PFS1 #8-17 Refugees of the Weary Sky [Outpost IV] (Inactive)

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As the Jistka Imperium decayed from within, its artificers and elementalists struggled to repel invaders from Osirion to the east. To channel their elemental power, the spellcasters constructed the mighty Citadel of the Weary Sky, but so much energy attracted a mighty fiend that crushed the tower. The Pathfinder Society knows that many of the mages escaped, but only recently and with the help of a new ally did it learn where they fled. Now the PCs set off for a forgotten Jistkan sanctuary where otherworldly forces now reign.

This is the recruitment thread for Outpost IV, Refugees of the Weary Sky (7-11). Sign ups begin on January 29th and can be made HERE

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