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

I'll pick this up at some point too, now. I don't know when I'll play "LoF" if ever, but I like having modules that can be used to expand APs. More options can only be a good thing. :)

Paizo Employee Developer

El Ronza wrote:
I HAVE to pick this up, as I'm running LoF now! We're about to finish HotCK, so I'll have plenty of time to read this thoroughly and make tokens =) How easy would it be to convert it to 3.5, though, as that's what we're playing in?

This won't be the easiest module to convert to 3.5 since it makes use of several non-core classes (namely the inquisitor and the oracle), but I imagine that beyond rebuilding these NPCs, converting from PF to 3.5 should be no more difficult than converting 3.5 material into PF.
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Do we have an ETA from the PFS developers on the date that this'll be sanctioned for PFS play (or if it won't be for some reason)?

Paizo Employee Developer

The Pathfinder Society Additional Resources list is scheduled to be updated a week from tomorrow, on March 27. At that time, we plan to make Broken Chains legal for play within the campaign, and will have a Chronicle sheet available for download both from the module's product page and from the Additional Resources list itself.

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