The Heghland 1st - Only War (Inactive)

Game Master PhilOfCalth

A group of feudal warriors brought together from every corner of a world almost completely untouched by the Imperium, hastily trained and recruited by the Imperial Guard.
Can they survive when faced with the horrors of the universe?

"The technology is mystifying and ungodly, the culture is distant and inaccessible, the enemies are unimaginable and without number, and the reward is inconsequential. Is this Imperial army the place for me? Is it really the place for my people? It's hard to believe that we fight to protect our land, our planet, when the horrors that we fight have never been seen at home. It's hard to say we are here to protect our culture when the soil we fight on is so alien. Can we really hold together in conditions like this?
"My Commissar says we can because we have to. Let's hope that he's right."

- Extract from the diary of Sargent Amhar, Heghland 1st. Recovered from his body in a Necron tomb and translated to Low Gothic from his dialect of the Heghland language

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