DM Brainiac's Kingmaker 2E: Table 2

Game Master Brainiac

Influence: Amiri 8/8, Ekundayo 5/8, Harrim 2/6, Jaethal 2/8, Linzi 8/8, Nok-Nok 1/12, Tristian 0/8, Valerie 6/8

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NPC Influence:
Amiri: Influence 8/8

Amiri is a tall and muscular human woman, clad in a mix of animal skins, leathers, and battle-scarred hide armor. She wears a massive greatsword in a leather scabbard across her back.
Discovery: Perception, Society, Warfare Lore
Influence Skills: Athletics (to physically impress Amiri), Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation (to show Amiri you’re not afraid of her), Performance, Survival (to show Amiri that you’re capable in the wilds)

Ekundayo: Influence 5/8
Discovery: Hunting Lore, Nature, Perception
Influence Skills: Crafting (to appeal to Ekundayo’s sense of artisanship), Deception, Diplomacy, Giant Lore (to show Ekundayo you know much of his favored enemies), Intimidation, Survival (to impress Ekundayo with your ability to get along in the wild)

Harrim: Influence 1/6

Harrim is a middle-aged dwarf cleric with a bald head and a long, salt-and-pepper beard. He wears a religious symbol of Groetus, God of the End Times.
Discovery: Dwarven Lore, Perception, Religion
Influence Skills: Deception, Diplomacy, Dwarven Lore (to talk about dwarven history with Harrim), Groetus Lore (to speak to Harrim knowledgeably about his faith), Performance, Religion (to impress upon Harrim your own faith)

Jaethal: Influence 2/8

Jaethal is deathly pale and wears dark clothing. Her raven-black hair is long, and she has no jewelry. Leaning against the table next to her is a massive, wickedly sharp scythe.
Discovery: Perception, Religion, Urgathoa Lore
Influence Skills: Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation (to impress Jaethal with your fearsome nature), Performance, Religion (to show Jaethal you have strong faith), Urgathoa Lore (to impress Jaethal with knowledge about her goddess)

Linzi: Influence 8/8

Linzi is a young halfling woman wearing leather armor and a weather-worn cloak. She keeps a large leather-bound journal in front of her, into which she sketches profile images of everyone present at the table and scribbles occasional notes and verses for tunes she’ll never finish.
Discovery: Occultism, Perception, Society
Influence Skills: Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Performance (to delight Linzi's artistic sense), Occultism (to show off the breadth of your esoteric knowledge), Performance (to delight Linzi's artistic sense)

Nok-Nok: Influence 1/12

Discovery: Goblin Lore, Religion, Perception
Influence Skills: Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Religion (to use knowledge about Lamashtu to show Nok-Nok that the Demon Queen is not the best deity to follow if one wants to become a hero), Thievery (to share with Nok-Nok some advice on how to disarm traps or use thieving skills for good rather than evil), Underworld Lore (to “talk shop” with Nok-Nok about underhanded practices)

Tristian: Influence 0/8

Discovery: Perception, Religion, Sarenrae Lore
Influence Skills: Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Medicine (to trade information on best practices and traditions in caregiving), Religion (to show Tristian the depth of your own faith and beliefs), Sarenrae Lore (to share stories of recovery and redemption or to join him in prayer)

Valerie: Influence 6/8

Valerie is a tall, exceptionally beautiful woman with striking blue eyes and a warrior’s physique.
Discovery: Perception, Society, Warfare Lore
Influence Skills: Deception, Diplomacy (to act properly and impress Valerie with your decorum), Intimidation, Society (to speak pleasantly upon current events), Warfare Lore (to compare notes on fighting styles or chat about military history)

Active Quests:
The Stag Lord

Slay the Stag Lord and thus disrupt the organized bandit activity in the Greenbelt.

Completion: Restov must have confirmation of the Stag Lord’s defeat—if his body is not available as proof, his helm will do. Alternately, an agent of the swordlords will travel to Oleg’s Trading Post to personally confirm the banditry has been addressed.

Reward: 200 gp, plus a new charter to settle land and establish a kingdom in the Greenbelt

Find Falgrim

A Varisian mercenary who worked with Kesten Garess months ago, Falgrim Sneeg robbed Kesten’s group and fled into the Greenbelt to become a bandit. Kesten hopes to catch him alive and return him to Restov for punishment.

Completion: Capture Falgrim Sneeg, alive if possible.

Reward: Kesten can arrange a reward of three common +1 weapons of the capturer’s choice if Falgrim is delivered alive. If he’s delivered dead, Kesten can only promise one +1 weapon.

Oleg's Trophy

The way everyone talks about tatzlwyrms, one might think they’re everywhere. This isn’t the case; they’re actually quite rare. A tatzlwyrm head would be a great conversation piece at Oleg’s, so he has promised a reward for anyone who can deliver one.

Completion: Slay a tatzlwyrm and bring back its head intact.

Reward: Oleg promises his 5 lover’s knots for the tatzlwyrm head.

Wanted: Tuskgutter

Every Greenbelt hunter has a story about Tuskgutter, the nastiest boar in the Greenbelt. Whoever manages to kill the ill-tempered beast will earn a nice reward from the retired hunter Vekkel Benzen, who lost his leg to the monster pig a year ago.

Completion: Deliver Tuskgutter’s head to Oleg’s so Vekkel can spit in that dirty pig’s eye!

Reward: Vekkel has promised his composite longbow and three beacon shot arrows to whoever can kill Tuskgutter. He also promises to share the delicious head cheese he plans to make out of this trophy.