DM Fang Dragon's: War for the Crown

Game Master FangDragon

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Ever since young Prince Carrius II died in a riding accident the question of who will succeed Grand Prince Stavian III has kept loyal Taldans awake at night. Attempts at resurrection failed and Stavian separated from his wife Etroffe and refused to remarry, leaving no direct male heir. After Stavian would the crown really pass to a distant and untested cousin? What of Princess Eutropia, his estranged daughter, could she beat the odds and change the law of succession?

Cyrene: Charm 1 Subterfuge 1
Lope: Genius 1 Heroism 1
Valeria: Charm 1 Sacrifice 1
Julia: Charm 1 Heroism 1
Triphylla: Charm 1 Heroism 1

Influence checks:

Bartleby 2/10
Dame Crabbe 2/5
Barron Okerra 5/5
Onora Piscum 4/4
Baroness Voinum 7/7

House rules etc:

1. Beards: Lets adopt Pelligrina's suggestion that its a fading thing amongst the aristocracy - although its still on the law books, it just isn't enforced.

2. Garden of delight: Reflavor, so that relations are not required. Got a long while before this becomes a thing anyway.

3. Emanations: Removed, Conceal Spell is a free spell if you have any of the skill pre-requistes. Hexes are hard to notice (requires a perception check), requires Kn: Arcarna to identify (DC 15 for first tier, DC 20 for second tier, DC 25 for the third tier of hexes). Requires an opposed sense motive check to work out who hexed somebody.