World's Largest Dungeon (Inactive)

Game Master 10gpGrapplingHook

Millennia ago, the celestials built a great dungeon. Within it, the celestials erected mammoth walls, locks, doors, and traps. It warded off those who would enter, but also walled in those who would escape: it was a dungeon larger than any ever know. Within it, the celestials imprisoned hellish undead, demonic beasts, and fiendish monstrosities. Several earthquakes have torn the dungeon apart, letting in lava flows, water, and worst of all - new inhabitants.

The scouts of Cleftwood Village have spotted a notorious wererat sorcerer who calls himself Longtail leading a frighteningly large army of kobolds, troglodytes, orcs, and even an ogre into a cave formed by the recent earthquakes. He has attacked the village before, and the elders fear what he could be doing with such a large army. They have sent out a call to all nearby cities and villages seeking five brave heroes to pursue the evil sorcerer and discover his intentions.

Time: Having been built by Celestials to imprison evil, strange magic was implemented to speed time and allow for faster preparation of Celestial duties. A full night's rest is now 4 hours (down from 8). This applies to natural healing, recovering spells and the like.
Natural Healing: A full 4 hours rest restores 2 hp per character level (up from 1).