Against the Demonskar - A Shackled City Sidequest

Shackled City Adventure Path

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Recently I designed a short adventure for my players at our Shackled City campaign. When we approached the Demonskar to enter Karran-Kural they showed interest to further explore the place and put an end to the demon infestation. Some of them are very invested on demon hunting and one of the players in particular is a descendant of Surabar Spellmason, Nabthatoron’s great rival, so it had a lot of sense for them to take this direction.

Building upon the notes at Chapter 5 on what happens with the Demonskar after Nabthatoron’s defeat, I devised a straightforward adventure with a set of balanced encounters against demons that I thought might appeal to the party.
The adventure gives an opportunity for the PCs to be heroic and cleanse the danger of the Demonskar, while it gives the GM the opportunity to foreshadow the appearance of the Cagewright Xokek and show the players the cabal is working behind the curtains to collect the Shackleborn and set up their ritual.

Satisfied with the final result, I have collected all my notes and I am releasing the adventure for the benefit of any future GM that also finds the need to give shape to the Demonskar: Against the Demonskar - A Shackled City Sidequest by GM Rutseg.

Oh! It is a level 12th adventure.

If you wish to have a look at how it played out for our group, you can read from this particular point in our Shackled City campaign.

Special thanks to the incredible players in my campaign. It would have impossible without their inspiration and continuous endeavor to the adventure.

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