[ACG][SoTT] AAUGHWHY's Season of Tapestry's Tides (Inactive)

Game Master AAUGHWHY

Useful Info (Includes Loot, Ship Info, and Commonly Summoned Banes)

Non-Loot Rewards:
5-1B: When you would stash any number of Plunder cards, any character may instead choose a basic boon from the box and shuffle it into their deck

5-1C: When you make a Survival Check, you may bury a boon to use STR, CON, or INT die instead of the normal one.

5-1E: You may add 1d4 to checks vs Undead banes. You may bury a card to Banish a Pirate Shade Haunt displayed next to your character

AD 1: You may bury a boon that has the Swashbuckling Trait to recharge 1d4 random cards from your discard pile.

5-3A: When you would banish a random plunder card, you may examine 2 random plunder cards and choose the one to banish.

5-3E:For the rest of the Adventure Path, on your Craft check, you may recharge any number of allies; for each recharged ally, add 1.

AD 3:For the rest of the Adventure Path, after you draw your starting hand, you may draw 2 cards.

5-4E:For the rest of the Adventure Path, when you defeat a ship but do not seize it, you may record it on your Chronicle Sheet as if you had seized it.

AD 4: For the rest of the Adventure Path, add 1d4 to your checks against monsters that have the Pirate trait.

5-5A:For the rest of the Adventure Path, at the start of a scenario, stash a second plunder cards.

5-5D:For the rest of the Adventure Path, when you would bury the top card of your deck, you may instead examine the top 2 cards of your deck, then recharge 1 and bury the other.

5-5D:For the rest of the Adventure Path, after drawing your starting hand, you may shuffle an ally and/or a blessing from the game box into your deck.


Plunder Table

1- Weapon
2- Spell
3- Armor
4- Item
5- Ally
6- Your Choice of Above

Stashed Plunder

Spell x1
Ally x1

Current Ship:

Feathered Dragon (Intact)


Ship 6 (Class 6)
To Defeat: "Arcane/Divine 11 OR Wisdom/Survival 16

When Encountering this Ship:You may reveal any number of allies and blessings; add 1 to your check for each revealed card.

When Commanding this Ship:When you would discard allies or blessings as structural damage, you may recharge 1 or more of them instead

Feathered Dragon(Wrecked)


Ship 6 (Class 6)
To Repair: Craft or Divine 8

When Commanding this Ship:At the start of your turn, recharge an ally or a blessing.

Turn Order:

2 - Ukuja/Bigguyinblack
3 - Enora/Akaitora
4 - Erasmus/AAUGHWHY

Adventure Deck # = 6

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