You Can't Keep a Good Kobold Down

Monday, May 5, 2008

In Revenge of the Kobold King the PCs once again find themselves facing perilous death in Darkmoon Vale, but this time they are working for a man as dangerous as any monster prowling the shadowy forest.

Thuldrin Kreed, by far the most powerful of Darkmoon Vale's lumber barons has long ruled Falcon's Hollow with a clenched fist, feeding on the misery of its common folk. When some undetermined and insidious force menaces his interests in the vale and leaves a camp of lumberjacks slaughtered in the night, Kreed requires a band of brave fools to deal with the threat.

Interested in the job? Have a little chat with Thuldrin Kreed, Gavel of the Lumber Consortium:

"We all know I'm a mean ol' bastard. I bleed these men and women for all they've got, but I pay them square, and there ain't no chains on their wrists. You think I don't care about these men? Then you're a fool. I need them. Sure I may grind these men to paste with years of back-breaking toil, but whatever's out there now is killing em. Nobody's puts a knife to my men but me. You go out there and get what did this. I'll not have my men slaughtered like pigs.

"Boss Teedum's going with you to make sure you succeed. I do not trust a task like this to outsiders alone. Those men deserve justice that's for certain, but more importantly I'm not about to let anything threaten my interests in the Vale. If you fail, get your bowels opened on a blade, find yourself between a monster's jaws, or just plain loose the steel in your spine, Pay Day's there to pick up what you drop and see it through. I'm not laying down for monsters, stumpy dwarf ghosts or the prancing fey. This Vale is mine, and I'll keep it. I'll burn the whole gods-be-damned forest to ash before I let someone take it from me."

Revenge of the Kobold King is a 16-page full-color Pathfinder Module that will be Paizo's offering at Free RPG Day on June 21. Revenge is the sequel to Paizo's first-ever module, Crown of the Kobold King. To see if your local store is a participating retailer, visit

Shortly after Free RPG Day, Revenge of the Kobold King will be available for sale in print and as a free PDF, exclusively at

Nicolas Logue
Organized Play Coordinator & author of Revenge of the Kobold King

Joshua J. Frost
Director of Sales & Marketing

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