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Full Name

Ilsia "Kiv" Kivulia


Lashunta ~ Damaya


Operative {Ghost}/ 6 | Stamina: 36/36 | Hp: 40/40 | Resolve:6/9 | EAC: 22 | KAC: 22 KAC: 30 | F:+2 | R: +11 | W: +6 | Init: +8 | Perception: +14








Akitonian, Aklo, Castrovellian, Common, Draconic, Drow, Dwarven, Elven, Eoxian, Goblin, Shirren, Vesk


Ace Pilot /

Strength 10
Dexterity 22
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 15

About Kiv {Ilsia Kivulia}

Ilsia Kivulia
Female Lashunta {Damaya}
Ace Pilot Ghost Operative 6
Init +8; Senses Perception +14
Speed 40 ft.


EAC 22
KAC 22
Fort +2, Ref +11, Will +6

Hybridized Semi-Auto Pistol 1d20+10 (1d6+3 P) range 30' (Operative) 3d8
Hybridized Semi-Auto Pistol {FULL ATTACK} +6/+6 range 30' (Operative) 3d8

HOLY Shirren-Eye Sniper Rifle, tactical 1d20+11 (1d10+6 P) range 70' or 250'

Anchoring Baton 1d20+10 (1d4+3 B) (Operative) 3d8
Anchoring Baton {FULL ATTACK} +6/+6 (1d4+2 B) (Operative) 3d8

Survival Knife 1d20+10 (1d4+2 P) (Operative)
Survival Knife {FULL ATTACK} +6/+6 (Operative) 3d8

Str 10, Dex 22, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 15
Base Atk +1

basic melee weapons
Evasion {Bonus Operative Class}
light armor
Nimble Moves {1st level}
small arms
sniper weapons
skill focus (acrobatics) {Bonus Operative Class}
skill focus (stealth) {Bonus Operative Class}
Technomatic Dabbler {Detect Magic, Mending} unlimited | {Life Bubble} 2 casts/day {5th Level}
weapon focus (sniper) {3rd Level}

Operatives Edge +2
Quick Movement (+10')
Trick Attack (3d8)
~Debilitating Trick
Jack of All Trades

Acrobatics +18 {0 ranks, 6 bonus ranks (ghost), +3 class, +6 ability, +3 skill focus (insight bonus)}
Athletics +11 {6 ranks, +3 class, +2 operative's edge}
Bluff +13 {6 ranks, +3 class, +2 ability, +2 operative's edge}
Computers +15 {6 rank, +3 class, +4 ability, +2 operative's edge}
Culture +15 {6 ranks, +3 class, +4 ability, +2 operative's edge}
Diplomacy +6 {+2 ability, +4 operative's edge (jack of all trades)}
Disguise +13 {6 ranks, +3 class, +2 ability, +2 operative's edge}
Engineering +15 {6 rank, +3 class, +4 ability, +2 operative's edge}
Intimidate +6 {+2 ability, +4 operative's edge (jack of all trades)}
Life Science +8 {0 ranks, +4 ability, +4 operatives edge (jack of all trades)}
Medicine +13 {4 rank, +3 class, +4 ability, +2 operative's edge}
Mysticism +5 {0 ranks,+1 ability, +4 operative's edge (jack of all trades)}
Perception +14 {6 ranks, +3 class, +1 ability +2 race, +2 operative's edge}
Physical Science +8 {0 ranks, +4 ability, +4 operative's edge (jack of all trades)}
Piloting +20 {6 ranks, +3 class, +6 ability, +2 race, +1 theme, +2 operative's edge}
Profession (Corporate Professional) +16 {3 ranks, +3 class, +4 ability, +4 circumstance, +2 operative's edge (jack of all trades)}
Profession +2 {+2 operative's edge (jack of all trades)}
Sense Motive +12 {6 ranks, +3 class, +1 ability, +2 operative's edge}
Sleight of Hand +16 {5 ranks, +3 class, +6 ability, +2 operative's edge}
Stealth +21 {0 ranks, +6 bonus ranks (ghost), +3 class, +6 ability, +3 skill focus (insight bonus), +3 Circumstance (Skin of the Chameleon)}
Survival +12 {6 ranks, +3 class, +1 ability +2 operative's edge}

Biochain Darkvision
Gill Sheath
Skin of the Chameleon
Synaptic Accelerator, Mk 2 (Dexterity)

Magical Item
Ability Crystal, Mk1 (Intelligence)
Healing Serum MK 1 (x3)
Healing Serum MK 2 (x3)


Gear {Bulk}

Anchoring Baton, tactical {L}:
A weapon with the anchoring fusion has a chance to immobilize its targets. The weapon gains immobilization as a critical hit effect. If the weapon already has a critical hit effect, choose each time whether to apply the weapon’s normal critical hit effect or the immobilization effect. A target affected by the immobilization critical hit effect is unable to move from its space under its own power for 1d4 rounds. It cannot use any form of movement, including teleportation effects, to change its position. If the target is entirely contained in a mobile object (such as a starship or large vehicle), the target is immobile relative to its location within that object. Other creatures and forces can move the target normally.

A target affected by the immobilization critical hit effect is unable to move from its space under its own power for 1d4 rounds. It cannot use any form of movement, including teleportation effects, to change its position. If the target is entirely contained in a mobile object (such as a starship or large vehicle), the target is immobile relative to its location within that object. Other creatures and forces can move the target normally.


This holographic projector is generally mounted to a belt or arm strap. It can be programmed using the Disguise skill to project a different appearance. When you use a holoskin, you can disguise major features, race, or creature type without the DC of your Disguise check increasing, except against Perception checks that involve physical examination.

Personal Comm Unit

HOLY Shirren Eye Sniper Rifle +1 cartridge/25 {1}:
A weapon with the holy fusion becomes blessed with divine energy from a good deity. Any attacks with the fused weapon are good-aligned. Damage from the weapon bypasses DR/good and ignores the energy resistance of evil dragons, evil outsiders, and evil undead. The holy fusion cannot be added to weapons that have the unholy fusion.

Second Skin {L}
Hybridized Semi-Auto Pistol +30 rounds {L}:
A weapon with the hybridized fusion replaces much of its technological functions with magic counterparts. It gains the analog weapon special property (see page 180), and the core function of the weapon is considered to be a hybrid of magic and technology (rather than only the fusion counting as a hybrid item). A hybridized weapon still consumes ammunition and battery charges normally.

Survival Knife {L}
Tool Kit
~ Engineer {L}
~ Hacking {L}
~ Profession (Corporate Professional) {L}
~ Trapsmith {L} +4 to engineering to arm/disarm traps
Ysoki Refractor Suit (+7/+7}

Special Abilities


You can bend light around yourself and muffle any minor sounds you make, allowing you to nearly vanish when not moving. Even when you move, you appear only as an outline with blurry features. This cloaking field doesn’t make you invisible, but it does make it easier to sneak around. Activating the cloaking field is a move action. While the cloaking field is active, you can use Stealth to hide, even while being directly observed and with no place to hide. Attacking doesn’t end the cloaking field, but it does end that particular attempt to hide. If you remain perfectly still for at least 1 round, you gain a +10 bonus to Stealth checks (which doesn’t stack with invisibility) until you move.

Your cloaking field lasts for up to 10 rounds before it becomes inactive. While inactive, the cloaking field recharges automatically at the rate of 1 round of cloaking per minute.


When you hit an enemy with a trick attack, you can make the creature flat-footed or off-target until the beginning of your next turn. You might learn exploits that grant you additional options for your debilitating trick, but you can select only one option each time you hit with a trick attack.


You can create holographic duplicates or psychic projections of yourself that conceal your true location. Once per day as a standard action, you can create 1d4 images of yourself that last for 1 minute per operative level. This ability otherwise functions as mirror image. You can use this exploit an additional time per day at 6th level, and again at 10th level.

Mirror Image
Level: 2
School: illusion
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: personal
Duration: 1 minute/level

This spell creates a number of illusory doubles of you that inhabit your square. These doubles make it difficult for enemies to precisely locate and attack you.

When you cast mirror image, it creates 1d4 figment images. These images remain in your space and move with you, mimicking your movements, sounds, and actions exactly. Whenever you are attacked or are the target of a spell that requires an attack roll, there is a possibility that the attack targets one of your images instead. If the attack hits, roll randomly to see whether the selected target is real or a figment. If it is a figment, the figment is destroyed. If the attack misses by 5 or less, one of your figments is destroyed by the near miss, and an attack that misses you due to a miss chance also destroys an image. Area spells and effects that don’t require an attack roll affect you normally and don’t destroy any of your figments. Spells with a range of touch are harmlessly discharged if used to destroy a figment.

An attacker must be able to see the figments to be fooled. If you are invisible or the attacker is blind, the spell has no effect. Blindsense doesn’t help distinguish the figments from the real you, but blindsight is sufficient to do so.

At will: daze, psychokinetic hand
1/day: detect thoughts

Lashuntas can mentally communicate with any creatures within 30 feet with whom they share a language. Conversing telepathically with multiple creatures simultaneously is just as difficult as listening to multiple people speaking.

Lashuntas love to learn, and they receive a +2 racial bonus to any two skills of their choice. {Perception & Piloting)

You are obsessed with starships and vehicles, and have committed to memory almost every related tidbit of knowledge you’ve ever come across. Reduce the DC of Culture checks to recall knowledge about starship and vehicle models and parts as well as famous hotshot pilots by 5. Piloting is a class skill
for you, though if it is a class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to your Piloting checks. In addition, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to Dexterity at character creation.


Your ranged attacks with small arms do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Your diverse training as an operative grants you a +1 insight bonus to initiative checks and to skill checks. This bonus increases by 1 at 3rd level and every 4 levels thereafter.

Your specialization represents your primary area of expertise. Pick one specialization upon taking your 1st level of the operative class. Once made, this choice cannot be changed. Descriptions of the specializations appear on page 94. Your specialization grants you the Skill Focus feat (see page 161) in your specialization’s associated skills, and you gain a free skill rank in each of those skills at each operative level (this does not allow you to exceed the maximum number of skill ranks in a single skill).
Associated Skills: Acrobatics and Stealth. When you use Stealth to make a trick attack, you gain a +1 bonus to the skill check.

TRICK ATTACK When you use Stealth to make a trick attack, you gain a +1 bonus to the skill check.
You can trick or startle a foe and then attack when she drops her guard. As a full action, you can move up to your speed. Whether or not you moved, you can then make an attack with a melee weapon with the operative special property or with any small arm. Just before making your attack, attempt a Bluff, Intimidate, or Stealth check (or a check associated with your specialization; see page 94) with a DC equal to 20 + your target’s CR. If you succeed at the check, you deal 1d4 additional damage and the target is flat-footed. This damage increases to 1d8 at 3rd level, to 3d8 at 5th level, and by an additional 1d8 every 2 levels thereafter. You can’t use this ability with a weapon that has the unwieldy special property or that requires a full action to make a single attack.

TECHNOMATIC DABBLER {Detect Magic, Mending} unlimited | {Life Bubble} 2 casts/day
Choose two 0-level technomancer spells and one 1st-level technomancer spell. You can cast the 0-level spells at will and the 1st-level spell once per day for every 3 character levels you have. Your caster level is equal to your character level, and the key ability score for these spells is Intelligence. If you later gain levels in technomancer, you lose the benefits of this feat and can replace it with either Spell Focus or Spell Penetration.

Data Concierge {Dataphile (2 Fame)}
Digital Imp {Dataphile (2 Fame)}
Envar's Attention {Ally Boon}

Dataphiles Champion {Dataphile (2 Fame)}
Dataphiles Champion, Improved {Dataphile (4 Fame)}

Contractor's Respect
Enemy of the Devourer
Expert Blackmail {Dataphile (1 Fame)}
Faction's Friend {Social}
Street Cred: Absalom Station {Social}

Computational Savant {Dataphile (3 Fame)}

Defender of the Fleet:
Defender of the Fleet (Starship Boon): During the return to the Scoured Stars, you partook in at least one starship combat mission to assist the evacuation of the stranded Starfinders. As a result, your name has spread throughout the engineers and dockmasters of the Starfinder fleet. Whenever you slot this boon, you can pick one of the following options:
Finest Computers: You can improve the computers onboard your starship by one step: from a mononode to a duonode, or from a duonode to a trinode. Alternatively, you can upgrade the computer’s bonus by 1 while this boon is slotted (to a maximum of +8).
Finest Engines: You can increase the speed of your thrusters by one step. For example, T6 thrusters become T8 thrusters. You cannot use this boon to upgrade beyond the fastest thrusters commonly available for your size of starship (so you cannot upgrade past T14, S12, M12, L10, H10, G8 or C8 thrusters.)
Finest Weapons: Each of the weapons on your starship is the best available in the Starfinder fleet. When you roll damage, you can reroll any damage dice with a result of 1 on the die; you must keep the second result.

Loaned Ship: Sunrise Maiden
Solar Powered Weapon System
Star Monster Slayer

Digital Presence {Faction}
Marked Field Agent
Qabarat University
Star Sugar Heartlove!!!
Starfinder Society Care Package ~ Elixir of Renewal
Starship Towing (5 Fame)

Scoured Stars Survivor

#01 1-01 The Commencement {1, 2, 747}
#02 AP 1 Incident at Absalom Station {3, 5, 2160}
#03 1-07 The Solar Sortie {1, 2, 755}
#04 1-12 Ashes of Discovery {1, 2, 771}
#05 AP 2 Temple of the Twelve {3, 5, 4380}
#06 1-99 The Scoured Stars Invasion {1, 2, 1494}
#07 1-09 Live Exploration Extreme! {1, 2, 1162}
#08 1-06 A Night in Nightarch {1, 2, 1497}
#09 AP 3 Splintered Worlds {3, 5, 12,255}

TOTALS {XP: 15 / FAME: 27 / CREDITS: 3,419}
Dataphiles: Earned: 27 Spent: 19 Current: 8
Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo): 2