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Game Master Eric Collins - France

Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1-01: The Commencement
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SFS #1-01 - will see if any spots left once the pre-chosen-elite-few show up!


Player Name: Gerard / Magabeus
Character Name: Fritz Fratz
PFS#: 24861-704
Class & Levels: Soldier 1
Faction: Acquisitives
Day Job: None

Fritz Fratz has just left the underbowels of Absalom station and is eager to earn the hard bucks needed to buy an even bigger gun. He is just able to lift his current gun, but who cares about encumbrance?


Player name: Eric / Revvy Bitterleaf
Character name: OP-1
Class & levels: Operative 1
Faction: Acquisitives


Player Name: Kludde
Character Name: Zoey Strawberry
PFS 108716-701
Class/level: Rocket Girl 1
Faction: Dataphiles

Grand Lodge

Fritz Fratz, OP-1, and a bouncy Zoey Strawberry are finishing their Starfiinder training.
They look around: who else is in the class with them?

opening recruitment for 3 slots

Welcome, post your application information here.

Sovereign Court

Player Name: Luthor Volandis
Character Name: TBD
PFS 9249-704
Class/level: Solarion 1
Faction: Second Seekers

A new character i'd like to play but have not set up on the boards yet. I'm also interested to see how The Commencement plays on PbP.


Player: TriShadow
Character: Ilsia Mogul
PFS: 151777 701
Faction: TBD

I have this operative, or I have an idea for an icon.

Dark Archive

I have a new character or a Mecanic level 2 ready for adventure!

Grand Lodge

So we have our six Starfinders in training.

Recruitment closed.

With Thanksgiving coming in the U.S., I'd aim to start next week (on Monday, or a day or two after if we need, no real rush).
If all are ready before we can start then.

So you can choose which character you wish to play (discuss it if you want) and set up the character sheet and info' etc..

Welcome all!


GM, can you open gameplay so we can dot in?

Grand Lodge

Sorry all!
I've been trying to open this for a couple days, and was unable to get it going.
Yesterday I managed to get the Discussion thread going, but not the Gameplay thread.
Today I think I managed (I tried using all of my aliases, and one finally stuck - Of course it was Quig!)
Tell me if it works for you? (no idea what I was doing wrong, but GM SFS and Eric Collins-France (my main forum account name) never were able to create the thread (should've called the Ysoki in earlier!).

Anyhow... does it work for you now?

Sovereign Court

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I happened to be here as you did it so i dotted. It looks to have worked ok.

Keskodai says to say Hi to Quig :)

Grand Lodge

So, all can add your Icons and fill in your info' and Init' and Perception and such in the Slides (link at top of page), and go join the P.A.R.T.Y. in the Gameplay thread.

I imagine we'll start after Monday, when all are back in the game.

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

This is Luthor Volandis and i'm finalizing my character now. This is the alias for him so i'll get him ready to go over the next day or so.

Grand Lodge

Torith Volandis & Ilmakis, if you can put the info' in Slide #2 (link at top of page): your Icon, character info', Percep' & Init'... as we get started.


(Ilmakis' here)

Player Name : Florent
Character: Neroo
SFS#: 754-702
DayJob: Reality TV Star: 1d20 + 10 + 1 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 10 + 1 + 4 = 24

I know recruitment is closed, but if it doesn't work out I'm interested.

Grand Lodge

@Ventiine: I doubt anyone will drop out here, but will tell you if they do.

There should be more SFS games coming.

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