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Full Name

Simon Lereos


Varisian Human


Archivist Bard 1








Nethys, Maghda

Strength 8
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 8
Charisma 18

About Simon Lereos

A gregarious know-it-all from Sandpoint who craves knowledge for knowledge's sake.

With the exception of a few years interning at the Jeggare Museum in Korvosa, Simon has never actually left Sandpoint. From an early age, he instead immersed himself in his studies, voraciously reading book after book and learning as much as he could. He’s managed to turn his habit of dispersing random trivia in to a fairly robust social persona, easily making conversation with just about anyone who’s willing to listen (and some who won’t). Though his explanations sometimes skew long-winded, he (usually) manages to keep people interested throughout. He likes to joke that despite his best efforts, people seem to like him.

Of course, Simon sometimes gets focused enough on whatever he’s prattling off that he tends to miss finer details, and is eager enough to learn new things that he’s usually inclined to simply agree with whatever fact he’s told until he can figure out if it’s true or not.

Having lived all his life in Sandpoint, he’s at least become acquainted with several of the figures from around town, but none moreso than Shalelu Andosana. Having first encountered her as a young teen, Simon instantly became fascinated by the elf, intrigued by both her beauty and her rustic lifestyle, as well as the mysterious front she put up. He’s managed to at least strike up a casual friendship – shared meals at the Rusty Dragon, discussing the natural world and the geography around Sandpoint. To his credit, despite not being generally suited to hard work or forestry, Simon does his best to learn how to best accomplish both, if only to put his best foot forward.

He’s absolutely elated to get the chance to travel to Tian Xia, to see things he’s only vaguely heard about in exaggerated books with his own eyes. Maybe he’ll even get to write his own book about this adventure…

I’ll likely be focusing on knowledges and UMD for Simon here, as well as a few of the social skills – depending on the makeup of the rest of the party, it’s likely he can skimp on a few of them. In combat, I’ll be using mostly battlefield control stuff, with a bit of a wand/scroll toolbox especially for out of combat. His performances will mostly be flavored as him just talking like “oh, it’s a troll! We know how to kick their asses, go team go” kind of things.

Rather average looking, this 5’10 Varisian has bronzed skin and a clean-shaven face. His resting face is a little dour, but he can easily turn up a smile when the mood strikes. He has short brown hair that tends to stick up in the front, and bright brown eyes that are almost amber. He’s fairly slender and hasn’t got much, if any, muscle definition, though he keeps regular exercise by going for walks around Sandpoint. He’s got a clear writer’s callus on his right middle finger.

He prefers to wear looser tunics, and wears an ochre-colored scarf year round.


0th level: read magic, detect magic, light, prestidigitation
1st level: silent image, grease


Varisian, Common, Elven, Dwarven (in order of familiarity/fluency)