The Dragon's Demand PbP

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Roll20 Page

Each character gains one MHP (Modified Hero Point) per level. Those points can only be spent on "Reroll" or "Cheat Death" uses. Spells or abilities which would affect Hero Points remain out of play.

Buying and Selling Modifiers

Helpful - 10% discount.
Friendly - Standard price.
Indifferent - 10% markup.
Unfriendly - 50% markup.
Hostile - "Get out of my shop!"

When selling, assuming 50% of the base cost, modified by attitude. Selling something to an unfriendly store results in only 25% of the base cost, while selling something to a helpful business results in a 60% return.

LN small town
Corruption +2; Crime -1 ; Economy +O; Law +4; Lore +2; Society -1
Qualities insular, rumormongering citizens
Danger O
Government overlord (Baroness)
Population 388 (377 humans, 1 elf, 3 half- elves, 5 half-orcs,1 halfling, 1 gnome)
Lady Origena Devy, baroness of Belhaim
Arnholde Devy, son of Lady Origena, and future baron of Belhaim
Balthus Hunclay, scholar (deceased)
Azmur Kell, druid of the Green Faith (MISSING!)
Bassy, talkative Belhaim historian
Base Value 1,000 g p; Purchase Limit 5,000 g p; Spellcasting 5th