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Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

With Jerry's forceful attack, his light figure - like Zeke's - bursts into whisps that fade and falls away.

Within the circle, more of the darkness seems to be moving towards the plinth - and the girl sitting on it.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

Can I spend my last hold to ask "Is the girl in danger?"

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

Possibly, depending on how some things here go. At this moment, the shades and darkness near her do not seem a threat to her. She is certainly the most vulnerable one here in multiple ways -- though a couple of the adults are under direct attack.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

Okay, Just checking.

Force of Nature (+1 for it being related to storms, her Inhuman Talent): 2d6 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (1, 1) + 2 + 1 = 5 Ouch. That's a critical failure I think.

Charly continues to try taking her opponent down, but as she tries to hit the figure with another jolt of lightning, it ducks under her arm and finds an opening for a devastating counter.

The Exile | Harm: 4/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 4/5 |

Grunting at the blow as it slid past her defences, Amelia spat a curse and swung her sword again. "Whatever you are attemting, Zeke, they are taking note."

Kick Some Ass: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (2, 1) + 1 = 4

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

As the light figures destroyed by the guys faded away, Charly and Amelia's light figures were getting vicious attacks in. Maybe they were taking note and were enraged by their companions' destructions or maybe they were just getting more bloodthirsty as they grew brighter or just taking advantage when they could see it. Both slammed hard into the women, as if to knock them down or push them into the ring of light. 2 harm each

With everything going on, it becomes noticeable to Amelia that the girl - who had been chatting away in a panic to leave - hasn't reacted or moved in a long too quiet moment.

Male Human Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5

Zeke grunts and takes a deep breath as his target finally bursts, but the rest is short-lived. Seeing the others struggling, he nods at Amelia's words. "What can I say, I like making 'em think." Seeing the figure about to strike her again, he charges in headlong and slams into its midsection, using his momentum and leverage to lift it and carry it away from the others.

Protect Amelia: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (5, 2) + 2 = 9 I believe that would cause her 2-harm to be dealt to me instead, which would bring me to 3 left (or 4 total, not sure whether you're supposed to count harm up or down). But I'll use my once per mystery Unstoppable ability to reduce it to 1-harm which gives me 4 taken so far.

Bulldozing the figure a few yards away, Zeke slams it against a tree and steps back just enough to get in a good stab with his knife, twisting it in the thing's... Well, where its guts would be, anyway.

Kick Some Ass: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (1, 4) + 2 = 7 2-harm, ignores armor

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 2/5 | Harm 6/7 | Unstable? N

Seeing his own figure dissipate, Jerry squints his eyes amidst the glowing particles and turns to assist the others. Seeing that Zeke has taken on Amelia's opponent, Jerry comes up behind Charly's.

She's a vamp... can she even die?

He shakes his head and whisks his nightstick around where the glowing figure's neck should be and pulls back with all his might.

Protect Someone: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (4, 5) + 2 = 11 <--I'm choosing "Suffer little harm," which is negated by Jerry's armor.

Once he's pulled the figure back from the haywiring vampire, Jerry continues to try and choke the figure out.

Kick Some Ass: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (1, 6) + 2 = 9 <-- 3 Harm to the enemy

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

Zeke - clarification - Amelia is inside the circle of light and Zeke is outside of it. In order to protect Amelia, he needs to go through it which will inflict some harm as it did to her. I will let you choose whether you want to continue the action with the effects of the light circle or to change to another action.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

Which of the baddies is still up?

Male Human Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5

I'll still move to help her, and use both benefits of Unstoppable. As he moves into the circle, turn any harm over 1 to 1 point of harm if need be, and then when Protecting her, spend 1 point of Luck to avoid harm and remove all harm already suffered.

As the light clings to Zeke, burning into his mind with searing memories of past failures, past pain, he fights through. His mind sets on the simple facts of his life and what he's doing even now: helping others. Keeping them safe. Making sure that if someone has to get hurt, it's someone who knows how to take it.

Despite the pain, there's a broad smile on the big man's face. The shout he lets loose is less a cry of pain and more a celebratory whoop.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

Jerry's attack on Charly's light figure sends it bursting into whisps that drift and fade away as the others had done.

Passing through the ring of light to protect Amelia, Zeke is hit with blinding pain - burning, crushing - memories come to the surface and play through Zeke's mind. Some are his - memories of judgements from his mother or mother-like figures - but soon he sees other's painful memories, so many children going through the same and worse, some falling and some being pushed into a large growing hole, bottom unseeable, each one feels like an arrow to the heart. It feels like this goes on for several minutes, dozens upon dozens of children - some barely infants, until Zeke sees the girl, teetered at the hole's edge, battered and bruised at various ages until one that looks near her current age with her left side soaked in blood shows itself, eyes lost into a daze as she teeters there...

Zeke keeps charging through into the clearing. Once through the images quickly fade 1 harm that Zeke can tank though the ache from the burning pain lingers. As he plows into the light figure, it becomes obvious that this is only moments after charging into the light though to Zeke it felt much much longer. As he stabs the light figure, it bursts into whisps. Unlike the ones outside of the circle, they come back together in a dark red twisting force that rips quickly through the air over Zeke's triumphant head.

Heading to the circle of light, it hits the girl on the way past, leaving part of her face and left arm bloody. She barely makes a sound when it happens and the blood coming from her wounds is acting odd - what drips from her floats away in the same path those lights took, some hitting a now partially torn up low hanging branch on the way past. After a lingering moment, that branch falls to the ground.

The circle of light doesn't seem to change with the raging red lights. The crying has stopped. The shades seem mostly still though a few seem to be clinging to the girl.

Amelia can see the girl's face just before the lights hit - the very emotional argumentative stubborn girl is no longer showing in her eyes. Even before the hit, the girl appeared to be in a daze like one who only through pure force of a strong will is holding onto consciousness and has little energy left for anything else. Her eyes are now closed tight, like she just about braced herself for that impact and is still bracing herself.

Zeke can see the girl before the hit and she has the same look in her eyes as she did in that last memory - a daze. It reminds Zeke of someone fighting to remain conscious. Her eyes are now closed tight, like she just about braced herself for that impact and is still bracing herself.

As Dot's player has bowed out, there are now no more enemies left standing. So, what do you want to do next?

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 2/5 | Harm 6/7 | Unstable? N

Realizing that passing through that circle is no easy task--and not knowing if anyone can pass back out--Jerry looks to see how Zeke and Amelia are reacting before deciding what he should do.

The Exile | Harm: 4/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 4/5 |

Nodding her thanks to Zeke, Amelia looked around and tried to work out what the hell was happening. Clearly, the memories of murdered children and those that killed them lingered here as the shadows and lights. Equally the girl had been one of the...victims, except she had survived. Maybe. Perhaps that was why these lights were different.

Regardless, the red lights were targeting the girl specifically, and Amelia decided to bar the area to them. She began to draw a circle around the dimmer patch

Read a Bad Situation: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (3, 1) + 1 = 5
Weird: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (4, 3) + 2 = 9

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

Charly stumbles out of the way and finds that Zeke and Jerry have dispatched the last two opponents they faced. She also sees the girl bleeding and feels the energy draining away from her hands. She's half-dead on her feet and feels her wounds keenly, but she can't rest. Memories, ancient memories of forests long and far away come to her. They are clouded, but she can see... something.

She sees Amelia working on some circle, something that protects. Something that purifies.

The thought sticks in the young woman's mind. She wasn't much help in the fight, she was too rash and bull-headed, but she feels that she can help. While Amelia worked to the protect the girl, Charly tried to walk to the edge of the clearing. Dizziness overtakes her and she plops down against an oak.

"Jerry? Do you know how to patch someone up?"

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 2/5 | Harm 6/7 | Unstable? N

Does he? I forget the rule about first aid, and I don't have the book with me.

"Would it even work for you?


"Sorry. Let me see what I can do."

Jerry applies pressure or something as best he can.

The Exile | Harm: 4/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 4/5 |

You can heal 1 Harm with First Aid on it's own, and various books have abilities that let you boost that - but often at a risk.

Male Human Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5

Zeke's breathing goes from quick to labored as he enters the circle, but he succeeds in his goal. As he draws in a ragged breath and reassures himself of his purpose, he sees the red force tear over his head and strike the girl and the branch. Seeing her tottering on her feet, fighting to stay up, he sheathes his knife and scrambles over, hoping to grab hold and keep her from falling. At this point, Zeke's frankly unsure whether she'd collapse on the ground or topple into some dark hole, and either way, he doesn't want that to happen.

Not sure if that requires a roll or not; if it does, feel free to roll for me.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

Jerry is able to use a bit of first aid to help Charly a bit, though there are still other injuries he's unsure how to treat with what is at hand. Charly can heal 1 harm, no further first aid can be done at this time for Charly.

As Amelia finished working on her protective circle, she feels confident in its ability to help keep further monstrosities out. It is noticeable that the girl's odd bleeding has slowed down.

Zeke goes to catch the girl to find her sitting slouched where she was on the plinth. He helps her rebalance herself after the light's attack, but she keeps her eyes clamped shut and seems makes an uncomfortable noise. The shades clinging to and near her seem to make attempts to push Zeke awake though they have no real strength to do so.

The Exile | Harm: 4/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 4/5 |

"That should keep them out," Amelia said with tiredness tinging her voice as a circle of silver-flecked energy sprang up. Looking around the clearing, she sighed. "Now, let us assemble the clues we have found and put an end to this, before others are harmed." She looked over at the bleeding girl as she said it, and began to look

Investigate a Mystery: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (4, 5) + 1 = 10
OK - First, what happened here? Amelia believes that the shadows are the ghosts or memories of those murdered, and the lights are there killers, but she would like to know why.
Secondly, what is being concealed here?
Third, what can hurt it?

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

"Not me! Her," Charly blurts out as the others misinterpret her intent. "I'll... I'll live."

Charly ignores the pain in her limbs as she moves around the clearing and begins drawing a circle, a huge circle that encompasses the entire clearing. As she moves, she places sticks in shapes that are like runes at specific points. She stops often and looks frustrated as she tries to remember things from memories that are not her own. By the time Amelia's done, Charly's not even an eighth of the way around her circle.

Assuming no one stops her...

Some time later, Charly sits at the center of her circle and falls into a trance. Her breathing coming in slow and steady. With each breath, the wind gusts from the west to the east. In the distance, thunder begins to rumble.

Big Magic Attempt 1 (Summon a cleansing rain storm): 2d6 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (5, 5) + 2 + 1 = 13 [/ooc]that's 1 success, I think.[/ooc]

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

The shades are the souls of the children who were murdered within the area the ritual Amelia saw effects - the area this forest took at the time. The lights-creatures-of-old took part in that ritual with the monstrosity and carry on the memory/energy of monstrosity and the murderers, they weren't the murderers themselves but are attracted and use their energy. What happened is that a force of the forest is trying to protect the children, but due to the ritual and things left by people, it can't stop the lights carrying on and plaguing the children or the energy of the ritual that's using the monstrosity's energy. For concealment, the girl is currently under the influence of multiple forces here and it's hurting her and she's at significant risk and Charly is trying to summon a rainstorm to purify the area, but doesn't have the right pieces in the right places to do anything to impact the situation that much partially as she's covering the whole clearing rather than focusing on the areas of the ritual. I need to know which 'it' Amelia is trying to harm.

Out of the clear sky, a gentle rain starts coming down at Charly's command. The air feels calmer, but the circle of light remains, the shades remain as they are, the girl remains in her daze. Some deers of soft light peek out from the edges of the forest clearing. Charly can feel that this is a start but the energy of it feels like it's been stretched too thin to have the impact she wants.

That is 1 success (for the others - I said this big magic will require trial and error due to not having any research resources). For this Big Magic (as which if any rolls are up to the Keeper), either a Use Magic or Act Under Pressure roll will be fine. After this success, please specify which items Charly is placing where - no need for ultra specfic, just [number] of rune sticks (cool idea) near Y or big branch over Z area will be fine, the placement of items will create different effects. Other rolls to determine placement or asking the others for help/rolls may alter the number of attempts required.

The Exile | Harm: 4/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 4/5 |

In this situation, I think whatever this monstrosity is would be what's she is after. If that's not possible then she'd be trying to destroy whatever has a hold on the girl so she can be free.

"Charly! You must focus your cleansing! The site of the ritual is where the rains must fall. And we need the correct elements in the correct places for the rains to work." Amelia paused, focusing. "The shadows are the forests attempt to protect the children killed here. The lights are lingering remnants of the ritual that once took place here. The things people have left behind are an element." She looked to the others. "See if you can find the elements needed to undo what was done."

Male Human Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5

Zeke sets the girl down and lets go once he's sure she won't keel over. Hearing Amelia's callout, he looks around and nods. "Right." Of course, you've never really been one for magic, have you, Zeke? But you'll do alright. He blows a breath out and does his best to help make things magical--mostly at the direction of people who know what that means.

Act Under Pressure: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (1, 4) + 1 = 6

"Wait, what shape were these twigs supposed to be in, again? And how many were there?"

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

Shakily, Charly stands again and begins drawing another circle, this on just around the place where the ritual took place.

"Iron," she says as she snatches the twigs from Zeke's hands. "Find me iron. Cold and deadly to the fae. One of the rusting things we've passed will do."

The woman standing before is different from the vampire you first saw or the glamoured version that was apparently how she'd looked before. Her skin is gray, but gray like the bottoms of rain clouds, not the deathly paleness of before. Her eyes are blue and spark with tiny lightning bolts.

Whatever she is, she's not fully human. that's for sure.

Turning back to her work, she seems like she's on the verge of collapse, like someone who's pushed themselves too hard. She moves with purpose, though, and approaches the girl.

"I know that my actions have caused you harm, and for that I am sorry. I know you have no reason to trust me, but I need something of light and something of shadow. Will you help Jerry and Amelia find them," she asks, looking her straight in the eye and hoping that she can see how badly she wants to keep this from happening ever again.

Regardless of the girl's answer, Charly begins planning out this circle and fixing the other one. It could work. She just needed to know where in the sky some things rose and set.

Okay, what kind fo a roll would it be to find out the following:
- The direction of sunrise and sunset on the Summer and Winter Solstices
- The direction of moonrise and moonset on those same days
- The direction Orion sets on the Winter Solstice.
I was thinking just a straight Weird roll, or a Use Magic roll.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

The monstrosity's energy needs to be drawn out into a more physical form for it to be harmed. Once that's done, most typical methods can hurt it which will make it easier to purify. Doing that may remove one of the influences harming the girl.

Charly cannot take anything from Zeke's hand without passing through the circle of light. Amelia and Zeke are inside the space beyond the circle of light with the girl and almost all of the shades, Jerry and Charly are outside of the circle of light with some glowy deer. The bare patch expands across them both and the circle of light due to it being a few meters wide

As Zeke moves back away from the girl, the shades stop pushing at him and most quickly move on to other things, but a few are certainly staring at him, watching him carefully. The girl remains sitting on the plinth, her eyes tightly shut. Zeke cannot spot any iron, though there is the well.

As Charly makes her plea, she notices the girl's eyes are closed tight, her posture like she's still bracing for impact. She's not moving and has no reaction to what Charly said, not negative, not positive, not anything. The shades around the girl look confused, at least those that don't seem to be watching Zeke and Amelia very carefully. They don't appear to understand what Charly is talking about and certainly don't seem to like the idea - as shadows - of being used by an adult for anything. To the shades, that Charly is an adult seems to matter far more than Charly's nonhuman appearance.

Weird can work to figure those out, though it might be more useful to use Magic or Investigate to figure out if those are needed for this.

The Exile | Harm: 4/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 4/5 |

Amelia considered what she had learned, been told and seen. She began to try and put it together as best she could. The site of the ritual, the one thar Charly needed to cleanse, was like a...scab over the monstrous energy. But one that could not heal, because it was infected by the energy of the ritual. Once it was drawn out of the wound, they could kill it.

But they needed something to aid the forest in healing. Charly's ritual was part of that - a poultice or an ointment to soothe or possibly even draw out the infectious energy lingering beneath the site. They needed the elements of the forest to heal it. But only those freely given, the girl had said - fallen branches, leaves and berries? That sort of thing? It was worth a try, she supposed.

"Zeke," she called out to the big man, "Please move the lady from that plinth. I fear it gets rather...eneregtic once things begin, and that would be a poor place to remain."

Looking outside the circle, she yelled, "Jerry! That patch of bare earth is like scar tissue with an infection beneath! Once it is focused Charly's magics will draw the evil out, which we can then fight - but we need to suture the wound. Can you place things of the forest - fallen fruit, branches, leaves and the like - around it, to focus this place's energy into the wound like a suture? Only take what the forest has given, do not snap or damage anything. I shall do the same to bare earth this side of the light."

Amelia began to do the same on her side, surrounding the damage earth with bits and pieces that had fallen to the ground.

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 2/5 | Harm 6/7 | Unstable? N

Jerry looks around helplessly. His contributions usually amount to hitting things or putting himself between innocents and the things that hit back. He's never taken part in a ritual before.

Maybe the fence has something to do with all of this? It's pretty randomly placed in the middle of the forest, and it seemed unnecessarily tall. Maybe if he was able to find a piece to twist off, he could--

Amelia Oliver wrote:
"Jerry! That patch of bare earth is like scar tissue with an infection beneath! Once it is focused Charly's magics will draw the evil out, which we can then fight - but we need to suture the wound. Can you place things of the forest - fallen fruit, branches, leaves and the like - around it, to focus this place's energy into the wound like a suture? Only take what the forest has given, do not snap or damage anything."

Jerry nods and start looking around for things to contribute. Fallen branches, pine cones and the like, mud and earth of different sorts, and any dead bugs he finds.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

I had something in mind for placing things around the circle. I figured if they built Stonehenge to map out where the solstices and equinoxes had their sunrises and sunsets, couldn't hurt to place things around the circle in a similar manner. I'll roll to see if she needs them if you still want, but you did say I could come up with something cool, and well... *shrugs*

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

Amelia and Jerry easily find various sticks, branches, rocks, seed pods, and other forest objects on the ground. Near Jerry, the glowing deer watch curiously, but none move more than a step closer for a better view.

Amelia and Jerry, you're free to pick whichever easily carriable forest-nature items you want to place, just tell me what and where if it's other than on the bare patch

I said that the runes sticks were cool, that elements of the forest are required, and different elements in different places will create different effects so I need to know what is being used where. I'm happy to give the Stonehenge information if Charly rolls for it - what happens will depend on what items are where. Whether it hurts, helps, or does nothing will depend on that. Also, Charly will only be able to place items outside the circle unless she wants to enter it. As I told Zeke, that will inflict harm. She would then be unable to place items outside the circle unless she's willing to have harm inflicted repeatedly.

Everyone can make the ritual or other solutions as cool as they want, there are plenty of options here magicky and not magicky if people would prefer to investigate any others. I'm sure there are more possibilities that your characters can come up with that I'm happy to run with like the purifying rain. Certain criteria need to be met to finish solving and deal with this mystery. There are multiple ways this could go well - all of them require investigation and everyone's input, I'm all about that teamwork - and multiple ways this can go horribly wrong. Some of both have already happened.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

Sorry if I was sounding petulant there. I didn't mean it that way. I'm okay with however you rule it. I was just, I dunno. I guess I was misunderstanding something. Again, Sorry

Use Magic (How to set things up so she doesn't hurt Dovie or anyone else): 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (2, 2) + 2 = 6

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

As Charly attempts to use magic to set things up, the sensing magic seems to reflect off of the light circle. Instead of answers, Charly get a mental image of a dove with a broken wing and everyone starts hearing cooing. There are some glowy doves that appear, sitting in the trees near the clearing's edge. There seems to also be other ones though they are harder to see.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

Charly's shoulders slump as realizes she doesn't have a clue what she's doing. Her eyes fade back to their dark-red hue and her skin turns back to the deathly pallor of vampires as she flops onto the ground and lets out a cry of frustration.

"RAAARRGH! What was I thinking?! I'm so far in the deep-end it's not even funny!"

The Exile | Harm: 4/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 4/5 |

"You're doing fine, Charly," Amelia called as she arranged the leaves into something that looked vaguely magical. She had no idea how important it was, but it couldn't hurt either. "Simple focus thy enemrgies on the wound this bare earth presents, rather than the clearing as a whole. Your powers are great, but concentration will help."
he looked over to see if Zeke had moved the girl yet, and if not went to help him move her along. She really didn't want to set a ritual in motion that might explode a child.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

"That just makes it worse," Charly grumbles from where she lays.

Going to give the others a chance to catch up. :)

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 2/5 | Harm 6/7 | Unstable? N

Jerry continues to search for different types of natural things, although he looks over disconcertingly at Charly every now and then.

"I'm not really sure what's going on here," he says to Amelia and Zeke. "What happens if this ritual doesn't go right?"

Male Human Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5

Apologies for my absence, been all over the place lately.

At Amelia's suggestion--and Charly's shortening patience--Zeke moves over to the young lady and squats beside her. He eyes both her and any shades remaining nearby and gives a broad smile, hoping to assuage any suspicion or fear. "Dovie? Dovie, I'm going to need you to shift a little ways with me, here." His voice is soft and quiet, calm, the voice of a parent coaxing their child to safety. "We want to help you, help this place, and I want to make sure you're okay while we do that. Alright? Just this way." He waits a moment to see if she responds, and if not, gingerly places his hands on her shoulders and guides her a few feet away from the plinth.

Manipulate Someone?: 2d6 - 1 ⇒ (3, 2) - 1 = 4 Well that fails no matter what roll it is, assuming it isn't Kicking Ass or Protecting Someone.

Once he's done what he can for the girl, Zeke looks around. There's no iron obviously present, but there is the well... So he trots over and takes a look inside, a hand ready on his knife's grip in case something jumps out at him.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

A trio of doves glide down from the trees and land in the grass near the bare patch. These ones are not glowing and seem to be curiously looking to see if anything food-like is in view...

The shades are not happy or calmed by either Zeke's smile or tone of voice. Parental figures are not really a source of peace here. A few are curious, but mostly as before, they push back against Zeke as he tries to help the girl. As Zeke uses that name, the girl makes a quiet noise - it sounds like an incredibly accurate imitation of a dove. Other than that, she remains tense, bracing herself, eyes shut tight, and not responding. As he tries to guide her away, the shades come in force and hold the girl back. For some reason, they do not like the idea of the girl being moved and as Zeke goes to check out the well, something behind the shades and girl on the plinth seems to be appears to be taking shape.

At the well, it looks like a normal if very old well until Zeke looks over the edge and he just gets an instinctual wave of wrong. There are a few old rusty brackets that might be cold iron, but they would take a while to get out.

Amelia or Zeke, if attempting to move the girl, please make a Tough roll.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

Could I make another Use magic roll to see about setting up the circle she needs to cleanse this place?

The Exile | Harm: 4/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 4/5 |

Watching the birds, and remember the girl's supposed name as Dot had mentioned it, Amelia really hoped that the birds weren't the girls mind or soul or something 'flying the coop.'

Still, moving the girl was a priority...

Tough: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (6, 4) + 1 = 11

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

Another attempt at Use Magic would be fine. Use Magic, Protect Someone or Kick Some Ass can be used as much as your characters want and willing to accept the risks. Act Under Pressure is usually once within each particular thing (the rules give examples of working while a banshee is screaming or resisting mind control so you could use it once then and then again when a new thing comes up), and generally Investigate a Mystery or Read a Bad Situations are seen as once per thing being looked into or once per scene, but I'm not as strict on that as long as people are investigating something different each time - so in this scene, I would see investigating the bare patch and investigating or getting a read on the plinth as fine separate rolls in separate posts, usually.

Several shades try to push back against Amelia, but neither their strength nor the girl - who is practically a ball of tension though gives no resistance - make much of a challenge for Amelia. The large growing shadow on the plinth makes no effort to stop the girl being moved and Amelia notices once the girl is off the plinth that the growing slows - and the girl relaxes, almost, but not quite limp, though her face still looks quite panicked. Her eyes look unfocused and moving like she's watching something moving fast.

A pair of glowing doves fly down from the tree and land near Jerry and Charly. One moves to push one of the non-glowing pigeons aside.

Amelia, please state where you want to put the girl in relation to the plinth, well, and/or bare patch.

Male Human Hard Case | Harm: 0/7 | Luck: 6/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp: 1 | Tough: 2 | Weird: 0 | Experience: 1/5

Zeke peers down into the darkness of the well, instantly offput by the feeling of staring at its depths. His Hunting instincts are going off like crazy, screaming danger, but failing to see a direct cause for that, Zeke pushes past the sensation. He reaches down to grab hold of one of the rusty pieces of metal and gives a hardy tug, hoping to wrench it free as quickly as possible.

Tough: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (4, 2) + 2 = 8

Sharp +1 | Tough +2 | Luck 6/7 | Exp. 2/5 | Harm 6/7 | Unstable? N

Still not fully understanding how this is supposed to work, Jerry recognizes that the strange patch of earth has something to do with it.

Investigate a Mystery: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (6, 3) + 1 = 10

(1) What happened to cause this bare patch of earth? I have one more Hold that I'll ask depending on this answer.

Read a Bad Situation: 2d6 + 1 ⇒ (2, 5) + 1 = 8

Is that glowing dove pushing the pigeon anything to worry about?

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Amelia moved the girl away from the plinth (which could explode) and the bare earth (which might erupt with the remains of a dead being of evil). She wasn't thrilled with the idea of putting her near the well, as she had yet to check it for danger and was unsure the risks, but it seemed theoretically less dangerous than the others from what she'd seen. She suspected it would comfort the girl, but didn't want to try.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

Zeke gets a wave of nausea and a prickly sensation that someone is watching him as he starts trying to take the rusty iron piece. It quickly comes off about halfway, though the second half feels tightly stuck.

Jerry's experience and what has been said leads him to believe that the bare patch of earth was a scar caused from some sort of possibly demonic or other sinister-folk-type of ritual. The glowing doves don't raise his hunter's instincts just yet and with how they had smashed the larger beings, Jerry felt if they did start acting up they could deal with it and not the biggest issue now. They were pretty odd though, a bit bigger than the normal looking ones and a burning glare for birds. With his uncertainty about magic, Jerry is unsure how any of the birds being so close to the bare patch would effect any rituals or any other forms of magic here.

As Amelia put the girl on the grass away from plinth, well, or bare patch, the girl seems to look at Amelia for a moment, taking in a deep if unsteady breath and shaking her head slightly, before her gaze her clouds over again and starting to droop and dart around as before like in a dream, repeatedly looking towards the bare patch with mixed emotions. Some of the shades pop up from the grass near the girl and tug at her, a couple glaring at Amelia as they do so and none showing any particular worry about the girl's strange state.

Female Vampire/Demigoddess Luck: 5/7 | Harm: 3/7| XP: 0/5 | Holds:

Use Magic (Focusing on the Bare Patch and the Plinth.): 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (1, 4) + 2 = 7 Welp, Charly is a self-sacrificing sort. I'll take the harm.

Charly takes in a deep breath and sits up, looking at what's going on. With a moment to gather her courage, she grits her teeth and pushes through the barrier of light. She can't quite keep from crying out as her mind floods with all sorts of horrible memories and the feeling of shame as she relived the horrible memory of her last meeting with her father. She focuses on the plinth and growled as she reached deep into her being and reached again for the memory as she examined the plinth and the patch of ground. Sparks of lightning danced along her limbs as she concentrated before there was a thunderous rumble followed by a sharp crack that echoed on and on as a flash of blue-white surrounds her for just a moment.

She stands there for just a moment before falling to her knees. Smoke rises from her shoulders where a complex marking of celtic knotwork glowed blue-white.

So, what inspiration strikes Charly?

The Exile | Harm: 4/7 | Luck: 7/7 | Status: OK | Charm: -1 | Cool: 1 | Sharp:1 | Tough: 1 | Weird: 2| Armour: 2 | Experience: 4/5 |

"If you do not like what I am doing," Amelia said primly to the grumpy shadows, "Then I would wholeheartedly suggest you see to it yourselves." The girl's strange state and behaviour was concerning, and would very likely be related to whatever was linking her to this. Perhaps magic could be used to free her from this fit.

Use magic: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (6, 6) + 2 = 14 - Amelia ascends to magical Godhood.

Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

While Charly focuses her magic, the shades on the plinth scatter. Some back into the tree, others across the grass within the circle. The growing shadow remains.

Attempting to focus on both the plinth and the bare patch does bring some intense pain. Charly can feel that they hold ancient, but very different, possibly opposing types of magical force - and that both and more are trying to influence the girl though as she has now been moved farther away from both, that tie is thinner.

The bare patch has a toxic, bloodthirsty, malicious force trapped below it. All it wants is more blood and rage, not causing either but drinks it up eagerly. It will need to be drawn out to deal with it, a concentrated purification with many items of the forest seems the best way to weaken it and possibly draw it out. Some patterns come to mind, mirrored on each side of the light circle and something to bridge the gap.

The plinth, farther and with the light circle between it and Charly, is harder to get a read on. Charly can feel the force is also angry, vengeful in their protective nature. For a second, Charly can see on the plinth a statue with items resting around it - and as Charly looks over, she sees the growing shadow looks a bit familiar.

As Amelia tries to figure out and sever the links is under, the strength of Amelia's magic brings her for a moment into what looks like a dream. Amelia appears to be in a van of some sort, it's going far faster than it should, Amelia can hear branches smacking the outside at speed and the thunderous beat of a racing heart. In one seat in front of Amelia is the girl frozen and gripping the seat hard and the other is someone who just appears as a burning red light figure driving who seems to be talking, but Amelia cannot understand the words. The car abuptly stops, blue lights behind and the figure leaves, slamming the door. With the figure gone, Amelia can see the headlights in front of the van aiming at the road at an odd angle - and three beings standing there. One a horrifying glowing red monstrosity, one small child shade, one a cloaked figured. The girl speaks, barely above a whisper, shaking, "I did what I was told, ran inside, the police never asked me anything. I don't think they would even if I stayed or...she wanted me dead that night. They keep showing me these things and I don't know why. I think that one wants me to go to them and... die like...like I was supposed to... she says as she points to the glowing beast, "I think the shades want me...to become one of them. They're just little, they think I'll be happier if I stay and play with them forever, but I just want to get as far from here as possible once the police won't drag me back again as a runaway, prove 'em all wrong, and her... I've seen her before, but I can't remember...and the forest... she points beyond them all "unclear...do they all want me dead...I don't want to die...is she right that the world would be better if I...I don't want to...why do they keep..."

The girl suddenly bursts into tears in front of Amelia, shaking, but her eyes are clear. She turns away from Amelia and from seeing the bare patch, looking a bit embarrassed and scared, but can't stop crying or shaking. Some of the shades pat her, a couple continue glaring at Amelia.

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Amelia shuddered at the words and the visions that she received. "Well, they will have to wait for your soul. A good, long while. Especially since I hope to release whatever is left here, be it memory or spirit or something between. And once this is done, we shall see about your distance." There was doubtless someway to help - Charly had been a police officer, after all. She would know the laws and rules about such, would she not?

"You will not die. Not if I have anything to say on the matter. And I do." Perhaps she could spend time with her lady friend.

"How goes this?" she called to to the others.

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Is the pain more intense after she entered the circle of light? Also, forgot to take a point off for the Magic. Spending a point of luck to get a 12 on the next Use Magic Roll for a total of 14.

Charly staggers to the edge of the ring.

"Amelia, I need you to find some things for me. Pinecones, acorns, nuts, leaves, and sticks. Do not take anything from the trees. Just what you can find on the ground. Get Jerry to help," she says with confidence even though she looks like she's about to fall over. She turns to Zeke and guides him to a spot at the edge of the circle opposite of the plinth and has him face it.

"If this goes badly, get the others out of here, okay," she asks him before turning around and drawing two complex patterns on either side of the circle, one the mirror of the other. Then she draws a third image, this one of a celtic trefoil knot with two of the points aimed at the two patterns she'd just drawn and the third one at the Plinth.

As Amelia and Jerry bring her the items she asked for, she arranges them in on the patterns in the order she clearly sees in her mind. As soon as she has enough, she describes the statue to Amelia and Jerry and asks them to find it and twelve more pinecones and thirteen more acorns.

"The statue goes in the center. The acorns ring it and the pinecones ring the acorns. If you can find it while you are looking for those, an oak branch as tall as I am would be nice."

Once she's done, she sits in the center of the knot facing Zeke and looking exhausted.

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