[D&D 5e] Eberron - The Dragon Below ala Fabian

Game Master Fabian Benavente

Telling the interactive story of a group of unlikely heroes and their fight against the Dragon Below in Eberron.

The Dragon Below
In Eberron, there are terrors older than the nations of men.

In the depths of the Eldeen Reaches, a chance rescue brings a group of seasoned adventurers together. But this time, the enemy waiting for them is far more sinister than any they've faced before.

In the dark places of the Shadow Marches, the secrets of the Dragon Below are better left undisturbed…


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Player Cheat Sheet

DM Screen Cheat Sheet

Xanathar's Magic Item Tables

Each PC starts out each morning (after a long rest) with a number of healing dice equal to their level. Each healing dice is the same die as used for their hit point generation (d6s for wizards, d10 for rangers, etc.). The CON modifier is added to each healing dice.

These healing dice may be spent after a short rest (minimum 1 hour) or before a long rest (minimum 8 hours).

All unspent healing dice are forfeited after a long rest when the PC starts out with his full allotment of healing dice.

Any newly generated healing dice may also be spent after a long rest.


Warforged are living constructs and, given that they have certain immunities, they also do not benefit fully from normal healing. Healing effects (Potion of Healing, Cure Wounds, etc.) heal 1/2 their potency on warforged.

However, there exists 'repair' effects (Oil of Repair, Repair Warforged Spells, etc.), which are identical to their living counterparts (Potion of Healing, Cure Wounds, etc.).

The way I read it is that I can have you roll a d20 after you cast a spell of 1st level or higher. If you roll a 1 (5% chance) then you roll on the Wild Magic Surge table.

However, once you use the Tides of Chaos ability then you have to roll on the Wild Magic Surge table (100% chance) after you cast a spell of 1st level or higher.

You certainly will be casting spells above 1st level and that 5% chance adds up.

Since you want to keep it then let's remove the following:

07-08 You cast fireball as a 3rd-level spell centered on yourself.
13-14 You cast confusion centered on yourself.
15-16 For the next minute, you regain 5 hit points at the start of each of your turns.
99-00 You regain all expended sorcery points.

If you roll these then just reroll.