Pathfinder: Shards of an Order PBP

Game Master Benjen Harris

Shards of an Order is a homebrew Pathfinder campaign set in a world called Vyn, more specifically set on the continent of Enderal.
Player Resource

[dice=Nalia Initiative] 1d20 + 6[/dice]
[dice=Poppo Initiative] 1d20 + 4 [/dice]
[dice=Turngut Initiative] 1d20 + 5[/dice]
[dice=Bobie Initiative] 1d20 + 2[/dice]

Enderal is known as the land without slaves and is located to North East most part of Vyn. Enderal is a theocracy where citizens worship immortal wizards who set themselves up as gods and became known as Light Born. People are born into castes called Paths, there are three paths, the sublime path, the workers path, and the pathless. Paths are granted by the Light Born when someone is born however it is likely that you will receive the same Path as your father. If you are from a different continent you are considered Pathless since no other land practices Path's, unless your father or mother were from Enderal. The Members of the sublime path are often skilled in the art of magic and usually ascend to become members of the Holy Order, the ruling government of Enderal. People of the workers path are usually everyday people shopkeepers, alchemist, or even adventurers. Members of the Pathless usually consist of the homeless and other lowly professions. While some in the worker's path have ascended to become members of the order a pathless has never risen to become apart of The Order. The current Grandmaster of the order is Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal father of Narathzul Arantheal. Narathzul Arantheal led a rebellion against the Light Born and his father three years ago disappearing toward the end of the war, it is rumored the Narathzul was successful in killing all of the Light Born but this has never been confirmed. Lately in Enderal a mysterious plague has been spreading known as The Red Madness which causes people's eyes to glow a bright red as well as them attacking anything or anyone without remorse.