[PACS][PBP GD VIII] BR Dinketry's The Hao Jin Cataclysm

Game Master dinketry

PACS Special! As part of GameDay VIII!!!

Grand Lodge

(Blatantly stolen from BR Skizzerz)

Welcome to my High Tier table of The Hao Jin Cataclysm as part of PBP GD VIII! YAY!

Gameday VIII runs from August 26 to November 3.

Please read below for some information on how I run my tables. By getting everyone on the same page, we can make the game run a lot more smoothly :)

Some ground expectations:
1. Try to post at least once a day in order to keep things moving. If you are going to be unavailable for an extended period of time, please ensure that your deck handler is linked and available for other players, and provide instructions so that other players can bot your turn. I recommend putting the link in your alias Profile, in the Class line. Wrap it in the url tags so it turns into a link -- see "How to format your text" below the reply box for details on how to do that if you aren't sure
2. Do not wait around for my scenario update posts, just base your turn around the most recent update plus what other players have done since then. I'll get a scenario update out once per day unless there is nothing to update. I'll have other (non-update) posts interspersed throughout the day as needs require.
3. There are no take-backs or retcons, with exception of invalid plays/turns. Use resources wisely, and keep in mind the other perks you get in Organised Play such as accessory re-rolls and hero points.

Things that make gameplay smoother:
1. If a location is shuffled, you can continue to examine or explore cards in it by rolling a die to see which card you examine/explore. No need to wait on me to post an update first with the shuffled deck.
2. When encountering a card, be very explicit in what card you are encountering. This helps other players at the same location know where you left off so they don't accidentally encounter the same cards that you just got through and have to re-do their turn.
3. Use your Notes section to describe any cards or powers that can be used to assist other players on their turns and that you are willing to use. If you post that certain cards are available for use, have the card text available somewhere for other players to reference.
4. When something impacts another player (a power that affects all characters at your location, or you're playing one of their cards), bold that thing so that it stands out.

Things that make deck upgrades smoother:
1. Write a list of your 2-5 most desired deck upgrades, in order, and roll 1d1000 for each of them. If you have any conditions on the upgrade, such as "I'll take this only if nobody else wants it or if my planned card X is better than anyone else's planned card" make a note of those as well.
2. That will let us look through those lists and see how we can get everyone their #1 preferred upgrade without lots of times lost in back-and-forth. If people are fighting over an upgrade, the d1000 roll is used to determine who gets it (highest roll wins).
3. You are free to disregard this and discuss upgrades normally; but try to keep discussions to 2 days at most so that we can move on to the next scenario in time.

There is a discord server set up for this campaign, click here to join it. I will need to manually add you to the private channel for the table, as discord's invite links don't let you directly join a private channel. Joining is entirely optional, but highly recommended; it typically speeds things up a lot when people can @mention each other and have an interface for chatting that is easier to use than this discussion thread.

Say Hi to each other here. Get amongst!

Deck Handler

Hi everyone! Iammars here, playing shenanigans Seoni. I'm mostly posting right now so I can easily find this again when I switch computers. I'll do more introductions in a little bit.

Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

Hello all,

Will be playing Nok-Nok. PS ID 235366-1002, and I'll be playing for tier advancement.

As for scenario selection, Nok-Nok is all for killing monsters, so 10-00A would be his initial preference.

deck handler

I am Siathorn, and this is my wolf Mitzi. Dotting.


Deck Handler

Seoni is 760-1019.

Storm with a mind of it's own sounds like my style, but I'm not too picky. I'll go with (A).

Hi all,

Part 1 begins 9/9. The BR can post the first scenario but no turns can be taken. I'd encourage everyone to use this day to get starting locations/hands posted.

Part 2 begins 9/10. This is when the first turn can be taken.

Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks!

Ahoy! Redgar checking in. With the shift in dates, Radillo is mid-adventure in my regular AP right now, so I won't be bringing her.

I can bring Hayato (T6 Samurai) or Imrijka (T5 Inquisitor), if there's one the group would prefer? (61159 - 1004 or -1006, respectively).

Seeing no preference, Imrikja. 61159-1006. She might be T6 by the time we start; depends on the answer to a rules question and potentially if I have time to replay a scenario before Monday. :)

Not playing for Tier progression.

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Deck Handler

Awww. I'll miss Radillo. But happy to see Imrikja.

Forgot - I am also not playing for Tier Progression

deck handler

I'm playing for Tier Progression since Siathorn might be slightly under-Tiered

Grand Lodge


Nok-Nok and Siathorn are playing for Tier progression.
Seoni and Imrijka are not.

I am placing some information that Nok-Nok and Seoni have already voted on (Scenario A) on the 'Campaign Info' page. It echoes my post from August 20th in the Gameplay thread. Let me know what the majority of the group would like to do. If I don't hear from y'all soon, I'll assume that Scenario A it is.

deck handler

10-00A sounds good. Posted.

Grand Lodge

I'll need to know if any of you have any specific reroll items or mats, and I'll need a photo of them sent to me along with evidence that you own the decks that you're using, please. My email address is we.be.dunedinpfs@gmail.com.


Siathorn, you will be starting at the Fishing Village. As you've not drawn a starting hand as of yet, it won't be available for the others to use when we start in ~3.5hrs as you've informed us that you'll be busy.

PLEASE NOTE EVERYONE: this is a time-sensitive multi-table virtual event. It is essential that you're checking in at least once daily. I will not be botting anyone during this event but your colleagues might if you ask them, so make sure your deck handler is linked in your profile (link it under the 'Race' line). If you go dormant for more than 24hrs when your turn comes up, and your deck handler is not available, you will be skipped. This will still burn a blessing from the hourglass.

You don't want to do that, right?

Grand Lodge

10-00A results:

Nok-Nok and Siathorn get Hero Points that can be used for feats. Those who aren't using Tier progression do not.

Potential Upgrade List:

  • Sailor (Ally C)
  • Coral Capuchin (Ally 1)
  • Animated Shield (Armor 4)
  • Stanching Buckler (Armor 2)
  • Blessing of Kelizandri (Blessing 3)
  • Periscope (Item 2)
  • Caltrops (Item B)
  • Blast Stone (Item C)
  • Blazing Servant (Spell 4)
  • Grayflame Mace +2 (Weapon 5)
  • Humanbane Gladius +2 (Weapon 5)
  • Pistol +1 (Weapon B)

    Roll for your upgrades and tell me which scenario you want to do next!

  • Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    Nok-Nok is already maxed in feats, so he'll bank the Hero point.

    As for upgrades, the only one I'm interested in is a Weapon 5, so I'll skip if I don't get one.

    Weapon 5: 1d1000 ⇒ 72

    As for next scenario, the duergar seem to imply they'll be on ships, which isn't great for Nok-Nok, so I'd vote for 10-00C first, but I don't really mind.

    Are there any Convention Boons for Gameday VIII?

    deck handler

    HP: Card Feat (Item, Angelstep)
    Deck Upgrade: Spell 4 for me. I really need it - Aspect of the Bull increases my effectiveness immensely, especially with the Goblin Markers giving d12s in physical skills.

    That being said, if we do 10-00C I may take Control Weather with the Spell 4 to control the weather.

    Spell 4: 1d1000 ⇒ 140

    Replace Banished Stone Axe +1 with Beaststrike Club.

    Boon (if eligible): 1d20 ⇒ 14

    I'm fine either way (slight preference to 10-00B if really pressed)

    Grand Lodge

    Oh yes, I had forgotten.

    A d20 from you all for a boon draw, please!

    Deck Handler

    Seoni has nothing she wants from that upgrade pile.

    Boon Draw: 1d20 ⇒ 5

    Slight preference to 10-00C if really pressed.

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    Con Boon: 1d20 ⇒ 14

    Grand Lodge

    That's two votes for 10-00C. No boons yet. We need Imrijka to weigh in on stuff.

    Make that three for c, then.

    Boon roll. 1d20 ⇒ 19

    Looks like there is a Weapon 5 going spare; I'll upgrade(?) my AD 3 Frost Longbow into the AD 5 Venomous Heavy Crossbow +2.

    Grand Lodge

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    10-00A results:

  • Nok-Nok: Banked 1 HP; deck upgrade - Weapon 5; no Boon
  • Imrijka: No tier progression; deck upgrade - Weapon 5; no Boon
  • Seoni: No tier progression; no deck upgrade; no Boon
  • Siathorn: Card Feat (Item); deck upgrade - Spell 4; no Boon

    Check to see if I have it right, please.

    I’ll have 10-00C posted in a bit.

  • I don't care about deck upgrades, and believe there is only 1 scenario left (B)?

    Grand Lodge

    10-00C Results:

    Nok-Nok and Siathorn get Hero Points. Let me know what you're doing with them, please.

    Potential Deck Upgrades:

  • Corlan (Ally 3)
  • Royster McCleagh (Ally 2)
  • Old Salt (Ally B)
  • Haneilius Fitch (Ally 3)
  • Astrolabe (Item 1)
  • Ring of Wave Walking (Item 1)
  • Potion of Healing (Item C)
  • Aid (Spell B)
  • Saltbox (Weapon 4)
  • Icy Boarding Pike +1 (Weapon B)
  • Musket (Weapon B)
  • Flaming Falcata +3 (Weapon 5)

    Roll for your convention boon.

    There is one more scenario for this part, but then we choose what we'd like to repeat in order to generate more successes. Each further success gets us closer to adventure advancement.

    BRs like Boons: 1d20 ⇒ 20 AWWWWW YEAH!!!!

  • Deck Handler

    I was going to say no boons for me, but what the heck, let me give this one boon a shot. I should have gotten an Item 2 from the Treasure Hunt. I would like to grab that if at all possible.
    1d1000 ⇒ 26

    Boon roll: 1d20 ⇒ 10

    Deck Handler

    If that's an Item 5 then I definitely would like a crack at it.

    Of course, I rolled like crap, so unlikely to actually get it...

    Grand Lodge

    It sure is an Item 5.....

    Potential Deck Upgrades:

    Corlan (Ally 3)
    Royster McCleagh (Ally 2)
    Old Salt (Ally B)
    Haneilius Fitch (Ally 3)
    Bottled Lightning (Item 5)
    Astrolabe (Item 1)
    Ring of Wave Walking (Item 1)
    Potion of Healing (Item C)
    Aid (Spell B)
    Saltbox (Weapon 4)
    Icy Boarding Pike +1 (Weapon B)
    Musket (Weapon B)
    Flaming Falcata +3 (Weapon 5)

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    Only card I'm interested in is one of the Ally 3.

    Ally 3: 1d1000 ⇒ 284

    Con Boon: 1d20 ⇒ 2 Just missing a "0" there... :¬P

    deck handler

    I am holding the HP (still at Tier 4)
    Tiering up end of this scenario.

    I would like one of the Ally 3s too.
    Ally 3: 1d1000 ⇒ 549

    Replacing the Reed Moccasin with the Ambusher.

    boon: 1d20 ⇒ 10

    Grand Lodge

    10-00C Results:

  • Nok-Nok: Banked 1 HP; deck upgrade - Ally 3; no Boon
  • Imrijka: No tier progression; deck upgrade - nothing; no Boon
  • Seoni: No tier progression; deck upgrade - Item 5; no Boon
  • Siathorn: Banked 1 HP; deck upgrade - Ally 3; no Boon

    Please check to see if I have it correct. I'll post scenario 10-00B in a bit.

  • boon 1d20 ⇒ 16

    I'm actually interested in Armour 5, I think. Upgrade to Reflecting Buckler, so I can prevent more than Combat damage! 1d1000 ⇒ 67

    deck handler

    boon: 1d20 ⇒ 4

    Spell 4: 1d1000 ⇒ 300 (Control Weather would be nice.)
    Ally 4: 1d1000 ⇒ 930 (Probably Elyana.)
    Item 4: 1d1000 ⇒ 595 (Unlikely, so I'll make a decision later.)

    XP: 5.0 -> 5.1
    HP: Hand Size 7 seems to be more useful than Goblin heal (though I can surge Goblin Markers rather quickly)

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    I think I'll pass on deck upgrades.

    Hero Point banked

    Con Boon: 1d20 ⇒ 4

    Grand Lodge

    Just awaiting Imrijka.

    Of note, we can continue replaying scenarios within Part 2 and win extra points for the larger group's continued success towards the main goal.

    Or we can hold. Your choice.

    Deck Handler

    I'll pass on upgrades.

    Grand Lodge

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    Yup, I meant Seoni.

    10-00B Results:

  • Nok-Nok: Banked 1 HP; no deck upgrade; no Boon
  • Imrijka: No tier progression; deck upgrade - Armor 5; no Boon
  • Seoni: No tier progression; no deck upgrade; no Boon
  • Siathorn: Power Feat (hand size); deck upgrade - Spell 4; no Boon

    Check this, please.

  • Imrijka is not playing for tier.

    Blessing 4 if no-one else wants it 1d1 ⇒ 1

    Boon? 1d20 ⇒ 9

    deck handler


    Boon: 1d20 ⇒ 3

    Ally 5: 1d1000 ⇒ 687 (Moose)
    Blessing 4: 1d1000 ⇒ 211 (Probably Ra, but not sure what to replace. May take a new Blessing card feat if this is what I end up getting.)
    Spell 4: 1d1000 ⇒ 264 (Eruption -> Ice Strike)

    XP: 5.1 -> 5.2
    HP: STR +1

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    Only one upgrade I'm interested in:
    Blessing 4: 1d1000 ⇒ 827

    Going up to Tier 5

    Con Boon: 1d20 ⇒ 20 => Well, would you look at that!

    Grand Lodge

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    10-00D Results:

  • Nok-Nok: ???HP; ??? deck upgrade; ??? Boon
  • Imrijka: No tier progression; deck upgrade - Blessing 4; no Boon
  • Seoni: No tier progression; ??? deck upgrade; ??? Boon
  • Siathorn: Skill Feat (STR); deck upgrade - Ally 5; no Boon

    Check this, please.

  • Deck Handler

    No deck upgrade.

    Boon: 1d20 ⇒ 15

    Grand Lodge

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    10-00D Results:

  • Nok-Nok: Banked HP; Tier Up (5); deck upgrade - Blessing 4; BOON!
  • Imrijka: No tier progression; deck upgrade - Blessing 4; no Boon
  • Seoni: No tier progression; no deck upgrade; no Boon
  • Siathorn: Skill Feat (STR); deck upgrade - Ally 5; no Boon

    Please check this, once more.

  • Grand Lodge

    Congrats on winning a boon, Nok-Nok!

    Pathfinder Society BOON PRIZE:
    [ ] [ ] [ ]Stick with Me!: On your check during recovery, check a box that precedes this reward to add 1d6.

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    Is that boon specific to Nok-Nok only, or can my other PACS characters use it also?

    Grand Lodge

    You can attach it to any one PACS character.

    Nok-Nok's Deck Handler

    And, can I choose who the Boon is attached to at a later date?

    Grand Lodge

    Of course. You'll be getting a PDF of the boon from the Overseers of the PbP Convention once it wraps up. Apply it to whoever you'd like.

    If you want to apply it to Nok-Nok at some point during this campaign, I ask that you apply boons in between scenarios (at the start of new scenarios), like they do in Starfinder and 2e.

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