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The Spiral Wanderers - Homebrew Campaign

Campaign Background:

Before the Eldest and even the First World, the mysteries of actual Creation vary from religion to religion. There are the names even the gods themselves forgot, or were made to forgot, but such names were to be treated as a joke even by the deities.

No Pantheon would dare claim absolute truth in their core, as much as on the outside they'd promote; yet, as the songs of Fey and other being faded, something on the multiverse itself conspired to uncover what could be the hardest truth.

Yet on the corners of existence, by the ages of now, time itself allowed to bend and reveal the forgotten name of Vonn. Whatever that entity actually was, it's told his sole domain was creation. Vonn, beyond alignments or morale, existed only to create; and, in his boredom, created another being like him: Novo.

Novo existed solely to destroy. If Vonn would do, Novo would undo. On their eternal conflict they thrived, and finally collapsed each other and ceased to be. This event created the divine existence as we nowadays know to be; through this event, the eldest deities were born.

Yet, Vonn's and Novo's very essence touched the micro-particles of a quite large quantity of material objects and, as the bent time revealed, such objects became today the Artifacts of Vonn and Artifacts of Novo. Tools of incredible power, such artifacts can only be identified by the gods - otherwise, they look just like indestructible mundane objects.

With the revelation, groups of cultists across the multiverse were formed to revere the two forgotten beings. The true plans of Vonnites and Novites are a mystery. Their scope is beyond a single dimension. Enlightened by the beating essence of Vonn and Novo, these mythic creatures seem to be protected even from the influence of the most powerful deities and entities around. Worse, each and every mythic soul that dies seems to only empower their ranks.

It’s now the imminence of a conflict that could bring unknown terrible consequences. Caught by the events of the time-shaping wave, a group of seasoned mythic adventurers becomes the best hope to find the truth and fight the forces that threaten the multiverse as we know.

Character Creation Rules:

Only Paizo material for Pathfinder is allowed. No third parties, no exceptions.
Players: 6
Level: 12, Tri-Gestalt. The main class can't multiclass until it reaches level 20. The other two can, but each extra class you take costs a feat, unless they're prestige classes. Read "Classes" for more info.
Mythic Tier: 4 (each player will have to follow a different path; no dual path is allowed).
Attributes: 30-point buy. No attribute above 18 or under 7 before racial adjustments. Only a single attribute can be under 10.
Races: any Core, Featured, Uncommon without a level adjustment. Aasimars and tieflings are fine, but they don't get to select from the special abilities table to replace their SLAs.
Classes: Follow the regular restrictions (alignment etc.) for each class. You still can't take "Rogue" and "Ninja", for example, even if multiclassing them. Things like Sneak Attack won't stack beyond what a non-multiclass game would allow (so, a level 9 character won't be able to have more than 5 die of sneak attack, for example). Monks can choose to be unchained or not; barbarians, rogues and summoners need to be unchained. Occult classes are fine, firearms are fine. No Words of Power.
Archetypes: Maximum 2 per class. Follow requirements as usual.
Feats: One extra feat every even level. One extra feat at level 1, which must be an upbringing feat or a feat that requires to be taken at level 1. One extra teamwork feat every 4 levels (feel free to keep these teamwork ones open to be combined with the party in case you're selected). Follow requirements as usual. No retraining.
Skills: Normal points as per classes, with Background skills. Follow requirements as usual.
Hero Points: Not in use, and no anti-hero rule.
Alignment: Any non-evil.
Magic Items: No crafting at all, no custom items. Automatic Bonus Progression in play.
Wealth: 96k gold, no item costing more than 32k.
Stamina: Fighters get Stamina for free. Other classes can buy with a feat.
Traits: Two plus a campaign trait (see the list of custom campaign traits - they're way more powerful than your usual traits). No drawbacks. No more than two people with the same trait. Follow requirements as usual.
Templates: No templates.
Age: No special aged characters. Everybody in the Mature category for their races.
Followers: No Leadership feat or anything that would grant you followers other than familiars, animal companions or eidolons.
Post Requirements: Daily during weekdays. We might slow down here and there due to real life reasons, but I always try to keep it to a good frequency. I might have to control certain characters if needed, but I dislike doing so, and more than likely will end up replacing a player if it becomes too frequent.

How to Submit:

Background: The first and most important thing is the background. I like and I don't mind reading, and I especially like creative and organic stories. I understand some "jumps" we can make certain mechanics we want in our characters work, but if something start sounding a lot too forced I'll probably dislike it. Make sure the character has real motivations to be with this party and in this campaign. Please notice the characters are already a party and have worked together for the past twelve levels - you all have literally just finished one big campaign together. Once the party is selected, we will put together the last paragraph of each ones stories in which these events will be narrated, so no need to combine anything.

The Character: Start with a brief description of the character, physical and psychological. Now, please include a special section for your character role and mechanics. Here's where you're going to explain me what your character will be doing, especially any routine you plan to explore as cheesy as it is. Don't worry about optimizing a character - I like optimization anyway, and will probably enjoy learning new creative ways of creating characters, assuming (as I mentioned in the background) it's organic and not too forced. Keep in mind this section is here also for me to check what I will or won't accept; there are a number of grey areas or "due to GM interpretation" things and I don't want you to get frustrated if you don't mention something here that is obviously out of the ordinary and that I simply ruled against.

The Player: A small section telling me who you are. I've been playing RPG and PbPs for a long time, so if you're around here in Paizo for a while, there's a good chance we already played together. I never GM'd here, but certainly played (and play) in a lot of games - if we ever been together, let me know. Being experienced isn't a requirement, but a plus.

The Sheet: You can follow the basic template from Hero Lab, but please edit it and breakdown your attributes, saves, feats, skills, attacks, defenses etc. It's a quite complicated game, so please help your GM understand all your fantastic eye popping numbers magic. Very clear and organized sheets will certainly call my attention; I don't want to have to be investigating Hero Lab and the PFSRD to understand why you have a +8 in a certain skill or from where you got your Darkvision. If you have any obvious modifiers or routines (like a barbarian raging, or a wizard near his familiar etc.) please include it on the section itself. I made the recruitment fairly long so people have time to edit these sheets, as I know it's a ton of work to prepare them.

What else you need to know?:

This is a hard-mode game. Many enemies are mythic and tough as nails, with a number of templates. The essence and artifacts of Vonn and Novo bend rules we're used to; it's possible for monsters to have multiple types and subtypes, for instance, or to defy the action economy rules directly. Don't trust the usual immunities. The players are incredibly powerful, but they should expect insane nightmarish enemies. This game is designed to explore the fantastic and is definitely not your usual Pathfinder campaign.

During this campaign, no form of ressurrection other than something fairly immediate (like Breath of Life, for example) will be able to bring a character back - after a certain number of rounds, every soul is consumed by the newly released waves. Keep it in mind.

At certain points of the campaign we will have mass combats. Different than the usual Pathfinder rules, I will explain my own rules when such combats come. Be prepared to fight armies and sequential waves of enemies at certain points.

I wrote this custom campaign and played with my own tabletop group. This is already the third rewriting of such homebrew; this time, it's supposed to go from level 12 Mythic Tier 4 all the way up to level 30 Mythic Tier 10. The leveling is going to be faster than the usual, but it's based on campaign events rather than experience. With that said, this is going to be a long running campaign.

The recruitment will continue until the end of March. I might cut it before if we have too many interesting applications, or extend it if I feel we're poor in any department. After the selections, I expect the following two or three weeks to be spent discussing with the party and preparing their combined background for the beginning of the campaign.

We will use the forum for the entire game. I'll probably go with Google Maps for the maps.

Campaign Traits:

Faith in Question: The words of a different creation myth hit you harder than the others, even if they don't admit it. You question your own beliefs, being them on a religion or the complete lack of one. If you're not Atheist, you become Atheist for any effects, but doesn't lose access to anything your previous beliefs gave you and can continue progressing as if you had kept such beliefs. More than that, choose any domain from any source: if you gain levels beyond level 12 in a class that gives you access to domains, you may choose this new domain. You gain +1 trait bonus in Knowledge (Religion) and Knowledge (Planes).

Fragments of Someone Else: The bending of time itself brought consequences everywhere. For you, it seems memories of another being are slowly appearing in your head. While they don't cause you any harm or make you lose focus, you know there's definitely something new in there. All skills become class skills for you, and you can roll anything, even untrained. You receive a +1 trait bonus on saves versus any effects that try to read your mind or take control of it.

Nature Shall Speak: You feel linked to the First World, and the conversations about different creation myths is unsettling for you. You receive Sylvan as a bonus language, and Knowledge (Nature) becomes a class skill for you. You are under the constant effect of a Sanctuary spell, but only against Fey creatures (the caster level is equal to your HD, and the DC is 15 + your CON modifier). Your unarmed and natural attacks count as made of cold iron.

No Rest for Old Man: You all just returned from the biggest adventure of your lives, and yet it pales compared to the new task at hand. In face of this challenge, you keep your wits and help guide your party. You gain +1 trait bonus to Will saves, Diplomacy and Survival checks, and they become class skills for you.

Spectre of Another Life: Everything is changing, and you aren't an exception. Your metabolism accepts changes well, even if your mind drifts a bit. You gain +2 trait bonus to Fortitude saves and are allowed to reroll such saves every round while under any effect that could last a maximum of 10 minutes.

Vanguard on the Rearguard: You feel you understand more what's happening because you watch it from further. You feel the distance gives you the perfect speed of thoughts and muscles to act and react to the events better than your team, and try to use it to help your party. Your ground speed increases by 5 while you have no adjacent allies. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Reflex saves, and on ranged attacks.