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Hello all! I am looking for one PC, maybe two, that would be interested in a solo campaign.

Why a solo game?:
I want your character to be the solo act. I want to throw all my creative juices at your character and build a story around them that would really make them shine. Bards will sing of their adventures. I want their name to be written in the Tome of Legacy for all to know what they have done, good or evil. I will be using the reputation and fame/infamy system from the Ultimate Campaign book.

What will we be playing:

I have three main ideas and the person(or two) that I pick will have a hand in what we do.

A) Homebrew
B) Kingmaker
C) Shattered Star

I want to have an open world of possibilities for you to play in. A&B will do that. C gives a good grounded city to start in Magnimar but then it goes into world exploration.

"Well, which one is it?" We will decide together.

Character Creation:

This is less important now because I will not be picking your character on the grounds of the build. I will be picking the character solely on background and personality.

Stats: 25 point buy. I will not be using the age system, so feel free to make your character as old as the background sees fit.
Races: Core, but I do allow all Paizo racial trait archetypes.
Classes: Core, but I do allow all Paizo class archetypes. I also will allow Unchained Barbarian/Monk/Rogue
Background Skills: 2 per level. Make them fit your character's background and concept. Use these to help flesh out the character.
Favorite Class Options: I will give you two per level, but once they are selected you cannot change them. HP, Skill, or Class options. Pick 2 of the 3.
Feats: I will be giving you Toughness as a free feat along with Leadership. You will get these at 1st level. Your cohort will start off at first level, but will then fall inline with your Leadership score when it comes to their level. They will always be at least 2 levels behind you.
Traits: 2 Traits and 1 Drawback. Use these to help shape your characters background and personality.
HP: Max every level. This is the same for your cohort. If you have an animal companion/familiar they will gain HP as per normal.

What should I submit?:

I want to pick based upon who your character is, so tell me their story.
Who are they and where do they come from?
What are the things they like and dislike?
Do they have any quirks or phobias? What are they and how did they come about?
Do they have any sayings or catchphrases? My wife and I are currently watching Outlander and in the season we are in there is a character that always says "mark me." It happens at least 3 times an episode.
What does their family look like? Parents? Siblings? Spouse? Children?

If you need help with this, the background generator in the Ultimate Campaign offers an excellent starting point for you to build from.

Submission Due Date: April 9th @ 11:59:59 pm Central. I will pick the PC/PCs on the 10th.

Dotting to think about it; I keep seeing these solo/duo games on the forums but never tried them. :)

Will think about...

Curious, would you consider the world of Xoth? The rules are very low magic. But I've had a hankering...

Robert Henry wrote:

Curious, would you consider the world of Xoth? The rules are very low magic. But I've had a hankering...

I would not want to jump into something new to me at this point.

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:
Robert Henry wrote:

Curious, would you consider the world of Xoth? The rules are very low magic. But I've had a hankering...

I would not want to jump into something new to me at this point.

thanks for the quick answer, since you said home brew I thought I'd ask. So king maker or shattered star, solo. Still very interesting.

Will you be running the cohorts or will that be left to the player? Just asking, never worked with cohorts before. Seems like they will be necessary for this type of game.


Would you consider Curse of the Crimson Throne?
As I feel it has a great foundation for a Solo or Duo style of play with a few minor tweaks.

Robert Henry wrote:
Will you be running the cohorts or will that be left to the player? Just asking, never worked with cohorts before. Seems like they will be necessary for this type of game.

If the player is comfortable playing two individual characters I would prefer them doing so. If the player would prefer me to run the character I can.

RHMG Animator wrote:

Would you consider Curse of the Crimson Throne?

As I feel it has a great foundation for a Solo or Duo style of play with a few minor tweaks.

I don't have that AP and would not want to have to run and go get it. I am going to stick with Kingmaker or Shattered Star. I have those and know them well enough.

Fair enough,
Doesn't help that since CotCT physical books are pretty much a sold out, and it's hard to get them.
I know its really nice to have the physical books when planning a game.

Forgive me to ask crunch questions first, but this is the difficult part. I've never done a solo game before, but I would love to. It should be so much more involved and also faster. Less waiting for others.

How do you handle, encounters? One character will be very weak against by the book encounters. Powered down encounters might not do the story justice.
I imagine you will tailor encounters to the PC? E.g. no traps, unless Rogue, lots of traps if Rogue.

May I ask the reason for the restriction to core classes?

Ellioti wrote:

How do you handle, encounters? One character will be very weak against by the book encounters. Powered down encounters might not do the story justice.

I imagine you will tailor encounters to the PC? E.g. no traps, unless Rogue, lots of traps if Rogue.

May I ask the reason for the restriction to core classes?

These are great questions.

When it comes to traps or really thing in the game, I do not want to throw things at the PC/PCs that they are good at and take away things that they are weak against. I believe that is not giving the PC/PCs a challenge.

I will say this though, if there was a hypothetical dungeon and every room had a trap in it I would be making some changes to those encounters if there wasn't some kind of disable device ability. But not all of them...

Why core? Great question. From time to time I do core only classes/races because I love those classes and races. I also fully believe that you can do almost anything you want with those limited classes/races because of the variety that is provided through archetypes.

I also pick it because the class should not be the star and it isn't the reason why I will be picking who I pick. It is purely based on the character.

All of this being said, I really hope the restrictions do not prevent anyone from submitting a character. I believe this is going to be fun for those involved.

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:
Your cohort will start off at first level, but will then fall inline with your Leadership score when it comes to their level. They will always be at least 2 levels behind you.
The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:
Robert Henry wrote:
Will you be running the cohorts or will that be left to the player? Just asking, never worked with cohorts before. Seems like they will be necessary for this type of game.
If the player is comfortable playing two individual characters I would prefer them doing so. If the player would prefer me to run the character I can.

Could you explain a little bit more about the 'cohort'? I'm comfortable running two players, but would I be creating the cohort or would it be created more like an NPC? Will the cohort change ie. one minor character of many moving in and out of the main characters life? Should I write the cohort as part of my characters backstory or will the cohort be met in game? Will we start with the Character at level three and the cohort at one, or start both at one and the cohort doesn't start gaining classes until the character is level three?

Really the most important piece of information is how involved should the cohort be in the backstory? Can you tell I've never worked with cohorts before? :)

I will submit Captain Jack and his buddy. I built this duo a while ago, but didn't get to play it yet. The fun is that the RP-wise main character is technically the cohort, while the full level character is doing mostly support. But they can have great interactions.
Ignore their classes for now, those can be changed easily.

@Robert Henry not a problem!

Cohort as a Character:

Think of the cohort as a character in a book/movie/game that travels with the hero of the story. The cohort will be along with you every step of the way, unless you decide to send them away for any reason. They might have some key involvement throughout, but they typically do not outshine the hero.

This character could be someone you have known for a long time, or maybe someone you have just met. How tied into your PCs background they are is purely up to you. You will be starting the game together already knowing each other. How much is purely up to you.

Building a Cohort:

You may build the cohort using the following rules.

Race/Class: Core only. I do will allow Paizo official race/class archetypes
NPC Heroic Stats: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8. You place them where you need them. This is BEFORE racial mods. Don't forget to add racial stats.
Gold: 390 Gold. I would use the NPC breakdown that Paizo offers for having your cohort balanced in what they have. Weapons: 100 gp. Armor: 150 gp. Other Adventuring Gear: 140 gp.

Your cohort will get MAX HP at each level.
Your cohort will NOT get traits, favorite class bonuses, or the free feats.

Leveling Your Cohort
Your cohort will start at level one along side you.
Leadership states that they need to be two levels or more lower than you. So depending on your leadership score, the soonest your cohort will hit level 2 is when you hit level 4. Always being at least two levels behind you.

One thing I did forget to add in the PC character creation is starting gold. You will start with DOUBLE your classes MAX starting gold.

@Ellioti I really like the backstory and the 5 minute background. Already have some ideas bubbling up in my mind. Just so I have it right, Captain Jack will be the main PC and Gibbs is the Cohort, but Gibbs is the face?

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:

@Ellioti I really like the backstory and the 5 minute background. Already have some ideas bubbling up in my mind. Just so I have it right, Captain Jack will be the main PC and Gibbs is the Cohort, but Gibbs is the face?

Jack is the main PC, but also the cohort (only in crunch) and probably the face, because Rogue and skills.

Gibbs is of higher level and has the leadership feat. He's loyal to his less capable captain. He's the support character during role play.

I'd like to do Shattered Star. As former pirates I can see strand in Magnimar and join the PFS for the opportunity to go treasure hunting.

@Ellioti ok that sounds good. In the mechanics Gibbs is the "main PC" and Jack is the "cohort" I just wanted to make sure I had my head wrapped around what you were talking about.

@Robert Henry Let me know if you have any more questions. I am here to help!

to save space:

The only real question would be about the traits, you have two traits and one drawback listed. Normally it's two traits and a third for a drawback.

I was wondering if when we picked the AP we would take an AP trait.

The reason I ask, I tend to build charcters for a specific game. I was thinking I would build a character and cohort for Kingmaker. I didn't want to take a Kingmaker trait if I was going to pick it up later for free.

Not that all of my charcters are for specific games. for instance I built Ala'ihys just for the pathfinder society. But I like his backstory a lot, so I included it as an example of my work. Ala'ihys He's a paladin of the Dawnflower, who focuses on archery. I thought about entering him for a 'homebrew.' The only problem is I would really want Gnasher as his cohort :) (I know, not core, but the heart wants what the heart wants) So...

I also aggree that you can create any type of story driven character from core classes, so most of the characters I play are core. However I have a need to attempt to 'cover the bases' as much as possible. I will be putting together a team attempting to do that. My main charcter will be a bard, and his cohort will be a ranger. I should have more Monday afternoon.

Oh, other backstories I like...
Wulfgar in alt. history game
Elek, vignette #2, and vignette #3

Do you have any idea what the homebrew would be like? Would it still be set on Golarion?

I'd say that depending on that answer either Homebrew or Kingmaker would be the best fit for my character.

The idea I have would be for a travelling executioner and devout follower of the Empyreal Lord Dammerich. He'd travel from town to town, visiting places too small to have prisons and proper courts to assist the local judges and councils of elders. If that also means he sometimes has to assist by killing an old ox or some such that perfectly ok with him. It pays the bills.

He used aspire to something else. He dreamt of joining the Order of the Scourge and becoming a Hellknight after witnessing one such Hellknight arrest the thoroughly corrupt judge that ran his home town. It wasn't meant to be though. When his sister died in while giving birth while her deadbeat husband drowned himself in alcohol and their parents both dead for nearly a decade it fell to him to take care of his niece. He couldn't do that and train to become a Hellknight, knowing that that could cost him his life, leaving the little girl alone in this world.

It's been a few years since and now he walks the roads, axe slung over one shoulder and a little girl walking besides him (or riding a big dog, if he could afford it), moving from town to town to perform his grim duty.

Above is the concept and it's by no means done yet. Feedback is very welcome.
I'm also not sure how to put the cohort in this. The niece would be the obvious choice but that would only work if we shift everything forward a few years and she's at least 14-16

@ALL I have decided that this will be a 2 PC game. I am leaning towards either Kingmaker or the home-brew game.

@Cuan if we did the home-brew game it would be set in a world I have been creating. I am currently in works with an artist to finish the map for the world. I do have lore for it, but once the two characters are picked out we will finalize exactly what we will be doing.

@Robert Henry I like the traits to help flesh out backgrounds, same with the background skills. That is why I am giving them out in the way I am. Since I am giving out 2 free feats and allowing everyone to have 2 favorite class bonus, and double max gold, I will be sticking only with 2 traits and 1 drawback.

Hmm, only two PCs, and I'm guessing the game is Not gestalt?

Been coming up with a few ideas, just need to settle on one....

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:

@ALL I have decided that this will be a 2 PC game. I am leaning towards either Kingmaker or the home-brew game.

@Robert Henry I like the traits to help flesh out backgrounds, same with the background skills. That is why I am giving them out in the way I am. Since I am giving out 2 free feats and allowing everyone to have 2 favorite class bonus, and double max gold, I will be sticking only with 2 traits and 1 drawback.

That's very reasonable. I'm planning on using an AP trait from Kingmaker, I just wanted to make sure we weren't going to add one later.

If we are going two PC's should we wait on making the cohorts, to make sure there is no overlap?

Presently, my main character is a human bard focusing on the Aldori dueling sword, his cohort is his half-elf half brother who will be a switch-hitting Ranger with the Trapper archetype.

@Robert Henry I would say go ahead and make the cohort. I want the PC and the cohort to be a team that has been working together for at least a short while.

@RHMG Animator No gestalt. I think with the added bonuses to the characters I think it will be challenging yet not terrifying....

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:
@Robert Henry I would say go ahead and make the cohort. I want the PC and the cohort to be a team that has been working together for at least a short while.

Will do. The original idea was that Kunala could handle a little magic, melee and ranged. While his half-brother Iradyiel could handle some melee and ranged while doing ranger stuff and traps.

Of course if the cohort is his brother, they would have been working together for a while no matter what the cohorts 'class' would be :)

Have the backstory in the works, but not ready to post yet...

Good luck Squirrel Ninja. I've been running Solo Adventures on here for years and I found it deeply rewarding and a good fit for the PHP format.

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:

@ALL I have decided that this will be a 2 PC game. I am leaning towards either Kingmaker or the home-brew game.

Well, kingmaker is interesting, too. I started in one once, but we never left Oleg's trading post, before the GM disapeared.

I must say, I'm having a hard time putting my pirates into Brevoy, though! Shattered Star's Magnimar was pretty obvious. I'm open for any ideas.

I'm relieved you're doing a two PC game. I'm having a hard time building my guys as I want them fluff-wise while also covering all bases.

double post:
at the current development state, my two guys are apparently very religious melee brawlers. One is a barbarian using Cayden Cailean's Blade and Tankard Divine Fighting Technique, while the other is a ranger using Desna's Shooting Star Divine Fighting Technique.

After a bit more thought I'll actually flip things around and have the niece be the PC while the uncle is the cohort.

They are another divinely inspired duo, though they don't actually share an alignment.
The uncle would be the travelling executioner and a holy man of the empyreal lord Dammerich. He'd be either a Fighter or a Tempered Champion Paladin.
The niece, who is just 16 years old, would be a priestess of Barzahk, the psychopomp usher of loss and the lost. She'd be a Cleric, possibly using the Divine Paragon archetype.

They'd travel from town to town, he to dispense justice and she to console the grieving and give last rites to those her uncle sends of to the Boneyard.
They appear as a very solemn pair but that mostly is their game face, it's what is expected of them by the people around them. When travelling together they are much more lighthearted.

@Ellioti Pirates in Brevoy or the River Kingdoms would fit just fine. In Brevoy there are pirates on the Lake of Mists and Veils while in the River Kingdoms there are river pirates.

Hello, I would alos be interested in playing in this, but I am a Newbie to PbP.

I am a longtime RPG veteran with about 5 Levels worth of Goblin Pathfinder experience (Rest is Black Eye - a german system and D&D 3.5).

Are you all set on Cuan and robert or is it still worth sending in a background? It would have to put in a lot of reading about the world first to get something together which does not include a lot off XXX for place names and I dont want ot do this amount of work.

For now I think about a Scoundrel Mage character.

Also I would probably ask a lot more questions in the frist few weeks.

@Robert Henry sounds good. Everyone has until April 9th to get everything in.

@GM Mowque Hey thanks so much! I am looking forward to it.

@Ellioti looking at the 5 min background of Jack Harrow it says that he is now a drunk that no one remembers. What if in his drunken state Jack burnt some ties in the local seaports and has to find a new way back to the sea. Ellioti makes a great point with river pirates. Maybe Jack once looked down upon those pirates because they weren’t sailing the open seas as he did. Your second post says you are looking at Barb/Ranger. Are those for Jack/Gibbs?

@Cuan that sounds really cool. A great combo of a PC and cohort. I am interested in how someone of just 16 years has become a priestess of Barzahk. I am cool with it, but will want to see a snippet of that background story.

@Kulko welcome to the awesome world of PBP. I am cool with newbies submitting a character, and totally ok with questions asked about the game/system. Right now, there are 3 people who are in the works of submitting a PC, so I am not currently set on the cast. Feel free to submit a PC/cohort as per the above rules. Looking forward to seeing what you submit.

Before I go out and buy a new Book for nothing are we talking PF1 or PF2 here?

I'm still not done, I still have to do Descriptions, Personalities, Quirks and so on, but this is a starting point at least.

Mirana Backstory:

Green meadows, babbling brooks, gnarled trees, the chirping of birds, the breath of wind flowing through her hair, these are thing things Mirana remembers most from her childhood. As a young girl, Mirana had never really wanted for anything – or at least, not that she could remember but any material gifts were often discarded in favour of spending time outdoors, roaming through the forests, or playing in the stream.

Mirana was extremely fortunate that, despite living in a spacious large white house, she and her family were slightly isolated from the outside world and would live rurally rather than in an urban sprawl. Mirana had always been slightly confused by this – it wasn’t like her father did anything that could be considered ‘work’ while outdoors – but hadn’t paid it much thought, grateful as she was to have a wonderful space to play around in.

Things changed for Mirana one bright sunny day when she was once again, playing within the forest. Mirana had taken a moment to rest, tired as she was from spinning between the shafts of sunlight that speared through the canopy above. It was there, while leading against a tree, that she noticed a small circular space, flickering with bright lights that slowly rotated around, changing colour every now and again. Other children might have been scared but to Mirana it had seemed oddly comforting. She stepped closer and the circular space danced backwards, before zooming forwards. Mirana remembered giggling and then reaching out and touching it and then…


Unknown to Mirana at the time, she had been sucked into the First World. Initially, Mirana lost herself playing in a constantly changing environment, shifting and shaping to suit the whims of the Eldest, however, when she looked for the circular space again, to better return home, she discovered it had vanished. She was stuck.

Alone, with no way to get back, Mirana was distraught, curling up in a ball at the foot of an oak tree. There, she was found by a group of nymphs who did not seem surprised to find her there. They picked her up, and took the girl away to a more suitable place to rest.

When she awoke, Mirana demanded to go home, but her new guardians didn’t seem to understand or be interested. Instead, Mirana was kept very busy. She learnt about the First World and its denizens, she learnt about the Eldest, and the divine, she learnt about the trees, the flowers, the nature found in the First World and on the Material Plane. She learnt how to observe, how to detect a falsehood, and how to say one. Mirana didn’t quite know why she had to learn all of this, but she presumed that it was to keep her busy and mind on other things than returning home.

Time flows differently in the First World, but it began to flow all the same. Mirana grew older, and her studies grew more advanced. She learnt how to draw upon her natural surroundings to cast some basic magic. Her memories of her childhood began to fade and were replaced with new ones. Against her better judgment, she had began to enjoy being in this weird realm.

Unfortunately, just as suddenly as she had entered, Mirana woke up one morning to find herself back on the Material Plane. She had a full bag of supplies but she was in a new and unfamiliar location but she was definitely no longer in the First World.

Mirana was heartbroken at being abandoned yet again. It seemed that every time she found happiness or peace she was uprooted again. Worse still, she didn’t know where she was, where her parents were, or even where home was after so much time had passed. Furthermore, Mirana couldn’t even decide what she considered home anymore – she had spent half her life in two entirely different places and she struggled to know which location to chase down.

Rudderless, Mirana roamed the forests, travelling from town to town, hoping to stumble across her childhood home by accident, or locate her parents. She would visit libraries, or small city halls, and would chase down rumours about disappearing girls. To survive, Mirana would help out local farmers with their crops, or to remove the threat of wild animals, in return for a few coins for her to scrape by. She was aided by this with her nature magic, Mirana discovered that she could still channel her First World branded magic to boost plant growth in a small area and so she roamed, always searching, investigating, and the rumours began to flow of the young nature warden chasing rumours, helping farmers and channelling the magic of the First World wherever she went.

Eventually, she was tracked down by a human woman called Caitir, who had followed these rumours for her own reasons. Caitir had her own goals, but she agreed to accompany Mirana on her quest. Mirana for her part, welcomed a new friend, someone that could provide a quiet ear and together the two women roamed the world, providing small aid to those who crossed their path while searching for a home and family for Mirana.

Caitir Backstory:

Caitir had always hated her life.

Born in the slums of Riddleport, Caitir had always wanted grander things in life, coin and fame being the primary two. Unfortunately, the realities of her situation were immediately obvious to her as a young girl, her family lacked status, wealth, or even a basic education.

To make ends meet, Caitir worked as a waitress, but would frequently sneak out at night, stealing from a library of all places, trying to steal texts that she could use as a stepping stone to higher learning. Late at night Caitir would secretly curl up in a corner, reading intently, before returning her stolen items least the theft be discovered.

While Caitir would ultimately be unsuccessful in achieving further education beyond the books she read, the texts did spark an inspiration. During her adventures browsing both fiction and non-fiction, Caitir believed that success always involved having some sort of edge, and (lacking wealth and status) she believed that skill in magic could create that advantage in life. Caitir began to branch out, reading (and stealing) magical texts, trying to learn the basics. Try as she might though, Caitir proved to have no talent for this whatsoever – something that caused her immense frustration.
Despite her failure, Caitir never lost her love of thievery and she gradually moved from books to the finer things, nice clothing, jewellery, things that she believed would mark her out as something different, with a better and more exotic life. Unfortunately for Caitir, while she had a talent, she was far from the only person within Riddleport that was a skilled thief, and Caitir again felt stuck in mediocrity unable to get ahead, unable to stand out and shine. In her deepest daydreams, Caitir dreamed of an information network matching the success and size of Shorafa Pamodae but was at a loss as to how to achieve such a thing.

Weirdly enough, it was Caitir’s family, that would point her in the correct direction, specifically her grandfather. One day, during a particularly imaginative daydream, Caitir remembered her grandfathers old stories that he used to tell when she was a young girl, stories of the mysterious fey, the alluring Green Mother, and the information webs that would make crime lords green with envy. Struggling for alternatives, Caitir decided to follow this slender lead, she would try and find someone or something with a connection to the First World, in the hope that she could learn any fey tricks or secrets that might give her the edge she so desperately wanted.

Leaving Riddleport was easy for Caitir, but tracking down someone that could help her achieve this dream would prove difficult. It wasn’t like the fey were easy to bargain with, let alone talk to or even find. On her travels though, Caitir began to hear rumours of a young women who seemed to be channelling the energies of the First World. Caitir wasn’t entirely sure what that meant but figured it was better than nothing – it wasn’t like she felt she had anywhere else to return to anyway. Mirana wasn’t quite what Caitir expected, but she seemed nice enough and eager to talk about herself. Caitir politely listened, and watched, and observed, happy to help Mirana on her quest, while Caitir took a step closer to her own dreams in the process.

Mirana Crunch:

Female human druid (progenitor, world walker) 1 (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 43, Planar Adventures 19)
CN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +0; Senses Perception +8
AC 10, touch 10, flat-footed 10
hp 14 (1d8+5)
Fort +4, Ref +0, Will +6; -2 vs. disease, illusions, poisons, and the spells, spell-like abilities and supernatural abilities of fey
Speed 30 ft.
Druid (Progenitor, World Walker) Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +5)
1st—entangle (DC 15), shillelagh (DC 15)
0 (at will)—create water, detect magic, light
Str 14, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 12
Feats Additional Traits, Cunning, Leadership, Toughness
Traits fast-talker, omen, outcast's intuition, world traveler
Skills Bluff +5, Diplomacy +5, Intimidate +5, Knowledge (geography) +7, Knowledge (local) +6, Knowledge (nature) +9, Knowledge (nobility) +6, Knowledge (religion) +6, Perception +8, Sense Motive +9, Survival +6; Racial Modifiers +1 Knowledge (geography), +1 Knowledge (nature)
Languages Common, Druidic, First Speech, Sylvan
SQ comprehensive education, fey-taken, infused summoning, nature sense, primal bond, wild empathy +1
Other Gear 240 gp
Special Abilities
Comprehensive Education All knowledge skills are class skills, +1 racial bonus for knowledge skils from classes.
Fey-Taken -2 vs. disease, illusions, poison and spells, spell-like abilties and supernatural abilities of fey.
Infused Summoning (1 fast healing) (Ex) Summon nature's ally grants summons listed fast healing.
Leadership (score 1) You attract loyal companions and devoted followers.
Nature Sense (Ex) A druid gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks.
Primal Bond (Ex) Treat type as own or fey (whichever better).
Primal Nature Bond (5 foot radius, 7 rounds, 1/day) Full rd, at start next turn area grows plants which are diff terrain or give allies cover (choose 1).
Wild Empathy +1 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.

Caitir Backstory:

Female human unchained rogue (sylvan trickster) 1 (Pathfinder Unchained 20, Ultimate Wilderness 77)
CN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +4
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 Dex)
hp 13 (1d8+5)
Fort +1, Ref +4, Will +0
Speed 30 ft.
Special Attacks sneak attack (unchained) +1d6
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +0; CMB -1; CMD 11
Feats Cunning, Toughness, Weapon Finesse
Skills Bluff +5, Diplomacy +5, Disable Device +6, Escape Artist +6, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (history) +7, Knowledge (local) +8, Knowledge (nature) +8, Knowledge (nobility) +7, Knowledge (planes) +7, Knowledge (religion) +7, Perception +4, Sleight of Hand +6, Stealth +6; Racial Modifiers +1 Knowledge (local), +1 Knowledge (nature)
Languages Aklo, Common, Elven, First Speech, Sylvan
SQ comprehensive education, wild empathy +2
Other Gear 390 gp
Special Abilities
Comprehensive Education All knowledge skills are class skills, +1 racial bonus for knowledge skils from classes.
Sneak Attack (Unchained) +1d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed.
Wild Empathy +2 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:
@Robert Henry sounds good. Everyone has until April 9th to get everything in.

is that with crunch included? Because, if accepted, I'd rather wait with the crunch until I know who the 2nd PC/cohort are. I'm slightly flexible with Jow Gibbs depending on party composition.

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:

@Ellioti looking at the 5 min background of Jack Harrow it says that he is now a drunk that no one remembers. What if in his drunken state Jack burnt some ties in the local seaports and has to find a new way back to the sea. Ellioti makes a great point with river pirates. Maybe Jack once looked down upon those pirates because they weren’t sailing the open seas as he did. Your second post says you are looking at Barb/Ranger. Are those for Jack/Gibbs?

Gibbs = Barb (could be something else, too), Jack = Ranger (Trapper, Freebooter) (could also change if needed, but definitely something CHA-heavy)

starting new as a river pirate would probably be the way to go.
Maybe I'll adjust his story so that instead nobody remembers him anymore, he had to run away, because he made so many enemies who remember him way too good.

Hey Viviana good to see you.

Kulko wrote:
Before I go out and buy a new Book for nothing are we talking PF1 or PF2 here?

Hey Kulko, before you buy a new book, have you looked at these helpful websites? Archives of Nethys and the Pathfinder Wiki? Also the "Pathfinder Adventure Path Kingmaker Players Guide" is available for free here on the boards.

Kulko wrote:
Before I go out and buy a new Book for nothing are we talking PF1 or PF2 here?

This will be PF1, don't go out buying the book if you do not have it. There are many online reference sites that could get you going with the character build.

Edit: See what Robert Henry said, excellent advice.

@Ellioti I will be ok with waiting for the crunch until after the two are selected, but I would like to know their general “crunch style.” Just so that I have a mental picture.

@Viviana Masters Love the backstory you provided for each character. The progenitor druid is a really fun flavor archetype, I had to pass that onto one of my buddies who loves fey/first world lore. Looking over the crunch I do not see the drawback for Mirana, but I really could be missing it.

@All For ease of looking, let me know which two favorite class options you went with for your PC. Thanks in advance!

I'm actually still looking for an appropriate divinity for the niece, with a trio of Psychopomp ushers being the being the most qualified for that as far as I can see. They are Barzahk, Ceyannan and Mrtyu. I actually think Barzahk probably is the least fitting of those three.
The empyreal lord Ashava would also be a decent fit but as I envision the character to be either be on the neutral side of neutral good or actually true neutral and I don't think Ashava would be a good fit for worship for such a character. Respect and admiration sure, but not worship.

As for why not Pharasma herself, she finds Pharasma to be too cold, uncaring and distant. She holds great respect for the Lady of Graves, but, much like with Pharasma herself, there is no love there.

As for how the character got to where she is at her age, it is a sum of her life.

Deeper dive into her motivations:
She is, by nature, a very sensitive and caring soul. The kind of child who finds a hurt animal and tries to nurse it back to health.
If you add to that that she lived with her travelling uncle since she was a baby after her mother died giving birth and he refused to put her in an orphanage while she still had family (him). He actually bought a goat to function as her wetnurse so that she could grow up strong.
An added effect of this travelling was that she was exposed to death, loss and mourning from a very young age as many criminals still have family that mourns them and the families of the victims also mourned their own loss. In tiny towns where everyone knew each other those families sometimes even joined in their grief, the loss bringing them together despite everything.
During all this she found that Pharasma's clergy cared too much about the dead and too little about those left behind. The stories from her uncle about how the Pharasmin priests completely ignored her as a baby, focusing fully on her dead mother, only cemented that opinion further. It was then that she decided she would attend to those who experienced the loss, those left behind.

Her scope broadened further after meeting her father for the first time. He is a hopeless drunk, far worse than he was at the time she was born. She also discovered that her uncle didn't just take her to protect her but also because her father refused to acknowledge her as his child. While this angered her at first she quickly forgave him and was in fact glad for it, because life with such a father would have been terrible. In fact she pitied him for he was a lost soul without him knowing it. All those around him had given up on him. They already mourned the loss of a son, brother and friend despite the fact he was still alive. While it quickly became obvious to her that her father had gone beyond the point of no return, even if he stopped drinking his body would give in in a few more years, there were other who weren't. The realisation that some people actually became like that because of grief only strengthened her resolve further. If people received just a little more love and care they would be able to pick up their lives despite the loss.

Deeper dive for uncle will follow.

As for the favored class bonuses:
Niece HP and Skill point
Uncle HP and either a Skill Point for the Paladin or +1 CMD vs Grapple and Trip for the Fighter (not sure yet there)

As for general crunch style. For uncle it would be simple: wield a big axe and hit things, preferably becoming implacable while he's at it.
The niece is still a bit more open and depends on choice of deity. She will be a positive energy channeler, that is a given, and she will be fairly social.

@Cuan everything looks good, the only thing is that the I am only doing favorite class options for the main PC. As far as the deity goes, I have a general idea of where you are going with the character.

Is this still a recruitment?

Jovich wrote:
Is this still a recruitment?

It is, recruitment will end on April 9th.

Arandas (Elven Wizard) Backstory

On a fair spring day in the village of Tenyrdale Maiana the wife of the local innkeep Rhyvor stepped out into the backyard to find a small bundle in front of the doorstep. Surprised, Maiana opened it only to find a small elven baby no older than a few weeks. No further information was given, but a small Cloudshaped amulett with the name Arandas written in elvish letters. The family took pity on the poor child and raised him together with their own children.

Arandas (or Ari to his close friends) mostly spend his childhood with Kairin one of the younger sons of Rhyvor and Syrana the daughter of Sir Harlest a local noble whose keep was located not far from Tenyrdale. Ari often invented new adventures exploring mgical realms or the Fey world and his friends eagerly followed his lead. But when they grew older Syrana was kept away from them more and more from the common boys.

At the age of ten an old man from the nearby town visited Tenyrdale and spend the night at the inn before visiting the keep in the next morning. Somehow Arandas was drawn to this man named Parseferus and spend the whole evening listening to his tales of his wizardry work at some place called the Academy of Greenridge. The next day the Wizard Parseferus went to the keep to discuss some important matter and when he came back in the next day he was accompanied by Syrana and a maid from the keep. But when Parseferus reached Tenyrdale he decided to stop once more at the inn and asked the Innkeeper for a private word. Rhyvor was very surprised when he was told that his foster child showed strong magical potential, but the times had not been the best for business and Rhyvor was not unhappy to ship the additional hungry mouth.

The coming years were some of the best and worst for Arandas. Wizardry came easy to him and he soaked up everything he could learn about it. He also got to spend a lot of time near Syrana again. On the other hand he was really lonely in the big city and he missed Kairin and their wondrous adventures.

Unfortunately most of Syranas other friends at the academy were nobles to who resented Arandas for his easiness of learning and his unknown origins and common upbringing. So he often found himself at the bottom of there pranks.

As he grew older Arandas realized that his feelings for Syrana went a lot farther than friendship but he was afraid to talk with her about it for fear of rejection. But his feelings only grew deeper with time.

Than one day he received an urgent note from Syrana. She was asking him to meet in the owl tower tonight because she had to tell him something important. Of course he went up the tower with high hopes that night only to be greeted by the noble friends of Syrana and their leader Elamund. They made fun of Arandas for desiring a nobleborn lady and gave him a good trashing to show him his station. Afterwards Arandas was so embarassed and furious that he fled from the grounds swore himself never to return. In the next days he heard also that Syrana had left the academy on some unknown errand and he has not heard from her since.

(@DM I can imagine a few different ways what happend for real. Syrana might have discovered some intrigue by Elamund and was caught and imprisoned by him.Or she might have been in on the prank. Or it all might have been planned by Elamund and Syrana really just went on the mission and later wondered why Arandas left.)

After spending a few days drowning himself in ale and sorrow, he was walking to a darker alley when he was attacked by a group of youth who wanted to rob his fancy academy robes.When he desperately treid to think of a way out of this with his meager magical repertoire one of the older kids ran forward yelling "Ari! Ist really you?". Apparently Kairin had also made it to the city and joined this gang of misfits.

With Arandas last few coins they sat down in the next tavern and told each other of their misfortunes. When Kairin grew older he was growing resentful of his older brother who was going to inherit the inn. And since times hardly had gotten better there wasnt even enoguh coin to send him to some nice apprenticeship. So one night words had beend gotten louder and louder between him and his father and older brother and fist began flying. When everything settled again his older brother had broken his arm and Kairin had fled from Tenyrdale in shame.
So now he remembered his childhood friend Arandas and decided to try his luck in Greenridge. Unfortunately he didnt know where ot look for him and neitehr his coin nor his luck had not lasted very long. After trying to make means honestly for a few weeks he was conscripted into the gang of Marcellus a local youth gang leader and learned to survive by more or less legally procuring the leftovers from the wealthier people of the city.

Seeing no wax forward for himself Arandas decided to join Kairin and his friends. His better clothing and friendly demeanor made am perfect for scouting out opportunities in the better half of town or standing on guard while other looted the place.

When he started with the group they had ben a lowly gang of cutpurses but Arandas quick mind and attention to detail soon led them to better and better opportunities and some local fame and soon he was Marcellus lieutenant. But withbthe success came overconfidence and after a few month with the gang Arandas decided to use his new found skills to take revenge at Elamund.

He planned to break into the headmasters office and steal next month exams papers and place it in Elamunds chest before dropping a anonymous hint with the headmaster. Kairin was dead set against it because the danger was high and the reward minimal but Arandas would stop talking about before he had convinced his friends.

So when the night came the friends entered the academy by some backdoor Arandas knew from his time as student and wnet on their way to the headmasters office. But when they entered the office they found guards waiting already for them. Luckily Arandas reacted immediately and blew out the nearest window with a force missile allowing and Kairin to make a break. Unfortunately he also managed a few magical ingridiences with the spell and soon half the academy was on fire.
(@DM Again this could have been multiple scenarios. Arandas could have been caught in the crossfire of the conspiracy again, or he could just been sold out by Marcellus to get rid of the youth)

So Kairin and Arandas were once more on the run and left Greenridge in a hurry. Which is where our adventure begins.

Arandas Character description:


As a foster son of an innkeep Arandas has developed and easy and outgoing personality Paired with his very keen intellect.
Since his youth he had an like for mysterious stories of fey and others connecting him to is elven heritage.
He dislikes Nobles

Whenever Arandas starts making his overcomplicated plans again Kairin tells him to "remember the academy". And Arandas answers either "But it was a perfect plan" or "Remeber who got us out" depending on his mood.
Also he likes to quote his foster father with "There is no such thing as free beer."

Kairin (Human Rogue or Fighter depending on Party needs) : See Arandas Backstory

The backstories backstory:
I wanted to make sure the details were right for a game of Kingmaker so I established some facts from the Wiki:

4710 King Noleski Surtova of Brevoy sends explorers and settlers to establish a kingdom in the Stolen Lands to the south.

Lander Lebeda Born ca. 4700 AR became Lord of House Lebeda of Brevoy once he came of age, succeeding his mother Sarrona as family regent

His older sister Elanna Lebeda (Neutral good) ran the house until Lander came of age. She lives in New Stetven, in the family home there.

Mother is Dame Sarrona (neutral) family castle, Silverhall looks over Lake Reykal and is where the family maintains its power.

The castle is accurately named, as is the river, the woods and the towns.

Everything else is woven together to prepare Kunala’s and to a lesser extent Iradyiel’s, back story.

Alika Madras, a beautiful taldori girl with hazel colored hair and green eyes born into a family of thespians in Oppara, started acting before her teenage years and was handling major roles at a very young age. As she blossomed into womanhood she wanted to step out on her own, intent to develop her burgeoning career apart from that of her familys. Alika accepted a supporting character role in the comedy, "The Three Sisters Dilemma" at 'The Golden GooseTheatre' in Cassomir. The play ran for a year and a half and was a rousing success. While there she met and fell in love with the leading man, Iradyiel Meirdrerel. She loved Iradyiel, learning much from the mature elfish actor. Things not only about performing but about life and love as well.

When the play finally ran its course Iradiel asked Alika if she would travel with him to Galt. He had been asked to bring his talent to Iasrn, "a city of art that was graced by beautiful architecture, green parks, and statuary." The owner of 'The Revolutionary Theatre,' a fellow name Mortious Grump, promised complete artistic control to Iradyiel and Iradyiel wanted Alika to be his leading lady. Iradyiel's production, called 'the Forest Thistle' a coming of age story set in the Fierani Forest, did not appeal to the masses of Galt like he had hoped. The show closed abruptly, and Iradyiel in a deep funk left almost as quickly. Before Alika could tell him she was pregnant with his child.

Needing work, too proud to go home and too smart to stay in Galt, she left the chaotic city of Iasrn behind. She had heard there was a new production in the works at the "The Red Dragon Theatre" in the Northern City, New Steven. Traveling to Brevoy as quickly as she could, she parlayed her good looks, experience, family name and 'exotic' Taldori style into multiple starting roles there in the theatre.

Her son was born in New Steven, a beautiful dark haired half elf. Wanting only to remember the good times with his father, she named him Iradyiel Madras, calling him her little Iradyiel. While working she would leave Iradyiel with his nanny, a kind and tender halfling named Famau Troseddol.

Shortly after joining the Theatrical troupe of the 'Red Dragon' she caught the eye of a major patron, one Lord Lebeda. Working through Cal Rhemus, the owner of the theatre, he arranged to meet her. As they got to know each other, Alika learned the lord split his time between Castle Silverhall, the families estate, and his mansion in New Steven where he handled business and politics. The Lord often spoke of his wife, 'Dame Sarrona Lebeda.' An arranged marriage which helped seal many monetary and political issues, but Sarrona was assertive and opinionated, while the marriage of over ten years had produced only a daughter. Soon, Alika, Iradiel and Famau the nanny, had moved into the sprawling Lebeda mansion.

Not long after that, she gave birth to her second son. Kunala, the bastard son of Lord Lebeda. Their lives were happy, Alika retired from the theatre, taking up painting and poetry while the Lord was away. While he was in New Steven they would spend the time enjoying the city or together with the boys. That changed in the summer of 95, When Dame Sarrona, at her thirteen year old daughter's request, paid a surprise visit to daddy in New Steven. After a very stressful Erastus, Lord Lebeda with wife and daughter returned to Silverhall.

When he returned to the city that fall he explained that his daughter Elanna, taking an interest in family affairs, wanted to join him in the city and learn about business and politics. He had argued with his wife about the appearance of keeping 'a mistress' especially in front of the children, an argument he apparently lost. He arranged for Alika, Iradiel and Kunla to move to his hunting lodge, located in the north western tip of the Narlmarch Woods down river, at the most southeastern corner of his lands.

The hunting lodge called 'Rivercat Lodge,' was almost a small village unto itself. Located near enough to the East Sellen River to receive regular supplies, but far enough to need a small palisade, it became home to Alika and her children along with the other hundred or so people who live there. The first year Lord Lebeda visited every month, bringing gifts and surprises to the boys. The next year it was ten visits, the one after that was eight. In 4700 when the Lord's legitimate son, Lander, was born, The visits became once a year, in Neth the month Kunala was born which coincided with the best time to hunt elk.

Alika and Lebeda's relationship had slipped away well before the birth of Lander. His visits had become strictly about seeing his bastard son, Kunala. Although he had remained friendly with both Alika and her first son Iradyiel, even approving when Alika told him she wanted to marry a local ranger and bowmaker, Onnello Ustradi. Lebeda had said it would be for the best. Wishing Alika and Onnello happiness, giving them a small wedding gift, though he did not attend the wedding. Onnello had a large shop there in the lodge, but kept a cabin a few miles away, where they would spend most of his time.

Alika and Onnello were happy, eventually having three children of their own, two Girls: Erica and Rachel, and a boy Davidian. Alika continued making sure all the children had a liberal education. She would teach them music, geography, languages and proper etiquette. Onnello taught Iradyiel and Kunala woodlore and weapons. Kunala continued to be taught dueling and statecraft by tutors his father would send to the lodge. Even paying Kunala's tuition to the prestigious Aldori Academy of Restov.

He was at the Academy when word came that Lord Lander had died. Worried for her son’s life, Alika sent Iradyiel to Restov with instructions for the two of them to leave the country.

I will have some stories up for you soon.

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:
@Ellioti I will be ok with waiting for the crunch until after the two are selected, but I would like to know their general “crunch style.” Just so that I have a mental picture.

Jack's crunch is finished. Joe still to be done.

More ramblings:

What does your characters look like? (Height, weight, age, appearance, etc.)
Iradyiel, at twenty three, though three years older than Kunala, due to his elven heritage, actually looks younger. So pleased with the tuft of hair on his upper lip and chin, he refuses to shave it, calling it his goatee. Admittedly it does accent his high cheekbones and emerald green eyes. tall and lean, He wears his long hair pulled back in a practical ponytail. His clothing, though well made, are bland tones of earth colors. ELkhide boots with leather bottoms stitched up to his knee. deerskin trousers and jacket. His torso covered by his lamellar armor made of dried buffalo hide. His broad leather belt supporting a quiver on his right hip and a long curved sword on his left, with axe and kunia tucked in the front. His hooded cloak of heavy green wool, treated to resist the rain. He carries his longbow, made by his stepfather, in hand.

Kunala, now twenty, shares his Mother’s dark hair with his brother, though not his love of facial hair, staying clean shaven. He has his father's square chin and grey eyes. Standing six foot, not as tall as his brother, but broader of shoulder; lean and whipcord fast even faster than his brother. He no longer wears the required school boy uniform of the Aldori academy, but boots, trousers, jacket and cloak similar to his brothers. Subtle differences remain: His jacket is double breasted, with a high collar, unbuttoned slightly so the collar of his light blue cotton shirt is visible, if one looks closely they can see the edge of his chain shirt under the jacket but over the shirt. His leather belt is thinner, on his left hip is a double frog, with dueling sword and dagger. On his right hip is a quiver for arrows and a short bow made by onnello.

What is your character’s personality?
It would seem that Kunala enjoys the sound of his own voice, Iradyiel jokes that Kunala can 'talk the branch off of a tree.' While that may not be literally true, it is metaphorically true.

Kunala is extremely outgoing. He likes to talk to any one of any race, creed, social class or religion. He will go into the woods and try to talk to the animals. Heck, sometimes he even talks to himself. He wears his extroverted personality like armor. He believes he can talk himself into and out of almost any situation. Having been raised around touchy aldorian duelists, he has learned how hard he can or cannot push to keep control of situations. Only occasionally letting his mouth be faster than his good sense.. Having been called names and treated badly by people who knew his station, he has learned not to lose his temper, but to control the situation. Only using violence when it is absolutely necessary.

Kunala loves his brother to a point that he would recklessly lay his life down for him. This concern extends to other family members and his close friends as well. He has great concern for his mother, step father and half-siblings: Erica, Rachel and Davidian. He intentionally stays away from them for their own safety. He has a limited relationship with his father's family, having only met his half sister and her mom once, never meeting his younger half brother. Understanding the nuances of their relationship, he holds them no ill will and has fond memories of the teenage Elanna and her kindness when she visited the city. Though he will avoid them if at all possible, saving them and himself from any undue misunderstanding.

Iradyiel, personality is the polar opposite of Kunala, quiet, reserved, contemplative. He tries to let his actions speak for themselves. The commonality they share is their care and concern for family and friends.

Why does your character have the class, feats, weapon, etc. that they do? Where and how did they learn to fight? What made them take up this path?
Kunala, having a similar extroverted personality to his mother asked her to teach him how to become a bard, wanting to be able to release the same type of magic that she did when she performed or created art. Wanting to please his father, he started training in the aldori fighting style. As he grew older, he came to appreciate the sword style: to appreciate the musicality of the dance-like moves, to appreciate the way people admired his skill when he used the blade and to appreciate how it removed the threat of bullies and thugs. It was Onnello who helped him hone his ability to speak with animals

Everyone knew Iradyiel was a half elf, but they very rarely considered the fact that half-elf children would mature slower than human children. So often, he was assumed to be ‘slow’ by people around him. Iradyiel didn’t really come into his own until they moved to 'Rivercat Lodge,' going there felt like coming home. He immediately took a liking to the bowyer and it was he who actually introduced Onnello to Alika. He became Onnello’s shadow, learning all that the kind ranger could teach him.

Is your character religious? If so, who do they worship and why?
None of the adults in the boys early lives were overly religious. After they moved to ‘Rivercat Lodge’ and spent time with Onnello they learned an appreciation for ‘the green faith.’ Trying to show respect to nature in all things.

Good evening, Sorry for the very long background. This will give you a good idea of what the characters are like and I can pull from many of the character is the background to help fill a different character class if the other players that is chosen has a mage as well.

I would use the Favorite class bonus on skills and hit points.

Lord Gabriel was to be a cavalier but went into a fighter.
Jasrella is a Evoker.

Lord Gabriel:

Physical Description:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 158
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Black
Skin: Tanned, Heavily
Haircut: Short
Build: Thin and Wiry
Back Ground:
It was 4684 and Lord Etienne Courtenay was every bit as elegant as his namesake. Silks, feathers, satin, and lace at special dispensation was di rigeur for this fancy lad. Born to the exiled House of Courtenay from Galt, he was well-known at Urzen Rogarvia's Court, and dressed appropriately as one of the king's lovers. He lived a life of excess, and was quite content to be a plaything for the royalty, even gaining proper title in exchange for his talented favors.
But the lives of the noble class are fraught with politics, and Etienne was the bearer of Courtenay blood. In an effort to bring the House closer to the throne, a marriage was arranged. Etienne was furious, and made it well known that he wanted nothing to do with a girl from the Rogarvian line. His tantrums could not halt the political duties of his lineage and so, he was wed. The consummation was laughable with both ready to play the bride. Etienne performed his duty, disgusted, swore to never do so again. Fortunately, the Lady Courtenay was planted with the fruit of his labor that night. When the child was birthed, it was a boy, and Etienne was summoned from Urzen's chamber to give the name. Call it Foufou la chou, he laughed, dismissing the babe. Etienne's sister, attending at the bedside, intervened. Etienne! At least give the child a proper name! Etienne turned and left the room but ran into the night soil boy, a young Courtenay servant. The lord looked at him and asked what is your name boy...the reply was soft and confused...Gabriel sir...With a smug look Gabriel it is then, he called on his way out the door. And so, Gabriel Courtenay of House Rogarvia came into the world. Since the father wanted nothing to do with his child, Gabriel's mother made sure that he had a proper name. Dragomir Rogarvia of House Rogarvia.
His mother did the best she could in raising him as a gentlemen but there was still his father blood running in his veins. He took to donning the delicate clothing of a dandy and not limiting himself in terms of the love of one women. The Patriarch of House Courtenay had hoped for a strong line from his grandson, but saw that he was no better than Etienne.
Gabriel’s uncle the Lord Stavros Rogarvia despised Etienne with a fiery passion. The disgrace that was forced on his family line was unbearable even to strengthen political ties. Lord Stavros decided to remove that burden with an honor duel. Etienne was trapped, if he did not fight the duel he would lose his status in court and if he did fight the duel he would lose his life. Although Etienne loved the finer things, he loved his life even more. So in the middle of the night he fled with as much wealth as he could carry. He was never heard from again. Rumors have it he tried to sleep his way into the Ustalav court, but those are just rumors or are they.
Lord Stavros was not content with running Etienne out of town, he wanted to run him through. His anger grew and he took it out on Gabriel at any opportunity he got. His mother’s protection was the only thing keeping Gabriel alive. The years passed by and Gabriel grew into a fine young man. His good looks and charm got him into much trouble and it also got him out of trouble on just as many occasions. Now Lord Stavros’ anger grew to an obsession with the young lord. Insults and bullying were his way of dealing with Gabriel. Some of his favorites were to call him "Mister Fancy Pants" or to say something along the lines of you look so elegant tonight. Gabriel’s tolerance of his uncle's anger was legendary and drove the Rogarvian Lord to even greater hatred.
Now Gabriel was to be trained as a gentleman and so he went to school. History and languages were his forte. He thought the knowledge of the past would help him to better deal with the present. He enjoyed the Elven language as it was a way for him to swoon the women of the court. Then came the time to be a man as his grandfather would say. He learned to ride a horse, the art of warfare, and diplomacy. The call of a cavalier was there in his blood for he excelled at his training, but he could not place his heart to any ideals that sat right with his soul. During all this training it was widely known that Gabriel was running around the kingdom enjoying himself whenever, wherever and with whomever he please. He was loved by the locals and of course by the ladies. There were times when his escapades would get him into fights, mostly over a girl. He would try his luck at the diplomatic route but most times it ended up with him in a fight.
Gabriel was soon to turn thirteen and would no longer be afforded the luxury of a mother’s protection. His uncle had waited for this time to come. His attempts to have Gabriel removed from the house had failed time and time again. His mother foresaw that her younger brother would make another attempt to get rid of her son. To secured his place in the Rogarvian family she made arrangements with her father to make Gabriel heir apparent. The announcement would be made at his birthday celebration dinner.
The night came and Lord Stavros was celebrating heavily and his insults grew more frequent and louder as the night went on. When the announcement was made, Lord Stavros was livid. His face was bright red and he stood up. What have you done!!! You gave him my birth right! You treacherous little cuss you, I will kill you for this. Gabriel had sat there listening to his uncle go on about his mother and he did not like it one bit. He was scared of his uncle and rightfully so. This man could kill him quickly if he decided to do so. His mother who had protected him his whole life is now in need of protecting. He found that he wanted to protect her and it was not just her but all the people in attendance at this dinner. They did not deserve to be witness to such behavior and it needed to stop now. He stood up slowly and looked at his uncle. Gabriel was not sure what he should do but he needed to do something. He had felt that tonight would be an eventful night. His uncle stood up tall and sneered down at him. Gabriel steadied himself and in a soft voice...My mother the Lady Rogarvia has done nothing to you, uncle. She has done nothing but put herself in front of me to protect her son from your anger. An anger that has gotten the better of you over the years. An anger that has made you the butt of more jokes than I can recall. You should dance with me good sir as the Lady Rogarvia is way out of your league.Gabriel was as surprised as everyone else at the words that rolled out of his mouth. The veins on his uncles head were huge. Across the table from Gabriel was his uncle in another fit of anger, so angry was he that he drew his rapier before he even thought the better of it. Standing there pointing it at Gabriel with his anger for all to see.Very well then, I will just have to get rid of you right now. Gabriel looked at his uncle and with a genuine smile on his face. You tilt uncle...when you should have withdrawn. Lord Stavros, it is known that you wield a rapier forge by the Smoke Stone Weapon Masters Guild. A blade of forty-seven inches, your reach with such a weapon would be about ninety inches. Even with a quick lunge you could not reach me on this side of the table which is about ten feet from you, giving me about two feet or so of safety. Meaning I am protected from you, safe enough that I can do this. With very little effort, very little movement, Gabriel raised a hand and with a quick snap of his fingers. I on the other hand have you at a severe disadvantage. You will apologize to my mother and the rest of these fine folk here. The sound of weapons coming free as the guards all came to the aid of the heir apparent. Lord Stavros stared hard at Gabriel for a very long time. So long that time itself seemed to stand still until the disgraced Lord dropped his rapier on the table with a long loud clank of metal hitting plates. He turned and slowly walked towards the door. Gabriel watches as the man walks away and he seems to be waiting for the right moment to continue his conversation with his uncle. Just as the Lord Stavros reaches the doors and was about to push them open, Gabriel made his last play on words. Speaking with a voice filled with authority and loud enough to carry to all corners of the room. Oh and one thing more uncle. If you ever threaten my mother again, I will make sure that you get that honor duel you have been wanting all these years. You are a little long in the tooth uncle and you might not like the outcome.The Lord's footsteps are drowned out as the King burst out in laughter. Soon others join in and then the doors close on the departing nobleman.
Lord Stavros is seen less and less over the next few weeks. When people would talk with him they would get a cold, short responses. Not many people cared about the disgraced Lord much, but gossip does spread and people were wondering if the new heir might have pushed the angry lord too far. Gabriel wanted to push him to the point that he did act. This was so that he could deal with his uncle and be done with this feud. He has been training most of his life and he desperately needed to prove himself.
There came a time when Gabriel decided to relax his guard a bit and go out for a drink or four. He went to one of his favored taverns, the Vulgar Unicorn. It was here that he felt comfortable. Around him were common folk and noble alike, just enjoying the good times of each others company. The Bards were decent enough but then again not many people came here for the music. It was a place to get away from the daily grind of life. To some it was an escape from the rigors of being a noble and for others it was a place to just enjoy what you have worked so hard to earn. Gabriel was well known here and it came as no surprise when the drinks started to show up without him ordering them. One such drink came by with a guest. A beautiful women of maybe eighteen winters. She was attractive in all the right ways.
It did not take long for the two wanting to enjoy each others company beyond words. Gabriel was used to such occurrences, his last name was gold...even for one of his age. The time to retire to a more private setting was over due and it came as no surprise when she ask him to walk her home. Gabriel being the gallant gentleman that he was insisted on doing such a thing and of course he brought along a basket of late night snacks with a nice bottle of wine. He did so love the set up at the Vulgar Unicorn, they knew how to take care of the customer. As they walked and talked, Gabriel found out that she was a newly released apprentice of a local mage of minor reputation. She has found that making a living as a mage was very difficult and hard to make ends meet. She was doing her best and had just taken an offered job that would set her up for many months if not a year or more. She seemed to be happy but a bit unsure..of what he was not certain. When they came to what he thought to be her home, he was surprised. It was an old ferry boat house that was being refurbished. She explained that she had acquired the property while being an apprentice. Doing scribe work on the side had paid her enough gold to buy this run down building. The outside left much to be desired but the inside was just starting to see the renewed life of a hard work paying off. It was nice to say the least. The moment came for the two to get better acquainted when a noise came from behind them, he turned to see what was making the noise. He saw two men come out of the shadows blocking the exit.
The first was a tall male human of Ulfen blood with short greasy cropped hair and a full beard. He was wielding a large ax in his hand. The other was also a male but of an Tian decent. He carried a long weapon Gabriel had never seen before. A pole weapon with a curved blade at the top. He was slowly turning his head towards his guest for the night. Look I might be a Courtenay but I am not my father. I like my women to be...well....women. He finished his turn, facing the woman and his smile fades as he understand what is going on. He had been played and marked for something that Gabriel will not like at all. Oh really...and I was so looking forward to waking up next to you in the morning. The woman looks shocked and confused as she struggles to understand what Gabriel stated. What did you say, you are of Courtenay blood and not Rogarvian?
Any remark Gabriel might have wanted to make were drowned out as the large human came crashing in with a loud bellow that shook the windows in their frames. His ax came slashing across from left to right. Gabriel dropping to his knees as the ax cuts the air just above his head. Punching out with his fist at the one object now in his line of sight. Gabriel misses the target but just barley as the butt of the ax comes down close to his head. Rolling to his feat and away from combat, Gabriel is able to draw his weapon and take stock of what he was involved in. The woman is standing a few feet away to his left under the second floor balcony. The large man whom Gabriel referred to as Mr. Ugly was getting his bearings again and charging straight at him. The man from Tian Xia was calmly walking around to his right. They were surrounding him, this was no simple robbery, they meant to kill him.
Mr Ugly charges in bellowing something incoherent. The over head chop comes crashing down into the cross beam of the second floor balcony. Gabriel is backing up wondering what he can do to save his own life as his back hits something solid. Thinking it is the mage he quickly jumps forward and to his right. Right into the Tian man who somehow close the distance. His speed was incredible. Both men were shocked and surprised as they collide into each other. Gabriel is inside the Tian man's reach and is able to get his rapier up and stabs at him in the lower gut scoring a minor hit. As the Tian man tries to back out and use his weapon at a distance, Gabriel is able to score another hit. Blood is now freely flowing from the Tian man. Mr ugly is screaming mad as he tries to pull his weapon free of the wooden beam as the mage is in the process of casting a spell. This is not looking good for Gabriel. The Tian man tries to slash at him from a distance but misses his target as Gabriel step up inside his reach. This time his rapier hits true and the Tian man falls back dropping his weapon and taking along with him Gabriel's rapier. Now unarmed and with a huge man finally free from the cross beam. Everything turns bright white and then he can only see spots. The light fades after a brief second or two but that is enough to put him off his mark. Stumbling backwards a few step to just separate himself from the rage of the big man, he hears something that can only be really least for him that is. The Ulfen was using words that Gabriel just could not understand. Mr Ugly's anger seemed to be at its peak until the light got bright, oh did he ever get mad. He swung his ax in a upward swing trying to gut Gabriel from navel to chin. Fortunately Gabriel was just a few steps away, unfortunate for him was the second floor balcony. The ax bite deep into the already damage cross beam. The balcony came crashing down on Gabriel. The mage seeing that her spell worked and her target was disorganized, started to cast another spell. She was never able to get it off as the huge man collapsed the balcony on top of herself and Gabriel. The cross beam came crashing down with the balcony on top of her pinning her under broken wood beams. Mr Ugly calms himself and takes stock of what he has done, seeing the two people trapped under the structure makes him smile. Ha. That was easier that I thought. You were less of a challenge than I was told. Mr. Ugly walks over and takes a lamp off the wall and walks back to where Gabriel and the mage are trapped under the collapsed balcony. He looks around for the Tian man. The little guy ran away, I did not like him anyway. And that witch, she was just never up to the task. I will collect their part of the payment as well. Not a bad days work. He throws the lamp on top of the debris and the fragile glass shatters. It hits, spilling oil and flames all over the wood. Within moments it is ablaze and Mr Ugly laughs as he walks away.
Trying desperately to figure a way out of this death trap, Gabriel struggles to break free. His struggles are rewarded as he feels something under his left arm. He is able to free his arm with the object. It is the pole weapon the eastern man wielded. Bracing the weapon under the beam and over his legs he is able to leverage the weight off of his legs and pull himself out from under the flaming wood. Standing up and scanning the room to find a way out of the fire, he sees the female mage trapped as well. Freeing her from the wood took less time then he thought it would since he had a way to lift the wood off of her without burning himself. Gabriel is thinking how wonderful this weapon is when he hears the building groan in protest. He does not have much time left before the building will collapse. Seeing no real way out of the building, he drags the unconscious women towards the back where the ferry is stored. Laying her down, he finds a piece of the crossbeam and drags it to the back by the dock. Pushing it into the water and then laying the women across the beam, Gabriel takes another look around to make sure this is his best coarse of action. Being fairly certain of his decision, he grabs his new pole weapon and drops down into the water. Cradling the women's head on his shoulder and pushes the crossbeam out into the river to float downstream away from the fire and Mr Ugly. What seemed like several hours latter, Gabriel directs them towards shore. He spends a night in the dark all alone and cold. He stays vigilant as he keeps watch for Mr.Ugly and also for the mage to wake up. She was hurt badly but she will recover in time. Just before the sun breaks the sky. The mage starts to stir. Gabriel lays the pole weapon across her throat in an attempt to negate and thought of verbally casting a spell. Feeling the cold metal on her skin, her eyes open wide with terror. Looking up the weapon towards the wielder, her face calms with the sight of Gabriel. It is you, good I am glad you made it out of there alive. Gabriel looks confused for a second then he starts to wonder what it is she means. What are you talking about, you were there to kill me just like the others. I did not think you would enjoy being cooked alive, so I pulled you out of the building that your friend put to the torch. I want answers. I have the money to get them from you one way or another. I prefer not to talk to a corpse but I will if it is necessary. Sitting back a bit with the weapon resting across his knees, Gabriel starts to interrogate the mage.
Who are you and who sent you after me. The mage is quick with the response which puts Gabriel off a bit as he wonders if she rehearsed these responses or if she is willingly telling the truth. My name is Jasrella and I am a mage recently released from Master Evoker Parnell of the Burning Fist. I am sorry for what happened last night, I was told something that I am now realizing was not the truth. I know of you and what was said is not true. I was paid a large amount of gold to get rid of you but you are not the person I was told would be you.. She sighs a little.Look I was told that there was a distant cousin of House Rogarvia that has been bringing dishonor to the family for far too long and that he was plotting to take over the Rogarvian Royal line. I was given a description of you and what you would be wearing, this man made it seem like you were the devil all dressed up. He did not give me a name but he keep calling you Mr. Fancy Pants. When you spoke up about your father being a Courtenay, I knew who you were. We have never met but I have heard the stories of you and of your father. I then was able to put the pieces together. I was wrong to take the contract on you, I am sorry I never knew that you were the target of the contract. We were just supposed to frighten you into to leaving the kingdom. A look of disgust washes over Gabriel's face as he understands things now. His uncle wants him dead and will go to any length to get it.Who else is in on this plan to encourage me to leave. The mage looks up at him, sitting up taller and brushing herself off.
The only others I know of were the Tian man who does not talk much and the Ulfen. There is another target if we fail. He mentioned that if you were not willing to leave town that he would have to target another noble within the house. I am not sure who it is but I got the impression the she was of noble blood. Gabriel is shocked at what she is saying. The questions just start to flow one after another until he is satisfied that he knows all that he can from Jasrella. It is brought to light that he is wanted dead or scared into running away. This would allow his uncle to remain as steward of the family until Gabriel's Grandfather passes away. When that happens, if Gabriel is not to be found or dead then the steward would take up the reins of the family. His mother is in danger now and Gabriel has no way of knowing who it is that has accepted the contract to kill her.
Reeling with guilt and too many questions to think straight until it dawns on him. He wants to protect his mother at all cost, but to do that he will have to die. If he is dead then the title of Patriarch will revert to his uncle when the current patriarch passes away. If he is alive, then his mother is a target because of him. Gabriel hates to hurt his mother but in order to protect her he must die. Gabriel wonders when it was that he became so enamored with protecting his loved ones. He never meant any ill will towards them, except his uncle of course but now he is actively seeking ways to protect them from harm.
Gabriel helps the mage up, taking off his Courtenay signet ring and tosses it to the mage. Deliver this to your employer. Tell him that the barbarian tried to kill me and failed as I was still alive and pulling myself out from the burning building. You were able to pull yourself out and dispatched me before I could free myself completely. You took this ring as proof of the deed. If he asks about the eastern man, tell him that I injured him and he ran away. Collect you gold and try to enjoy your life without killing anyone. I can tell you that killing a person is hard and I am still trying to get over the fact that I killed that man. I have trained and trained but they can never trained you to get over your first kill. Jasrella stands up tall and starts to object to his words. Now wait a minute it was my Flare Burst spell that kept you alive. I do not need to be dismissed just like that. I helped you to survive and I need to help you stay alive... to make up for my poor choices. Gabriel looks at her with a genuine smile. I appreciate that you were able to see the error of your ways but I am a danger right now to anyone I am near. Go back and collect your gold and I will be on my way. The city is about three hours walk that way, you will get to the main road in about half that time going upstream. I wish you luck Lady Jasrella. Gabriel turns and starts to walk into the woods going in the opposite direction and away from his home, maybe never to return again.
Several weeks later Gabriel is taking his mid day break at a little inn along the main road just about two days out from the next town. A fragrance that is familiar to him is reintroduced to his senses. Even after days of hard travel and sleeping in barns and at times out in the open, his senses are still able to pick up that smell. So when Jasrella sits down next to him he is not surprised that she showed up. Fancy meeting you here of all places. Jasrella puts some coin on the bar and orders a drink and a plate of food. Gabriel looks at her from the side and recognizes a smile on her face. Ok, so how did you find me. Jasrella still smiling and simple states... There are not many of those weapons known around these parts. She points to his pole weapon. So it was a simple mater of time before someone saw a weapon like that. It did take longer than I had hoped, You are good at covering your tracks when you want to. [/b]They both drank the afternoon away together talking about the last few weeks as to what happened. So how much did my uncle pay you for my death...Jasrella does not miss a beat One hundred shiny gold crowns for you...wait that man was your uncle? Gabriel spits out his drink That cheap motherf..Sorry. I was thinking I was at least worth five hundred maybe even seven fifty, but only a hundred. Suddenly I am not feeling so well... Jasrella slides a ring over to Gabriel. This is yours. I did not need it after all. The corpse of the eastern man was located with your rapier next to him. That was all the proof my employ...your uncle needed. There is much morning going on in the city. You were well liked among the common folk and nobility alike. Gabriel takes the ring and returns it to the rightful place on his hand. It was time to heal the wounds of the past and they both enjoyed a heartfelt laugh. One of many the two will share over the years.
The time passed by and Gabriel had changed so much since that fateful night. He was growing into a handsome man. Much different than the boy he was just a year ago. The two friends started to hear some unsettling rumors....That the Rogarvia Royalty had mysteriously vanished. No traces left behind, they just were gone. What happened to his mother, his family? What was he to do? This was not the news he had wanted but he dare not return to the lands of his upbringing. He had no political might no military might to back up his claim. He had nothing left to him. Oh he knew people but he was thought to be dead and that would not help matters if he just showed up out of the blue to claim a throne that was his by claiming to be a dead boy the died over a year ago. No it was best if he continued on his way and earn his name. In time with some luck he may be able to do something but right now he needed to put some distance between him and home.
The two traveled the lands, traveling light and moving from town to town. They would hire on as caravan guards or a personal scribe if the need was great. Gabriel kept his name but never use his full name, always going by Gabriel. The two enjoyed each others company and came to respect one another. They also came to understand the needs of the other, It was a good relationship. They kept their personal feelings about each other to themselves, never wanting to cross that bridge that can never be undone.
In a little town that had only one tavern, the two were enjoying a meal and a drink after a long journey with a local merchant. The tavern was small and mostly filled with the locals. That was until the Lupers came in, as this is what the locals called them. The were a rowdy bunch but respectful of the tavern and the people there. Not a bunch of thugs. Jasrella and Gabriel looked at each other and both knew what the other was thinking. This could be a interesting night. The two kept to themselves until a a short man in his thirties came over to Jasrella and made a point to inject himself in between the two friends and try to buy Jasrella a drink. She polity refused and told him that she already had a drink. He continued to try to buy her a drink and again she politely refused informing him again that she already had a drink. Gabriel at this time was letting things go for he knew that Jasrella could take care of herself. The man introduced himself as Marcus Gothicus of Riverford and decided that she needed some personal time with him. She again said that she was not interested and this time informed him that he should stop his advances before he got hurt. Marcus placed his hand on her leg and smiled at her. She smiled right back as she watched him collapsed to the ground in pain. Rubbing the back of his head he started to curse at whomever hit him. He stood up looking at Gabriel face to face as he was sitting at the bar beside Jasrella. Do not look at me, I left you to your own devices,..that failed might I add. Gabriel chuckles at Marcus' expense. Looking past him to Jasrella Did you have to do that to him. She responds..He would not take no for an answer and therefore he deserved it. Marcus starts to speak up when a large round dough ball of a man stood up from the table where the Lupers were sitting, followed by several of the other occupants of that table. The man directly behind the first man was a little taller but just as round. Gabriel looks over at Jasrella. oh great, this is going to be fun.
The first man walks up to the two as Marcus scurries away to stand behind the pack. What is the meaning of this assault on one of my men. Gabriel could see the fires building up inside Jasrella and decided that it is best if he talks. My apologies sir, but your man was making unwanted advances towards the young lady here. The attack was a simple slap across the back of the head to let him know that she is not interested. Gabriel steps up to meet the large man before he is too close to Jasrella. This move gave her space to cast spells if the need arises and gave her time to flee if the need arises. Gabriel was at disadvantage, here he is standing face to face with at least a dozen men. This could get ugly real quick. The large man bellows out a laugh and looks at Marcus You are destined to be alone Gothicus, you are never going to meet a nice women with talk like that.
The Lupers are all laughing at Marcus and as the laughter reaches a high point the large man states round is on Gothicus. The Lupers all cheer except for Marcus. The night was fun and it lasted long into the morning hours. The group was known as Lupers in these parts but their official name was ArgentLupe. They are a mercenary band of two dozen men and women. They are known for doing caravan work, but are not afraid of clearing out dens of monster when the money is right. The leader is Codwin the silver tongued. He is a very large man of middle years. His second is a man just as large but younger and a little taller and goes by the name Angus MacGregor. We are introduced to the rest of the pack. Allister Costerotto a scout, which is odd since he is well over 6 feet in height. Sarrick Vormunde is their repair man and siege weapons expert. Kreyson MacLeod a dark skinned human with a wicked brewing habit and just as wicked with any pole weapon. Hamish is Angus' brother and he helps to hold their front lines together. The shield mates are Barktooth of the Shortbeard, Marcus Gothicus, Enoch MacBainister, Walgrim Von Kirchaff, Jeggred Von Tiramalis, Fenris McCanne. There is Liam Macleod a lighter skinned version of Kreyson. Liam is of Ulfen blood and was taken in by Krey after a chance meeting between the two at a bar one night. His real last name has never been spoken. Saraphina is a beautiful women on horseback and finally there is the man known as Big G or Gio. His voice is raspy but soft and he stands close to seven feet tall and just as wide as Codwin. For the next eight years Gabriel and Jasrella travel and work with ArgentLupe. Slowly over time they made their way back towards Brevoy and the River Kingdoms.
It is during this time that Gabriel takes the name D'Elagante which means the elegant. For years Gabriel D'Elagante's name is spread far and wide earning him his reputation as a fair and just young leader. He was ready to defend his charges, his soldiers, and those that can not defend themselves. He would remain loyal to them. About two years ago, Gabriel met up with Codwin about their contracts for the year. The trade season was about to start and it was best to have a contract set in ink before the first caravans left town. Codwin did not have a contract set up and it did not seem like he cared if ArgentLupe had a contract or not. The Lupers needed this contract. Many of the soldiers had families and needed this money to make sure they were taken care of while they were away. Gabriel had seen the decline in the leadership over the last several years or so. It would seem that the two leaders could not get any fatter on their laziness but getting bigger is what those two did best. Gabriel mentioned that he has seen Baron Zlatko just the other day and he might have work for them as they have worked for him in the past. The meeting goes well as Gabriel and Jasrella secure a contract that will set them up for the trade season. It seemed that the decline in leadership of ArgentLupe was not a secret. His Excellency Baron Zlatko of House Medvyed demanded that Gabriel be the one to sign the contract as it is Gabriel that he has been dealing with all these years. The season was winding down with not much going on. No bandit activity no wandering Goblins. Nothing at all was happening, which made Gabriel uneasy. The last run of the season both Codwin and Angus decided that they did not need to go on this caravan. They did not do much these days so it would not be a change of pace at the very least. The caravan went out on schedule and ArgentLupe followed along per its usual strategy. On the way back to town on the last run of the season, the outriders came back with news that some bandits had hit a caravan of travelers. The bandits were just toying with the survivors. Taking stock of the numbers and their tactics that were described by the outriders, Gabriel formulates a plan. He sent his shields to protect the civilians and sends the rest of his unit up the hill towards the left flank of the enemy. Timing is everything as he gets his men into position before the enemy knows he is there and the shields can do what they need to do. The bandits are in the treeline lobbing arrows down on the caravan as the shield unit comes rushing into position in front of the caravan. The bandits are not happy to see them and regroup to attack down the hill when out of the woods crashing into the rear corner of their left side comes the second unit of ArgentLupe. Seeing that the rest of the Lupers are now charging down the hill at them, the shield men move there line forward and up hill cutting across the front right side of the enemy effectively placing them in between the two group of Lupers. The bandits did not know what to do and started to flee in all directions. Most were cut down before they could get out of the pincer move.
The Lupers help to take care of the dead from the caravan and it turns out that the caravan was part of a larger group and got separated. Gabriel decides to escort the survives back to town to make sure they meet up with the rest of their caravan. It turns out that the passengers are the extended family of a wealthy nobleman from House Orlovsky. A party was given to the Lupers for their bravery and for going above and beyond the contract of their duty. The night was filled with drink, food and good songs. The nobleman even had a bard create a song of the adventure. Then little tidbits started to flow back to Gabriel's ear. It seems that Codwin was taking credit for the safe return of the family members. Now being lazy, fat and taken ArgentLupe's hard earned money was bad enough but now you are trying to take the victory away from the men and women who earned this party that night. Gabriel has had enough, he decides that he is done with Codwin, but what can he do about the rest of the unit. If he and Jasella leave, what is to become of the rest. He needed to remain loyal to them, they deserved that at least. Just as he is about to confront Codwin, Baron Zlatko hands Gabriel a scroll that is sealed with the personal seal of the Mayor of Restov. Reading it brings a smile to Gabriels face as he confronts Codwin in a very public manner. In the end ArgentLupe was now defunct with only two members left. The rest of the Lupers joined Gabriel and Jasrella on their journey to the Green belt. Gabriel sent Jasrella and the rest of the Lupers to gather their families and all the equipment that was scattered across the realms. They will join Gabriel in the greenbelt with a vigor and much experience. He knew the best way to help those that are under his protection was to give them a place that they could protect. A place to lay roots down, a place to start a family...simple put...a Home.
Gabriel was wondering what to do about the name that he had helped to build over the years..ArgentLupe..this was who he was or was it just a name. He had not thought much of his past..his real name. In the end Gabriel Courtenay of House Rogarvia unknown as Dragomir Rogarvia, the lone survivor of the Vanishing, decide that a new name was in order. Argent Dracos was created to bring prosperity and peace to the Stolen Lands. To give a home to his men and women and maybe one day to lead from the front in reclaiming his birth right.

Jasrella Domas:

Physical Description:
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brow
Skin: Tanned, Heavily
Haircut: Long and Straight
Build: Thin and Athletic

Back Ground:
Gerald and Lyllian were so proud of their daughter, for at the age of six she has started to show a talent for the arcane arts. Gerald had his career as an aspiring mage cut short due to the family farm needed
Tending and Lyllian was a well know bard in these parts. When the local mage’s guild came around to test the children and Jasrella top the charts, it was no surprise when the offers for apprenticeship came in.
Gerald and Lyllian picked a powerful wizard that they thought would give their daughter the best training they could afford. The cost was a big concern but both parents thought this was what was best for their Child. Three weeks after the spring testing ceremony Jasrella was sent to study with Zathew of Benthros. This was the beginning of her life and the parents thought that Jasrella would be happy, The winter of 4865 was a harsh and bitter one. The after math of such cold temperatures brought about a sickness that spread throughout the town and surrounding villages. By the time the healers got the sickness under control, many were dead include both Jasrella’s parents. Now with no parents and no way to pay for her training, she was released from her apprenticeship with Zathew of Benthros. Jasrella was running low on what money her parents left her. The neighbors were too afraid to help as the felt they would catch the sickness. She was approached by a Parnell of the Flaming fist about her situation. He agreed to
continue her training in the arts in exchange for her family’s farm. She had nowhere else to turn to. No family and here she is almost 7 years old and the owner of a farm. In the end it was Parnell that took
over the Domas Pomegranate farm and Jasrella continued her training for another sixteen years. Once released from her training Jasella was once again alone and unsure of her direction.

Jasrella looked for a way to make a living as a Evoker, but there were not many jobs available for a mage of destruction as it was called. For weeks and weeks she searched for a way to support herself, with
no success she was getting desperate. Then she was contacted by a man that was looking for help in making sure a certain person would rethink his personal objectives. The job was to help two other men
scare away a person that is known to be a bad influence on the Higher ups of House Rogarvia. This person was described as a evil and vile thing that wants nothing but power for himself, he even is holding his own sister against her will so the rest of the house does not move against him. This list of grievances went on and on and the accusations got more and more bold. After some time of listening to the stories of this “Mister Fancy Pants” as he is known to be called. Jasrella was ready to take the job and the one hundred gold was a good incentive to boot.

The target was known to frequent the tavern known as the vulgar unicorn. This was a tavern that Jasrella knew of but has never been there before. She met up with the two other men and made the arrangements that she would lure the target to the ferry shed that was being refurbished by some noblemen as a surprise for his mistress. The target was there of course but the description did not say anything about how attractive this young man was or how confident he was. Jasrella found she attracted to the target almost instantly even thought she was much older than him. Shaking the silliness away she sent a drink over this young lord and followed up with a personal visit. It did not take him time to accept her offer of a night cap at her place. Once inside she proceeds to let him talk as she got into position. The two other men stepped out of the shadows and the young man turned to her saying. Look I might be a Courtenay but I am not my father son. I like my women to be well....a woman. Jasrella is taken aback as the target makes this bold statement. Her mind is reeling with the new information that was just blurted out. What did you say, you are a courtenay and not anjou? Is all she can blurt out as the two men start their attacks. Why are the two men being so aggressive, they were to just scare this person away not to do any harm. This is the Gabriel of the houses Courtenay and Rogarvia. He is not vile or evil. Jasrell is concerned as to what she has gotten herself into. Seeing that her attention is drifting Jasrella makes up her mind about her target, this Gabriel. She begins casting a spell of Flare Burst, She does not have much time as the barbarian is about to close this chapter in her short career as an unknown assassin. She is able to get the spell off in time but Gabriel is to close to the barbarian. Jasrella starts to cast another spell, this one is to do some damage and hopefully keep Gabriel alive.
Unfortunately she is not able to get her spell off in time and is knock unconscious from the collapse of the second floor balcony. As Jasrella starts to regain consciousness she sense that things are not right in her world. The cold touch of metal on her throat was the first indication. Her eyes open up with concern with her wellbeing and immediately calms herself as she sees Gabriel looking down at her. The next thing Jasrella knows is she spilling everything to this young lord. She can not help herself and continues to tell him everything she knows. Could it be a sense of remorse or maybe a bit of guilt for what she got involved in. What ever the reason, it would seem that it saved her life. The young lord sent her on her way to collect the bounty on his head. She wants to stay and help him but in the end Gabriel would not have any of it. His plan to fake his death to save and protect his mother is a noble one.

Jasrella decided that after this chance encounter with the young lord that she is unwittingly tied to. Several days go by and she is able to find him. He is so easy to talk to even when he is hurting. They spend the next couple of hours just talking about everything and nothing at all. It made her decision that much easier. That decision was to travel with this man and see the world. Jasrella found that her life was intertwined with this young lord. Over the next nine years they would fight beside each other. Always on the cusp of something more but never more than that. They became leaders of the mercenary group ArgentLupe and now Argent Dracos. Jasrella knows that Gabriel was getting restless with his lot in life. He yearned for a place to call home, a place for his family to call home. It was weighing heavily on his shoulders and Jasrella did not know what to do about it. The day the calling came for heroes to take back the stolen lands was a day Jasrella will remember for a very long time.

As much as I'd like to play my pair of guys, I believe this is too much of a commitment for me right now. These days, I have a very unregular daily schedule and can't promise to write a deep post every day. Guess, you have enough other submission to choose from.

@Ellioti I hate to see your character go, but I thank you for your honesty when it comes to your availability. Hope you find some normalcy in these uncertain times.

@All submissions are due tomorrow. They are all great and it will be difficult to cut it down to two.

If it will help you get a better feel for the characters.

Lord Gabriel

Jasrella Domas

@Robert Henry

Hi Robert! I've missed you and your backstories, they are always so amazing! Give me something more to read :)

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:

@Viviana Masters Love the backstory you provided for each character. The progenitor druid is a really fun flavor archetype, I had to pass that onto one of my buddies who loves fey/first world lore. Looking over the crunch I do not see the drawback for Mirana, but I really could be missing it.

Its listed in the Crunch as "Fey Taken".

(Fey-Taken -2 vs. disease, illusions, poison and spells, spell-like abilities and supernatural abilities of fey.)

I tried to make it a significant part of Mirana's backstory which is why the First World part sits in her backstory!

As for favored class, I went with skill point and the Druid FCB (+1/2 to change attitudes) as probably the most flavorful options for Mirana.

Does the cohort get a favored class bonus at all, or just not the double FCB that the main PC gets?

Also I added Descriptions and Personalities. Please let me know if I'm missing anything, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes or perspective helps!

Mirana Description:

Mirana is a tall, slender female human with long raven black hair that falls below her shoulders. Mirana lets it hang unbound behind her neck, trimming it only when it falls onto her eyes, or catches on the branches or bushes that she sometimes wades through. Long hours in the sunlight has given her skin a tanned, almost bronzed look but it remains fair as ever. Her dark brown eyes are forever moving, but her face is frequently lit up in a friendly smile.

In dress, Mirana wears simple attire, usually brown and green in colour. Largely, Mirana adopts this to blend in, but also such colours are a more ‘travel friendly’. Mirana usually wears a simple shirt and has a thicker top she can wear if she feels the outdoors are particularly cold. Mirana favours pants, being practical attire when traveling through forests, but does own a flowing gown made of leaves given to her during her time in the First World. She owns a pair of carved brown wooden boots, again, from the First World but is equally comfortable roaming in her bare feet – there is something about it that reminds her of her childhood, running amok carefree. The druid doesn’t accessorise very often and doesn’t own jewellery or precious metals. Instead, Mirana has two carved wooden pendants. She doesn’t know the significance of them (besides looking pretty), but she received one on her first night in the First World, and another on her last. Mirana alternates between wearing and not wearing these items depending on her mood.

Mirana is also a little pedantic about her appearance. While she is practical in her choice of clothing and fashion, she still believes in always looking presentable, and looking your best – after all you never know who you could meet. Mirana therefore makes liberal use of her Create Water cantrip to wash and bath to ensure that she is clean and tidy even while travelling.

Mirana Personality:

Used to being on her own, Mirana is a self-reliant individual, who is primarily concerned with practical problems and solutions to any obstacles that she comes across. While Mirana enjoys being sociable, capable of being charming if the situation calls for it – she does not get many opportunities to do so while roaming the wilds. Solitude is not easy for Mirana though, and she frequently feels lonely (or did before she met Caitir). Mirana desperately wants close social connections, but her personal quest frequently drives her in the opposite direction.

When she does meet others in the wilds, or even when she makes a visit into a town or village, Mirana is always generous. Caitir would even go so far as to describe Mirana as perhaps a little naïve but Mirana does try to see the best in people, and in truth, she wants positive interactions rather than shutting down or avoiding them. Self-sufficient, Mirana doesn’t usually ask others for much, but she is persistent and determined when pursuing her own goals. Mirana also knows full well how to be seductive, deceitful or manipulative, traits that she often saw in the First World, but keeps these tools hidden unless she truly feels that there are limited alternatives. Caitir on the other hand (with her own personal history), actively encourages Mirana to use these tools, as her own experiences have taught her to use every advantage available to her.

While Caitir might consider Mirana a little naïve, she is forced to acknowledge that Mirana has an exceedingly sharp mind and is not particularly dumb or dim witted. Years of relying on herself has forced Mirana to be streetwise and resourceful. While Mirana sees the best in people, she does prepare for the worst and usually has a plan ready should one be required.

Mirana is not particularly religious, and while knowledgeable on the subject, does not pay it much heed. She pays lip service to some of the Eldest – particularly the Green Mother as a prominent eldest many of the nymphs and dryads would worship – but otherwise draws her divine magic from nature itself. Mirana does feel a particularly strong debt to many residents of the First World – despite being abducted (and still not knowing why) by and large she remained safe and well and therefore by honouring the Eldest and channelling the energies of the First World she feels she is paying homage to them somehow.

Home and Family are particularly tough subjects for Mirana. While she is happy roaming the world on her search, Mirana desperately wants a stable place to call home. After experiencing so much disruption, she believed that settling down in an area she could call home would give her some peace and relaxation. Unfortunately for Mirana, she doesn’t have a clear picture as to what Home and Family really look like for her. Her life has been split between her time in the First World, and her time on the Material Plane – Mirana cannot truly decide which place is really ‘home’ for her. Until she makes a conscious decision, it is likely Mirana will forever pursue the two different locations like a dog chasing cars, never catching either.

Likewise Family is in the same boat. Mirana wants to track down her childhood parents, but she doesn’t know where they are, if they still live, even if they still remember her. She is aware of the possibility that she could have a brother or a sister by now – that her parents could have moved on since in the years that have followed. Likewise Mirana was looked after by several of the Fey (although she doesn’t know why) – in some respects, they were also part of her ‘family’ during her time in the First World and yet she was sent out suddenly with no explanation. In a certain way, Mirana is stuck – her quest gives her direction and purpose, but she isn’t sure what the end result would actually be.

Caitir Description:

Caitir is a lithe human female with dark brown hair that she wears long and dark emerald eyes. Long hours in darkness have given her skin the colour of ivory, although this has started to change slightly with Caitir’s travels with Mirana. In stark contrast to Mirana’s always smiling outlook on life, Caitir keeps her face in an almost perpetual scowl.

Caitir likes to dress in dark coloured clothing – preferably black. While she enjoys exotic fabric, she is also practical in deciding what to wear, and resorts to dark leather outfits while travelling. Caitir does however carry several items of jewellery (mostly rings, necklaces and earings) despite walking the wilds – her magpie like tendency to hoard expensive items meant that she couldn’t leave them behind in Riddleport. Caitir always looks for opportunities to wear such items, but isn’t stupid enough to wear them in the great outdoors for fear of losing them. Like Mirana, Caitir also prefers to wear boots on her feet, but again, she sticks to leather in stark contrast Mirana’s clothing that is often (but not always) plant based.

Caitir Personality:

Caitir shares many similarities with Mirana, however the two women have very different outlooks on life. Like Mirana (for instance), Caitir is solitary, self-reliant, and resourceful. Caitir is used to doing things in her own way, forging her own path, and is likewise determined when chasing a personal goal. Like Mirana she is also exceptionally intelligent and knowledgeable – having spent countless hours reading books to make up for a shortfall in education.
Unlike Mirana however, Caitir is naturally suspicious, doesn’t often think the best of people and isn’t as generous in helping others. She isn’t as adapt at reading people as Mirana is, and so defaults to being distrustful of others. She fails to see the need to go out of her way to assist those in need, mostly because she encountered limited assistance in her own life when she was in hardship and therefore sees limited value in offering something she never received herself. She is however, fine with Mirana’s frequent attempts to assist those less fortunate, although it’s usually followed with a sign of exasperation.

As a criminal, Caitir possesses many attributes that Mirana does not, or prefers not to use. Caitir is much more comfortable in being manipulative, or deceitful, and harbours not reservations towards doing so. In her mind the ends will always justify the means and she certainly doesn’t lose any sleep over it. Caitir also possesses a liberal opinion over what ‘ownership’ actually means, and doesn’t see the harm in ‘repossessing’ items that take her fancy. Forever attracted to the trappings of wealth, Caitir usually takes items that she thinks make her look higher class than she actually is and in Mirana’s opinion – worries too much about what others think of herself.

Caitir possesses even less of an interest in religion than Mirana, but pays lip service respect to The Eldest (out of pure courtesy to Mirana’s beliefs) as well as the various gods and goddesses of intrigue. Caitir is also hellbent on returning to civilisation and urban environments as quickly as possible. She doesn't mind tramping in the wilds, and she knows that Mirana gets much of her magical strength from such locations, but she always feels most comfortable around nobles, or high society or even law enforcement (the latter representing a challenge Caitir can match herself again) and such scenes are limited out in the wild. Caitir’s latest tactic is to heavily promote the idea of Mirana settling down in a large city and starting up an information network somewhere, claiming that it would be more successful in picking up rumours. Mirana has so far resisted the temptation but with each day that goes by she starts to wonder whether aimlessly wandering is really the smartest way to fulfilling her goals.

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Viviana Masters wrote:

@Robert Henry

Hi Robert! I've missed you and your backstories, they are always so amazing! Give me something more to read :)

Thank you, I will humbly try.


Stepping from the dean of students office, Kunala walks down the hall, tucking the envelope from the Dean into the interior breast pocket of the cobalt uniform jacket, tugging the edges to straighten out any wrinkles as he walks down the ancient hallway. Pausing at the great double doors, he subconsciously rests his left hand on his hip where his sword frog usually is, while he runs the fingers of his right hand through his long black hair. He then reaches to open the door.

Stepping over the threshold he nods to the two younger students, smiling, ”Guard duty! Don’t you love your first year here at the academy.” He lifts his hand in a gesture indicating he was not expecting an answer. Pausing for a moment to remember he smiles ”Don’t answer, Carl, I don’t want to get you in trouble, for discourse on duty.” he turns, pointing at the ‘guard on the left.’ winking, ”And it’s Ludvig, write, Anastasia’ brother? Yeah, you Plebe’s stay warm out here ok.”

Pausing for a moment at the top of the dozen or so steps, he takes in the view one last time. ’The Aldori Academy of Restov, father always said I would go to the finest war-college in all of Avistan. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the Dean of Students, is an old military buddy of his.’ His attention returning to the campus, he looks towards the dorms, noting a tall dark haired figure clothed in forest green and buckskins crossing the practice grounds.

Bounding down the steps, he runs the last portion of the field, embracing his brother, ”Rad! Releasing his brother, he slaps him on the shoulder. ”You didn’t find me at the dorm, so you figure I must be in trouble. Came looking for me at the Dean’s office? Am I right?” Giving a light smile, Iradyiel, returns the ‘shoulder slap’ with a resounding thwack, ”Something, like that.” He then leans in, the smile fading, ”How quickly can you be ready to leave?” Kunala gives a short nod, ”I’m packed, I’ll change into some traveling clothes, and we will be gone.” Kunala rubs his shoulder, ’He’s grown, gotten stronger.’ Giving a slight smile they fall into a familiar quite, setting a practiced pace that quickly takes them across the parade ground.

Silently entering the dorm building, through the maze of hallways and stairs, they finally reach Kunala’s small room. Iradyiel, pulls out the lone bent-back wooden chair from the small desk, and sits, propping his feet near the rucksack laying on the neatly made bed. Kunala rolls his eyes, as he begins to remove the dark blue jacket. ’Ill never sleep there again… so why does it matter?’ Ignoring the elkhide boots on his bed He asks ”How’s everyone? The girls must be acting all grown up. I bet dad has already got Davidian shooting a little bow, looking like some halfling bandit.” Iradyiel, eyes, partially shut, shifting on the seat, slouching, his boots lightly messing the blankets, shrugs, ”Mom heard the news and freaked out. Wanted dad to leave that night. He said I should go in the morning, said I was ready.” Laying the jacket on the bedrale, Kunala turns. ”Yeah, we heard about Lebeda’s death, four days ago. I figured the ‘Lodge’ would get word quickly, that’s why old Jarvis has those carrier pigeons, right. I figured I’d stay put a little while, didn’t want to look guilty of anything.” he winks, as he pushes Iradyiel’s legs off the bed.”Give you a chance to get your lazy butt here.”

Sitting on the bed where his brother’s feet had been, Kunala begins to take off the polished black boots. Forced to sit up, Iradiel gestures at the boots. ”I never did understand having to wear that fancy uniform.” Kunala nods, Wasn’t that what dad said, learn how to fight, duels and wars, not to dress pretty.’ shrugging, ”Yeah, but it’s a military academy, so they want us to be in a military uniform. It also keeps everyone looking the same, that way there isn’t such a disparity between the lordlings and the common folk.”

He smiles, ”You remember the first time mom let us go outside the Lodge? We were wearing those ruffly suits Famau made for us, your’s was green and mine was blue. Maybe, if we had been wearing buckskin, the Tanner’s boys would have left us alone.” Pulling the second boot off, ”They chased us around the ‘big house,’ we ended up trying to duck under the shop porch. Right where Onnello’s big she-wolf had hid her litter. What was her name? Shaking his head. ”When she came charging out of the shop I swear I about crapped myself, I’m pretty sure Angus did.” Iradyiel nods, ”Amber; she was fierce. Jade came out of that litter, so did Ice.”

Setting the boots at the end of the bed, Kunala begins to take off the white breeches. ”Yeah, Amber.. I never got over my fear of her, not really. But as long as we were near the shop, she did keep the Tanner boys away.” Creasing the pants as he lays them on the jacket, picking up the neatly laid out buckskin pants. ”Now, the pups were a different matter, they loved both of us.” he smiles, ”Probably didn’t hurt that the human they lived with had a major crush on our mother.” Iradyiel, leans forward, resting his arms on his knees, cutting through Kunala’ nervous rambling. ”So now what? Mom says we shouldn’t come back home.”

Tucking the blue cotton shirt into the deerhide pants, Kunala reaches into the inner pocket of the uniform jacket, handing the envelope to his brother as he sits back on the bed to put on his elk hide boots. ”Here read this. The Dean works closely with the king's advisors. He was told to ‘select a worthy graduate of the academy’. He gave it to me, said he ‘owed my Father that much.’ While Kunala laces his boots, Iradyiel slowly reads the letter then reads it a second time.

Tucking the letter back into the envelope Iradyiel lays it on the table, looking at Kunala, ”So this is the plan? Why?” Kunala stands, as sarcasm slips into the edge of his voice. ”You mean other than needing to get out of the country so my father's family won’t kill me?” Iradyiel raises an eyebrow, intentionally relaxing, he places his boots back on the bed. ”Yes, I mean any reason other than that.”

’He always has gone straight to the heart of things.’ Breathing a heavy sigh, ’Where to start?’ Turning, he opens the chest at the end of the bed, pulling out a simple chain shirt, he looks briefly at his brother as he starts to pull the ringed shirt over his head. ’God’s how far back does it go? Not really having a name? Mother gave Rad her name, but always hoped Father would name me a Lebeda. But all he ever called me was his ‘Little Aldori.’ So wanting to please my father I trained hard to be as good of a swordsman as possible, hoping beyond hope it would make him claim me. Now he’s dead.

Keeping his attention glued to the chest so his brother would not see his eyes moisten, he removes the buckskin jacket. ’Hell’s our first real fight was a drunken brawl at mom’s wedding. We had both snuck enough of the hard cider that our words were slurring. I kept yelling, “I get to be a Uthtradi and not you’th, you’th hath a latht name, you’th ith a Madrath.” the whole time rolling on the ground, punching each other.’

Getting his emotions under control. ’First whipping I got from dad, and he did take me as his own, he took both of us.’ Kunala’s gaze returns to his brother, as he buttons the double breasted jacket.’But whether because of the fight or in spite of it; he told me if Lord Lebeda wouldn’t give me his name, I would have to be man enough, some day, to make my own.’

Breaking eye contact, only long enough to lift his sword belt from the bedpost, Kunala shakes his head. ”Your right, there is another reason.” Slipping the belt around his waist he buckles it, shifting the sword frog slightly to where it rests on his hip. ”I figure since Lebeda didn’t give me a name, it’s time I go make my own.”

Casually standing from the chair, Iradyiel stretches; giving a slight smile he picks up the letter, handing it to Kunala as he gestures toward the last article in the trunk. ”Well, we best get to it then.”

Kunala smiles, accepting the letter and tucking it in his right pocket.”Your right, we best get to it.” Scooping his cloak out of the chest he swings it over his shoulders, ”Maybe we’ll be able to make something of ourselves.” As Iradyiel heads to the door Kunala lifts his quiver off the other bedpost, clipping it to his belt. ”Who knows, maybe we’ll find a place where mom and dad can join us.” Picking up his pack he follows Iradyiel out the door, shoving his brother’s shoulder as they move down the hall. ”And you couldn’t resist the urge to mess up the bed, could you.”

What should I submit?:

I did not intend to ignore this part, but I had to get the story in my head better before I could answer them. I normally have background, physical description and personality listed on the characters sheet by now, but the development process was a little different for these two. Since I was doing two characters (who are brothers) I had to determine what they had in common, and what was different together. I think I have that a little more developed now.
I will need to edit their mothers story and give her raven black hair :)

Who are they and where do they come from?
Iradyiel madras, 23, half elf, 6'2" tall, thin, Long dark hair normally in a ponytail, slight facial hair, high cheekbones and green eyes.

Kunala (he will make his own name) 20, human 6’ tall, average build, long dark hair, clean shaven, square chin, high cheekbones, grey eyes.

They were both born in the capital of Brevoy, New Stetven, living their early years there, Then moving to a small village in the Narl Marches. Living for a time at the hunting lodge of Kunala’s father. Then living with their step dad Onnello Ustradi.

What are the things they like and dislike?
Kunala likes both his appearance and personal effects to be neat and organized. He like animals, and people equally. He like being the center of attention. for being such an extrovert he is reasonably humble admitting where his strengths and weakness' are. He does not like an overly large amount of rules or chaos. He is friendly and affable, he does not like to be overly course or rude He has no respect for people who are rude. Though he looks for the best in people.

Iradyiel is a loner, he would rather be in the woods than at a large gathering of people. He prefers the company of animals over people. He prefers his actions speak for him. He has a relaxed personality and a droll sense of humor. He will go out of his way to antagonize his brother when he thinks he is getting overly full of himself.

Do they have any quirks or phobias? What are they and how did they come about? Quirks? Kunala, is a bit of a neat freak. His early years were chaotic enough, that subconsciously he seeks control. Keeping things how and where he wants them gives him the feeling of control. He also seeks approval, part of the reason he became a bard is he wanted his mother’s approval. The reason he took up dueling was to seek his father's approval. The other reason he became a bard is because he wants people's approval. This drive was balanced out when he met Onnello, who put no expectations on him. Onnello loved him and introduced him to things he himself loved, letting both boys choose what parts they wanted to keep. Iradyiel followed entirely: animals, nature, ranger, archer etc. Kunala loved animals, and to a lesser extent nature. But he learned that he could make his own way without needing people approval, while still enjoying their company.

Kunala does have a great need to protect those he loves, causing his “drawback”

Do they have any sayings or catchphrases? My wife and I are currently watching Outlander and in the season we are in there is a character that always says "mark me." It happens at least 3 times an episode.
Not yet:

Iradyiel, will be blunt and soft spoken. Think ‘the outlaw Josey Wales’ I resisted the urge to have him say “I reckon”

Kunala, who is an extreme extrovert will have phrases. I just don’t know what they are yet.But they will come about in game. It may be Joey Tribbiani's “How you doin’?” or Miracle Max’s ”He’s not dead, he’s just mostly dead”

Actually the phrase we may here the most is Iradyiel, ”Would you please shut up now?’

What does their family look like? Parents? Siblings? Spouse? Children?
Their mother is Alika Madras. She is a warm loving retired actress and practicing bard. She married Onnello Ustradi when the boys were fourteen and eleven respectively. Onnello has raised the boys as his own. The couple also have three children of their own: Erica, Rachel and Davidian.

Iradiel is the bastard child of an elven actor name Iradiel Meirdrerel. Iradyiel has never met his birth father. His mother named him after his father so she would remember the good times of their relationship.

Kunala is the bastard child of Lord Lebeda, he met the lord wife Dame Sarrona and daughter, Elanna when he was five. He has not met his half brother Lander, who is five years younger than himself. He is concerned that they may prefer he not be alive.

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