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Welcome to Drezen Surrounds
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Defender's Heart Map
Welcome to Drezen and Surrounds
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    Question: Can you hit on a 10 foot diagonal? In this game, yes.
    I don't remember any others, but if they come up, I'll add them here so I can remember and be consistent.

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Economies of Heroism


Trek to Drezen
Beagan - Aravashnyel
Cole - Laina
Eli - Marcus, Saul
Jurin, Mrs. Watsername
Serra - Kastor, Amber
Jothrinra, 40 Knights
Darien and Graeme Ozyrm

The 40 knights, in order of appearance

Rhobely Darling - Of the Cassomir Darlings, former Squire of Lady Lusila. Child of two only children(Mirilla and Dietre) in their 40's, he was considered a miracle by some, and kept from all harm until he turned 14 when his parents died. He was sent to Mendev, to live with his only surviving relative, Lady Lusila, Knight and Paladin in the Queens service. Nominally, he was her squire, but he had so much to learn that she despaired of him ever being ready to leave her service and be a knight on his own. Her own death left the question unanswered, and Rhobely taking her place within the Queen's service. Now he marches towards Drezen, to face the demon's and his destiny. Rhobely has brown hair, green eyes, and lacks any romantic experience to speak of.

People of Neathholm
Chief Sull - Leader of the First Descendants, Chief Sull is the father of Graf, Lael, and Jakob, and grandfather to Helen.
Helen - Daughter of Lael and Daerayne, Helen presents with large fly eyes that appear to see more than just this world. She was able to see Serra's "invisible friend", and saved Chief Sull and probably many others in Neathholm due to a warning by the "Bright Lady".
Graf - Son of Chief Sull, Uncle to Helen, Graf originally joined Hosilla's forces, and joined in The Traitorous Night, but failed to assassinate his father due to Helen's warning the Chief, and her presence in the room. Graf's location is currently unknown, as he took off to the uplands looking for Anya, his beloved girlfriend.
Errit Dramley - Former priest of Iomedae, Errit Dramley should have been one of Terendelev's heroes. Weak of spirit - he turned his back on his goddess during the chaos of the attack, desecrating her gifted scale and calling upon demonic forces to fight the heroes that stayed true. He now does penance with the people of Neathholm, in hopes of eventually finding his way back to the service of good, if not into Iomedae's grace.

People of Kenabres
Kimroth Otai - Owner of Defender's Heart
Deirdre Evensong - Aide de Camp to Irabeth. No soldier, Deirdre excels at administration and personnel tasks. Not married at present.

The Black Wing Librarium
Quednys Orlun - Founder and Head of the Black Wing Librarium

Defender's Heart
Healers and patients
Byrgit(Sometimes spelled Byrgitte for no good reason) - dedicated healers
man without a face

Ivan RIorsdyn - Childhood friend of Cole's.

Vendors/shop people of Kenabres
anything costing 100 gp or less is readily available for purchase. Anything beyond that up to a maximum of 2,500 gp has a 75% chance of being available for sale.

Amber Darkglove - Magic, though divine magic is not really her thing, and is controlled more by the triplets, Byrgit, Berne, and Bryenne.
Byrgit, Berne, and Bryenne -The triplets, Byrgit, Berne and Byenne take care of the sick and injured in Defender's Heart. With the immediate menace of Kenabraen demonic incursion ended, they may have more time to do scrolls and potions for those they deem worthy, but tend to husband their resources conservatively, for fear of being caught under supplied in any future situation.
Rory Hegglestrong - mundane gear.
Darien and Graeme Ozyrm - weapons and armor. Graeme does the actual blacksmithing, while Darien deals with customers.

Friends and Family
Cole Zeff
Maurice Zeff - Cole's father
Laina - Cole’s niece
Klarah - Laina’s mother

Gulur - Grasker's younger/older brother