[ACG][SoTT] AAUGHWHY's Season of Tapestry's Tides (Inactive)

Game Master AAUGHWHY

Useful Info (Includes Loot, Ship Info, and Commonly Summoned Banes)

Non-Loot Rewards:
5-1B: When you would stash any number of Plunder cards, any character may instead choose a basic boon from the box and shuffle it into their deck

5-1C: When you make a Survival Check, you may bury a boon to use STR, CON, or INT die instead of the normal one.

5-1E: You may add 1d4 to checks vs Undead banes. You may bury a card to Banish a Pirate Shade Haunt displayed next to your character

AD 1: You may bury a boon that has the Swashbuckling Trait to recharge 1d4 random cards from your discard pile.

5-3A: When you would banish a random plunder card, you may examine 2 random plunder cards and choose the one to banish.

5-3E:For the rest of the Adventure Path, on your Craft check, you may recharge any number of allies; for each recharged ally, add 1.

AD 3:For the rest of the Adventure Path, after you draw your starting hand, you may draw 2 cards.

5-4E:For the rest of the Adventure Path, when you defeat a ship but do not seize it, you may record it on your Chronicle Sheet as if you had seized it.

AD 4: For the rest of the Adventure Path, add 1d4 to your checks against monsters that have the Pirate trait.

5-5A:For the rest of the Adventure Path, at the start of a scenario, stash a second plunder cards.

5-5D:For the rest of the Adventure Path, when you would bury the top card of your deck, you may instead examine the top 2 cards of your deck, then recharge 1 and bury the other.

5-5D:For the rest of the Adventure Path, after drawing your starting hand, you may shuffle an ally and/or a blessing from the game box into your deck.


Plunder Table

1- Weapon
2- Spell
3- Armor
4- Item
5- Ally
6- Your Choice of Above

Stashed Plunder

Spell x1
Ally x1

Current Ship:

Feathered Dragon (Intact)


Ship 6 (Class 6)
To Defeat: "Arcane/Divine 11 OR Wisdom/Survival 16

When Encountering this Ship:You may reveal any number of allies and blessings; add 1 to your check for each revealed card.

When Commanding this Ship:When you would discard allies or blessings as structural damage, you may recharge 1 or more of them instead

Feathered Dragon(Wrecked)


Ship 6 (Class 6)
To Repair: Craft or Divine 8

When Commanding this Ship:At the start of your turn, recharge an ally or a blessing.

Turn Order:

2 - Ukuja/Bigguyinblack
3 - Enora/Akaitora
4 - Erasmus/AAUGHWHY

Adventure Deck # = 6

Season of Tapestry's Tides

Centuries ago, the legendary sorcerer Hao Jin collected landmarks from across Golarion, ripping them from the Material Plane and transporting them to her own personal demiplane, the Hao Jin Tapestry. The tapestry became a museum of sorts, an eclectic collection of ancient temples and other sites of historical interest, as well as the native people, flora, and fauna. Hao Jin’s magic carefully sustained the demiplane, creating artificial water cycles and allowing scorching desert to exist next to frigid tundra. One day, however, Hao Jin disappeared without a trace. Since then, the demiplane’s structure has been gradually fraying, causing the artificial
ecosystems to meld and degrade.

In her will, Hao Jin awarded her greatest treasures as prizes for an annual contest of martial arts held in her honor every decade, the famous Ruby Phoenix Tournament. Seven years ago, a guild of explorers, scholars, and archeologists known as the Pathfinder Society won this tournament, and with it the right to select a single item from Hao Jin’s collection. Stunning onlookers, they passed over gilded treasures and imposing artifacts, instead choosing a small and ugly tapestry covered in clashing patterns. What the onlookers did not realize was that this weathered fabric was the gateway to Hao Jin’s fantastical realm.

With the tapestry in hand, Pathfinder agents eagerly explored and catalogued the wonders of the demiplane within. They discovered a method to use the tapestry to open gateways to places across Golarion, allowing them to send groups of agents across the world in record time. Yet this discovery came at a cost. In using these portals, the Pathfinders were unknowingly accelerating the tapestry’s natural decline. Some portions of the tapestry now face crippling droughts, while others are plagued with flooding and erratic tides.

And the worst has just begun. The Society’s foremost scholar of the tapestry, Venture-Captain Aram Zey, has just learned that it is collapsing. If the Pathfinder Society does not intervene quickly and decisively, the demiplane and everyone within will be lost forever. As the waterways are the source of some of the most dramatic changes, the first Pathfinders to investigate the collapse should be those who know their way around a ship. Zey has called upon you to launch the investigation. Your mission is to sail into these uncharted waters and uncover the extent of the tapestry’s decline. With luck, you will return home safely... though luck is not necessarily on your side.