To Wear the Carrion Crown (Inactive)

Game Master Haldhin

Running the Carrion Crown Adventure Path.

This Play by Post campaign is using the Carrion Crown Adventure Path as the basis for its adventures.

Some minor changes are being incorporated into the adventures to make the campaign a more personal journey for the characters, but the primary objective is to provide an engaging and exciting opportunity to play through the Carrion Crown AP.

Active characters:
Karl the Bastard (Half-elf Ranger)
Oorin (Gnome Fire Wizard)
Roland Savardson (Human Alchemist)
Cassandra Blackmoore (Changeling Oracle)
Shanoa (Human Inquisitor)
Darren Cayle (Human Fighter)

Haunting of Harrowstone
Started June 6, 2012
Completed TBD

Handouts and supporting documentation can be found here: To Wear the Carrion Crown

Frequently used resources like tactical maps can be found in this location: Maps, Pictures, etc