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Hmm. As much as I want to submit. I just can't come up with a compelling enough backstory to fit the idea of the character I have. I've written and deleted several times. Just isn't meant to be.

Good luck everyone!

Here is Poppy! All of it is subject to change at the behest of the GM's preference. Good Luck to all involved!

Recruitment is now closed, thank you for your submissions! I will be looking over these and making a decision tomorrow.

Best of luck to everyone!

Good luck everyone.

The boards being unreachable on Sunday and getting a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday interfered with my plans to submit a character.

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Good luck to you all!

Good luck! There were a lot of really cool submissions; I don’t envy Shadowlord having to choose.

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Good luck to you all.

Good luck everyone!

Having had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out, Cuan, it can really mess with your day. I hope your recovery goes smoothly.

Good luck, everyone!

Good luck, yall!

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Good luck everyone! Shadowlord's gonna have a tough time with the submissions.

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Tough indeed. I've been going back and forth for a few hours now, constantly rebuilding the party composition.

Thank you everyone for applying! There were 23 applicants applying for a maximum of 4 positions in this game, giving you each roughly a 17% shot of making it. Why aren't there more GM's out there?!

The following four people will join Lor-Sinn Imass and Samton Verro in this Jade Regent adventure.

Asuka Narukami
Poppy Cotton
Ruka Kaijitsu
Kajiwara Shogahiro

If you were selected, please dot into the discussion thread. I will be sending you a PM with our discord channel as well.

To those that did not get selected, thank you for taking the time to apply to this game! There will always be more recruitment's from me in the future, please don't let this get you down too much!

Best of luck in all of your future games!

Congratulations to those who made it!

...and if there are any more GMs out there, you’ve got a bunch of us that didn’t make it who’d be happy to get a second chance.

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Congrats to those who made it.

Have Fun!

Congrats guys.

Grats guys, have fun

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Have fun!

Have fun!

I still think it's deeply funny I accidentally made a foil to Samton simply by dint of not actually reading his background closely...

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Best of luck, everyone selected. Hopefully, any dropouts will be replaced from here!

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