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Game Master Doug Hahn

To the slideshow!

King in Thorns slideshow!

Hello and welcome to this corner of Gameday X.
We will be taking part in the multi-table special King in Thorns.
This is a Tier 7-8 table.

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Male N Umbral Gnome Ranger 7|HP 99/99|AC 24|Fort +13 Ref +14 Will +13|Peception +15 (Darkvision)|30ft Move|Exploration Activity: Scout (Scout Dedication +2 Initiative)

Is there any information that you need ahead of time?

King in Thorns slideshow!

I will see how I handle that, and what forms or whatever to fill out (I'm still preparing all the slides and such).

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Hi folks! Just an FYI, your regularly-scheduled GM has had to step back from GMing this table. Not to worry, though: GM DougH has agreed to step in!

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Hi everyone!,

We are moving the gameplay thread here.

Please dot in there and post. I also have all the sign-in info you need ready to go.

In the meantime, I will request that this thread be marked inactive, but CS might not get to it in the coming days. Once we're all moved there I will remove your characters from this campaign.

Please let me know in the other thread if you have any questions.

— Doug

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