[AP] Iron Gods by GM Rutseg

Game Master Balacertar


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Iron Gods Player's Guide
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* Learn more about Unity
* Locate Casandalee's neurocam and AI core devices
* Reunite with Baine and Meyanda
* Find allies to depose the rule of the Technic League
* Fight the Dominion of the Black

Chapter 1: Fires of Creation by Neil Spicer (January 2022)
Chapter 2: Lords of Rust by Nicolas Logue (July 2022)
Interlude 2-3: Torch's Grasp by GM Rutseg (May 2023)
Chapter 3: The Choking Tower by Ron Lundeen (July 2023)


Sarenrae's blessing
The Dawnflower gave a cure serious wounds blessing to each character after saving Aldronard's ghost.
Chaance (1/1):
Rhoreen (1/1):
Rūha (1/1):
Yambul (0/1): healed his bruises from the Chocking Tower riot suppressors
Zzvkgrogk (1/1):

Hero Points
Level 7

Chaance (1/3): reboot the habitat module like a hero, recover gravity bow to fight Hellion, cheat death at the Aurora

Rhoreen (3/3): to suck Vrilledt the Vegepygmy's chieftain, recover glitterdust to fight Hellion

Rūha (3/3): to identify a shiny proximity helmet, attempt autograpnel Kulgara, resist the warden's robot infrasonic field

Yambul (2/3): endured the bright eyes of a blindheim, strike hard on Hetuath the Kasatha zombi, sense Garmen's attitude, trash an alien skeleton, finish Kulgara the Lord's of Rust leader

Zzvkgrogk (3/3): Diplo-fluence Garmen, recover cure moderate to fight Hellion, resist the warden's robot infrasonic field

Scrapworth: 10
- Entering Scrapwall without a fight: 1
- Defeating the Smilers: 1
- Defeating Birdfood: 1
- Letting Birdfood's orcs escape with word of your deeds: 1
- Truce with the Steel Hawks: 1
- Allying Redtooth: 1
- Defeating manticore: 1
- Removing the wreck haunt: 1
- Blasting the receiver array: 1
- Winning the Arena: Maxed Scrapworth!