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we could use 2 players ASAP

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GM Silbeg wrote:
we could use 2 players ASAP

Are you still looking for players? Just got an email about this from Peter (the level 14 Bloodrager in the party).

I'd love to join you guys (and am available Monday nights (5pm-10pm EST), but a quick warning that I've never done a PBP campaign! I would understand if it doesn't work out, as I'm both joining at the absolute last minute and I'm not 100% familiar with PBP.

My character is a level 14 helpful halfling (Aiding primarily AC) - a mix of classes, but primarily Cavalier (has a wolf animal companion).

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We are looking for one player at this time.

I personally don't have an issue if you haven't played PbP before... I'll refer you to a couple of good primers to checkout.

Note: PBP happens continuously... you will be expected to post at least daily. Typically, it takes less than 15 minutes per day to be active, however.

Fill out the form at retrocon recruiting for this game, set up your stuff (there is a template for your "tagline" in the campaign info, and have your statblock in your profile... if you use herolab that is as easy as exporting in BB style and dumping into the description field.)

Doomed Hero's guide to PBP

Painlord's guide to PBP

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OK - I think I was a bit hasty and didn't quite understand what this whole PbP thing entails. My schedule is pretty tight and I wouldn't be available every day unfortunately.

I think I'll pass this opportunity, and instead will read through some PbP campaigns first to familiarize myself.

Sorry! I hope you guys can find another player and have lots of fun.

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