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Algrim Panaryn


Male N Umbral Gnome Ranger 7|HP 99/99|AC 24|Fort +13 Ref +14 Will +13|Peception +15 (Darkvision)|30ft Move|Exploration Activity: Scout (Scout Dedication +2 Initiative)

About Algrim Panaryn

Male Gnome (Umbral Gnome) Martial Disciple Ranger 7
N Humanoid (Gnome)
Senses Perception +15 (Darkvision)
Languages Common, Gnome and
Speed 30 Feet
HP: 99 AC: 24
Fort: +13 Will: +13 Reflex: +14
Melee [one-action] +1 Striking Dagger +16 2d4+6 Piercing
Melee [one-action] +1 Striking Hatchet +16 2d6+6 Slashing
Melee [one-action] +1 Striking Cold Iron (Low-Grade) Light Hammer +16 2d6+6 Bludgeoning
Melee [one-action] Bloodletting Kukri +16 2d6+6 Slashing (1d8 Persistant Bleed on a Crit)
Skills Acrobatics(M) +15 Arcana(U) +1 Athletics(T) +13 Crafting(U) +1 Deception(T) +12 Diplomacy(T) +12 Intimidation(U) +3 Pathfinder Society(M) +14 Warfare Lore(M) +14 Medicine(E) +14 Nature(T) +11 Occultism(U) +1 Performance(U) +3 Religion(U) +2 Society(T) +10 Stealth(T) +9 Survival(T) +11 Thievery(U) +1
Str18 Dex12 Con14 Int12 Wis14 Cha16
Ancestry Abilities - First World Magic, Gnome Obsession
Class Feats - Twin Takedown, Quickdraw, Disrupt Prey, Scout Dedication
Skill Feats - Quick Jump, Battle Medicine, Skill Training, Scouts Warning, Cat Fall
General Feats - Toughness, Fleet
Class Features - Hunt Prey, Iron Will, Trackless Step, Weapon Expertise, Evasion, Vigilant Senses, Weapon Specialization
Worn - Chainmail, Winter Clothes, Explorer's Clothes, Doubling Rings, Aeon Stone (Pearly White Spindle)
Weapons - Dagger x2, Light Hammer, Cold Iron Light Hammer, Hatchet, +1 Striking Hatchet, Bloodletting Kukri
Stowed - Healing Potions (Minor), Healing Potions (Lesser), Elixer of Life x2, Healer's Tools, Adventurer's Pack, Silversheen, Wayfinder of Rescue, Healer's Gloves, Antidote (Lesser) x2, Antiplague (Lesser) x2, Bag of Holding I, Braclet of Dashing, Boots of Elvenkind, Necklace of Fireballs II, Cloak of Elvenkind

-Healer’s Tools: This kit of bandages, herbs, and suturing tools is necessary for Medicine checks to Administer First Aid, Treat a Disease, Treat a Poison, or Treat Wounds.
-Adventurer's Pack: backpack (containing the other goods), bedroll, two belt pouches, 10 pieces of chalk, flint and steel, 50 feet of rope, 2 weeks’ rations, soap, 5 torches, and a waterskin.
Aeon Stone (Pearly White Spindle): When you invest this aeon stone, it slowly starts healing your wounds, restoring 1 HP every minute.
-Doubling Rings: This item consists of two magically linked rings: an intricate, gleaming golden ring with a square-cut ruby, and a thick, plain iron ring. When you wield a melee weapon in the hand wearing the golden ring, the weapon’s fundamental runes are replicated onto any melee weapon you wield in the hand wearing the iron ring. (The fundamental runes are weapon potency and striking, which add an item bonus to attack rolls and extra weapon damage dice, respectively.) Any fundamental runes on the weapon in the hand wearing the iron ring are suppressed. The replication functions only if you wear both rings, and it ends as soon as you cease wielding a melee weapon in one of your hands. Consequently, the benefit doesn’t apply to thrown attacks or if you’re holding a weapon but not wielding it (such as holding in one hand a weapon that requires two hands to wield).
-Healers Gloves: These clean, white gloves never show signs of blood, even when used to stitch up wounds or treat other ailments. They give you a +1 item bonus to Medicine checks. Activate Single Action Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You can soothe the wounds of a willing, living, adjacent creature, restoring 2d6+7 Hit Points to that creature. This is a positive healing effect. You can't harm undead with this healing.
-Wayfinder of Rescue: As a standard wayfinder, but once per day you can activate it to cast heal on a creature other than yourself, using either the one-action or two-action version of heal as a 1st-level spell.
-Bag of Holding I: Though it appears to be a cloth sack decorated with panels of richly colored silk or stylish embroidery, a bag of holding opens into an extradimensional space larger than its outside dimensions. The Bulk held inside the bag doesn't change the Bulk of the bag of holding itself. The amount of Bulk the bag's extradimensional space can hold depends on its type. You can Interact with the bag of holding to stow items in it or remove them just like a mundane sack. Though the bag can hold a great amount of material, an object still needs to be able to fit through the opening of the sack to be stored inside. If the bag is overloaded or broken, it ruptures and is ruined, causing the items inside to be lost forever. If it's turned inside out, the items inside spill out unharmed, but the bag must be put right before it can be used again. A living creature placed inside the bag has enough air for 10 minutes before it begins to suffocate, and it can attempt to Escape against a DC of 13. An item inside the bag provides no benefits unless it's retrieved first. An item in the bag can't be detected by magic that detects only things on the same plane. Capacity 25 Bulk
-Bracelet of Dashing: This jangling, silvery bracelet makes you lighter on your feet, giving you a +1 item bonus to Acrobatics checks. Activate Single Action command; Frequency once per day; Effect You gain a +10-foot status bonus to Speed for 1 minute.
-Boots of Elvenkind: These tall, pointed boots are made from soft, supple black or green leather and are decorated with trim and buckles of gold. When worn, the boots allow you to move more nimbly, granting you a +1 item bonus to Acrobatics checks. Activate Free Action envision; Frequency once per hour; Effect Until the end of your turn, you ignore difficult terrain when moving on the ground. If you’re wearing a cloak of elvenkind, you also gain a +5-foot status bonus to your land Speed until the end of your turn.
-Cloak of Elvenkind - This cloak is deep green with a voluminous hood, embroidered with gold trim and symbols significant in elven culture. The cloak allows you to cast the ghost sound cantrip as an arcane innate spell. When you adjust the cloak’s clasp (an Interact action), the cloak transforms to match the environment around you and muffles your sounds, granting you a +1 item bonus to Stealth checks. Activate Two Actions Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You draw the hood up and gain the effects of invisibility, with the spell's normal duration or until you pull the hood back down, whichever comes first. If you're also wearing boots of elvenkind, you can activate this ability twice per day.
-Necklace of Fireballs II: This string of beads appears to be a hemp string with lustrous red beads of various sizes hanging from it. When activated, it briefly appears in its true form: a golden chain with golden spheres attached by fine threads. Numerous varieties of the necklace of fireballs exist. Each has a different basic Reflex save DC and includes a combination of spheres dealing different amounts of damage, as listed for each type below. When all the beads are gone, the necklace becomes a non-magical hemp string. Activate Single Action Interact; Effect You detach a sphere from the necklace, causing it to glow with orange light. After you activate a sphere, if you or anyone else hurls it (an Interact action), it detonates as a fireball where it lands. Your toss can place the center of the fireball anywhere within 70 feet, though at the GM's discretion you might need to make an attack roll if the throw is unusually challenging. If no one hurls the sphere by the start of your next turn, it turns into a non-magical red bead. One 8d6, one 6d6, two 4d6 (DC 25)

□ Healing Potions (Minor): The potion restores 1d8 Hit Points.
□ Healing Potions (Lesser): The potion restores 2d8+5 Hit Points.
□□ Elixer of Life (Minor): The potion restores 1d6+1 Hit Points.
□□ Antidote (Lesser): An antidote protects you against toxins. Upon drinking an antidote, you gain an item bonus to Fortitude saving throws against poisons for 6 hours. You gain a +2 item bonus.
□□ Antiplague (Lesser): Antiplague can fortify the body’s defenses against diseases. Upon drinking an antiplague, you gain an item bonus to Fortitude saving throws against diseases for 24 hours; this applies to your daily save against a disease’s progression. You gain a +2 item bonus.
Feats and Abilities
-First World Magic - Your connection to the First World grants you a primal innate spell, much like those of the fey. Choose one cantrip from the primal spell list. You can cast this spell as a primal innate spell at will. A cantrip is heightened to a spell level equal to half your level rounded up. (Prestidigitation)
-Gnome Obsession - You might have a flighty nature, but when a topic captures your attention, you dive into it headfirst. Pick a Lore skill. You gain the trained proficiency rank in that skill. At 2nd level, you gain expert proficiency in the chosen Lore as well as the Lore granted by your background, if any. At 7th level you gain master proficiency in these Lore skills, and at 15th level you gain legendary proficiency in them. (Pathfinder Society Lore)
-Twin Takedown - You swiftly attack your hunted prey with both weapons. Make two Strikes against your hunted prey, one with each of the required weapons. If both hit the same hunted prey, combine their damage for the purpose of its resistances and weaknesses. Apply your multiple attack penalty to each Strike normally.
-Quickdraw - You draw your weapon and attack with the same motion. You Interact to draw a weapon, then Strike with that weapon.
-Disrupt Prey - Its a Reaction, the trigger is your hunted prey is within your reach, and it uses a manipulate action, uses a move action, or leaves a square during a move action it’s using. You can then make a melee Strike against your prey. If the attack is a critical hit, you disrupt the triggering action.
-Scout Dedication - You are a highly skilled scout, capable of providing your allies a timely warning of any danger. You gain the Scout's Warning ranger feat. When you're using the Scout exploration activity, you grant your allies a +2 circumstance bonus to their initiative rolls instead of a +1 circumstance bonus.
-Quick Jump - You can use High Jump and Long Jump as a single action instead of 2 actions. If you do, you don’t perform the initial Stride (nor do you fail if you don’t Stride 10 feet).
-Battle Medicine: You can patch up yourself or an adjacent ally, even in combat. Attempt a Medicine check with the same DC as for Treat Wounds, and restore a corresponding amount of Hit Points; this does not remove the wounded condition. As with Treat Wounds, you can attempt checks against higher DCs if you have the minimum proficiency rank. The target is then temporarily immune to your Battle Medicine for 1 day.
-Skill Training - You become trained in the skill of your choice. (Stealth)
-Scout's Warning - You visually or audibly warn your allies of danger, granting them each a +1 circumstance bonus to their initiative rolls. Depending on whether you use gestures or call out, this action gains either the visual or auditory trait, respectively.
-Cat Fall - Your catlike aerial acrobatics allow you to cushion your falls. Treat falls as 10 feet shorter. If you’re an expert in Acrobatics, treat falls as 25 feet shorter. If you’re a master in Acrobatics, treat them as 50 feet shorter. If you’re legendary in Acrobatics, you always land on your feet and don’t take damage, regardless of the distance of the fall.
-Toughness - You can withstand more punishment than most before succumbing. Increase your maximum Hit Points by your level. The DC of recovery checks is equal to 9 + your dying condition value.
-Fleet - You move more quickly on foot. Your Speed increases by 5 feet.
-Hunt Prey - You designate a single creature as your prey and focus your attacks against that creature. You must be able to see or hear the prey, or you must be tracking the prey during exploration. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Perception checks when you Seek your prey and a +2 circumstance bonus to Survival checks when you Track your prey. You also ignore the penalty for making ranged attacks within your second range increment against the prey you’re hunting. You can have only one creature designated as your prey at a time. If you use Hunt Prey against a creature when you already have a creature designated, the prior creature loses the designation and the new prey gains the designation. Your designation lasts until your next daily preparations.
-Iron Will - Your training has hardened your resolve. Your proficiency rank for Will saves increases to expert.
-Trackless Step - When you move through natural terrains, you are difficult to track. You always gain the benefits of the Cover Tracks action in such terrains, without moving at half your Speed.
-Weapon Expertise - You’ve dedicated yourself to learning the intricacies of your weapons. Your proficiency ranks for simple and martial weapons and unarmed attacks increases to expert. You gain access to the critical specialization effects of all simple and martial weapons and unarmed attacks when attacking your hunted prey.
-Evasion - You’ve learned to move quickly to avoid explosions, dragons’ breath, and worse. Your proficiency rank for Reflex saves increases to master. When you roll a success on a Reflex save, you get a critical success instead.
-Vigilant Senses - Through your adventuring, you’ve developed keen awareness and attention to detail. Your proficiency rank for Perception increases to master.
-Weapon Specialization - You’ve learned how to inflict greater injuries with the weapons you know best. You deal 2 additional damage with weapons and unarmed attacks in which you are an expert. This damage increases to 3 if you’re a master, and to 4 if you’re legendary.